Bagod, Robert: London, British Museum: Add. Ma. 4570. n. 38 p. 7:
 Mandate to Robert Bagod and his fellow-Justices to enquire into title, disrupted between the Abbot of St. Thomas, the martyr, near Dublin and John Cogan, to lands and tenements which are in Ballymokelly, Co. Dublin, (1293-94), 22nd year of King Edward I.

Baggot, John: Dublin, Maroh's Library: Ma. 23, 2. 6:
 Case of John Baggot of Catherlough, as to grievances, in 1726. Petition of Lady Hull against Lord Barrymore's undue replevin of cattle destrained for rent in Co. Cork.

Bagott, Mark: Genealogical Office: Ma. 104, page 10a.
 Arms entry of Mark Bagott of Dublin, Principal Sergeant-at-Arms with note he was afterwards hanged for a spie, entered 6 March 1689.

Baggott, Nicholas: D. 15, 472:
 Nicholas Bagot instructs his tenante in Carrig Drumcolan (Carrickbaggot) and in Britage (Brittan, Co. Louth) to be intendant to Roger Roah, 13 June 1310.

Baggot, William: D. 15, 466:
 Grant by William Bagod to William Kracot of land in Carrec (Carrickbaggot), Co. Louth), 1296.

Baggot, William: D. 15, 464-5:
 Two grants of land in Carrec (Carrickbaggot), Co. Louth, 1295, by William Bagod to Richard de Barnaby.

Bagot (papers): Hist. 1674, pp. 325-44: Bagot Maa.-1:
 Papers of Lord Bagot, preserved at Blithfield, Co. Stafford, containing fifteen items of Irish interest, 1596-1690.

Bagot, Richard: D. 15, 660:
 Quit-claim by Matthew and Alice Foot to Richard Bagot of their rights in a suffurage and two acres of land in Bagotstown and le Britage, Co. Louth, 10 December 1425.

Bagot, Richard: D. 15, 817-18, 15, 820:
 Grant by Robert Gernoun to Richard Bagot of a messuage and 15 acres in le Britage in the tenement of Karry (Carrickbaggot), Co. Louth, 17 June 1409. Appointment of T. Ustes (Euctecof) to put Bagot in Acisin, 19 June 1409. Quit-claim relating to the same, 21 August 1416.

Bagot, family of: Genealogical Office, Ma. 159, p. 14-5:
 Bagot pedigree, Bagotstown, Co. Limerick and France, 1600s. Bagot, Christopher Neville: Genealogical Office: Ma. 109, pp. 141-2; 15 March 1867:

 Copy of a Confirmation of Arms to the descendants of Thomas Neville Bagot of Ballymoe, Co. Galway, by Ellen Fallon of Runnimond, Co. Roscommon and Christopher Neville Bagot of Aughrane Castle, Co. Galway, in cancellation of Arms granted in 1771 with exemplification of arms of Thomas Neville Bagot, son of Capt. John Lloyd Bagot and Catherine Anne Cuffe of Ballymoe.

Baggott, Richard: (House of Lords, Maa. New Series. Vol. VIII, 12923, pp. 275-6):
 Petition of G. Bridges and Richard Baggott, executors of John, late Earl of Kildare, against Sir A. Shaen, 23 February 1709.

Bagott, Elinor: (Hist. Maa. Comm. Pep. Partland, Maa. Vol. VIII, 1907 pp. 356-7):
 Petition of Elinor Bagott, wife of John Bagott, 4 January 1708, concerning legal proceedings to recover estates in Ireland of her husband, Patrick Lavallin.

Bagot, Lt. Gen. Ignatius: Genealogical Office, Ma. 96, pp. 165-7:
 Attention by Francis Power Trench as to Pedigrees of Bagot, of Bagotstown, Co. Limerick, Kelly of Oudometown, Co. Kildare, Arthur of Cork, and Dunkirk and Lt. Gen. Ignatius Bagot of Madrid and Col. John Bagot of Paris, 1770.

Bagot, family of: Genealogical Office, Ma. 178, pp. 445-54. Date: 1575-1862.
 Pedigree of Bagot of Nurney in Co. Kildare and of Ballymoe, Ballyturin and Aughrane Castle in Galway, of Carranure, Co. Roscommon and of Melborne, Australia.

Bagot, family of: Genealogical Office, Ma. 178, pp. 445-54:
 Bagot pedigree, Baggotstown, Ballinstown, Rathjordan, Ard, Harristown, Kilcoursey, and Newtown, ca. 1575-1862.

Baggot, family of: Genealogical Office, Ma. 161, p. 58:
 Baggot pedigree, Ballybaggot in Co. Kilkenny, ca. 1600-1720.

Baggot, John: (Hist. Maa. Comm. Rep. Stuart Maa. vol. VII, p. 127). Entered August 1718:
 Petition to James III for assistance from John and Ignatius Bagot, whose father John Bagot, a barrister and landowner who served of Aughrim and Limerick, and lost all his possessions.

Baggot, Street: Auglum & Church, Dublin Public Record Office: M. 1183-1194.
 Tructoon minute book of Baggot Street, Auylum & Church, Dublin, 1855-1909, p. 24.