This chart shows most of the lineage that has been researched from Nicholas Baggett II. However, there are ties to this lineage in the genealogical section (Shared Files) that have connected with the lineage below since the chart was created. All names that have a black circle before it indicate that this particular lineage is a theory and should be considered as conjectural. All names that have a light circle before or after it indicate that this particular lineage is more than likely correct, because there are certain pieces of circumstantial evidence that help to verify its accuracy. These circumstances consist of things such as names in deeds, wills, localities, families who associate closely with each other, and other incidental factors that may substantially prove the lineage to be correct. But this does not mean that the lineage has been definitely authenticated. All others should be correct because they were taken from census records, wills, names of specific relatives in deeds, and reasonably infallible proofs.

(Compare Latter Day Saints Genealogical History and the Mormon libraries. Also compare the census records, wills, deeds, and other documents in the various counties in the United States.)

At the beginning of the chart you will find solid black circles and black circles with the center of them white. The solid black circle means that we do not have sufficient evidence to prove that the descendency is correct beyond a reasonable doubt. It is meant to be theoretical only. The black circle with white in the center of it means that we assume we have sufficient circumstantial evidence to prove it to be factual, but rather be understood conjectural.