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Baggett/Bagot Family History
Comprehensive Access to Records
of the Baggett/Bagot Family
Maury Baggett, Editor

The comprehensive records on the Baggett/Bagot family are provided that you may have access to abundant history and genealogy. All data on this site can be found in public records in several nations around the world. You will not find any personal data on this site that may be harmful to the individual. There are no regular mail or electronic mail addresses on this site, unless the individual has given explicit permission to post them. Names and birth dates are listed down to the year 1900, with those having no record of death being absent. 

We have posted researchers material who have given us permission to do so, and if you desire to have your material posted on the Shared Files page, you may do so. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the Sharing Files page. The site provides a large amount of given names and nearly as many surnames that are connected in some way with the Baggett/Bagot family. If you are looking for an ancestor, post your material on the Shared Files page. By doing so, it gives you access to a great number of people who visit this site that may have the answer you are looking for.

All information on this site that has not been satisfactorily proven to be correct is followed by the word: conjectural. Other information should be correct, since it was gathered from things such as census records, wills, deeds, or other things that would apparently prove it to be factual.  We advise everyone who sends their material to be posted on the Shared Files page to mark those items that are not proven to be fact as conjectural. We are confident that practically all material has been characterized correctly on this site so far.

All records of this prominent family presented on this site are from the United States, Australia, and Europe. They appeared in England in the eleventh century, Ireland in the twelfth century, America in the seventeenth century and Australia in the nineteenth century. And we now have a lineage back through England, which has been searched diligently for a long time. Undoubtedly, records of the family exist in other countries that we do not have in our database. (This link shows you the many countries of those who have visited this site during the past few years):

Records of the family, according to data our genealogists have researched and we have presented on this site, indicate that they were in ancient Flanders in the tenth century and probably before. Links to other sites also provide this information. There they are recorded in Flanders as a very prominent family. All this information will be found in the Name Origins section and on the Name Origins Certificate, but some of it still highly conjectural until more documentation is found to prove it to be adequately authentic. Most sites you see when you search for the name Bagod only go back to Bagod Bromley in England. (These are the Arms of Bagod de Arras shown on the Battle Abbey Roll):

This prominent Baggett Family is now being researched by and is already shown that Bagod Bromley is the one in the family that built Saint-Omer Castle in Belgium, but this is also considered conjectural. The information they once had was that Bagod dí Arras and the Carlovingion Counts of  Artois occupied the castle of Saint-Omer, but they have abandoned this assumption because of some reason.

In the Name Origins Sections you will find links to a site that has a book printed in 1874 with the same information I have on the Name Origins Certificate. You should click on these links and read this information on page 146 & 147. At the top, click on "About This Book" for important information. 


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