Apparently this won't work with Explorer 7
Works with Netscape

The images below are just a few of the photographs that families have sent and have been put together in the Photo Gallery. Some of the pictures I've received have not yet been put in the Gallery, but will be at some future date. You can view them in files in the Shared Files pages sent to me recently.

When you move your cursor on one of the photographs on the scroll, a block will appear around the picture. Click on the photograph and an html page will be pulled up. The computer will recognize the original image of the thumbnail picture you clicked on and automatically size it to fill the html page. 

The program was designed to pull up an image and show it at its regular size. Since so many of the images in my files are very large and all different sizes, I decided to show them in an html page rather than the image itself. That way, all pictures will be the same size, showing a full page.

The first time you click on an image and download it, it will take a little longer than the way it was designed, but after it lists the page in the cache the file will load instantly from that time forward until you empty the cache.