In the early part of the twentieth century, a dedicated and devoted group of people was given permission to hold Church Services in an oak grove across the road from the old Elizabeth Ann Baggett Home Place. Apparently, at these Bush Arbor meetings, a solemn and unending impression encouraged the group to begin preparation to organize a Baptist Church. An acre of land on Lot Number 890 in Paulding County was donated by Joseph Baggett to the Deacons and their successors in office of Zion Baptist Church. On 3 September 1903 the Baptist Church of Christ at Zion was constituted with seven Charter Members at Osborne Schoolhouse, which was near the present building. The old sanctuary still stands and new grounds now include a cemetery.

In its constitution, Elder A. J. Wood was elected Moderator and R. M. Wood was elected Clerk. The doors of the Church were opened to receive members, and received elder J. T. Allgood and wife Emma Allgood, R. A. D. Head and wife M. E. Head, Emory S. Head, A. Forney Thompson, and Jesse N. Wisener. Elder John T. Allgood was elected Pastor and A. Forney Thompson was elected Clerk for the coming year. Shortly after its organization, the Church became a member of the New Hope Baptist Association.

Succeeding Pastors: Elders John T. Allgood; James (Jim) Williams; Emory S. Head; Marion B. Moon; John F. Wallace; James (Jim) W. Turner, 1928-?; Clifford C. Harden, ?-1934; Henry C. Palmer, 1934-1935; W. Homer Eidson, 1935-1940; Price E. Turner, 1940-1993; and Travis Warren.

Succeeding Clerks: A. Forney Thompson; Jesse N. Wisener; Charley A. Thompson; Eldo Turner; Henry Cason; Bennie Parks; William Wise; James J. Turner; W. Hugh Shepard; and Jeffery Fennell.

Zion Baptist Church of Christ
Paulding County, GA Hay Community