Comprehensive Access to Information on the Family

We have posted a lot of history researched by the site owner and others who have shared their research with the owner shown in fourteen different History pages. Open the History Page and you will find a link to all the other pages of history of the family in the United States, Ireland, and Australia. There is also a link to the Wills and Deeds page. We also have a vast amount of genealogy we have researched, along with material of those who are willing to share, posted on the Site Owner Files and Shared Files pages. We have a Shared Files page where those who want their individual material to be posted, can be. That is what family history is all about, getting the information you need to prove your descent.

If you wish to be a help to others who are researching their family genealogy, or are looking for a connection to your family lineage, you should post what information you have on the Shared Files page. Since a large number of people normally visit this site, there is a good chance that someone will help to get you the information you are looking for, and the information you share will help others who are also looking for information. Our monitor shows a large number of people who visit this site daily. To give you an idea of just how many visit this site, read the article on this link:

Your E-Mail address will never appear on this site, unless you give explicit permission to do so.  Please make sure you do not send any files that may have a copyright, or material researched by others who may not want it to be posted! Please do not include those whom you know are still alive at the time of posting. Files that you send should only show those persons who were born before the twentieth century, unless those persons have since passed away. You may enter the deceased in each family, and if parents have living children and you want others to know about them, show how many living children there are. If you give permission, we will add your E-Mail address to your pages of material so others can get in touch with you.

If you don't find your ancestor on this site and believe you descend from the immigrant, Nicholas Baggett, send us E-Mail with a request giving us the name of the ancestor you descend from. If we find a connection, we will send information we have in our records to you as soon as we can. We prefer that you do not change any material we send and make public to others via a Web site that may violate the privacy of any living individual. It is not our intent to invade or enter into anyone’s privacy.

If you have material containing stories about your family, genealogy, pictures of ancestors or old buildings and other historic data that you would like to share and post on this site, please get in touch with us via electronic mail. All pictures you have in your computer and the text can be sent to the electronic mail address below and on the Home Page of this site. We will give you an address if you do not have a scanner and want to send a copy of your photographs to us by regular mail, which is: J. Maury Baggett, 7891 Buchanan Hwy., Dallas, GA 30157.

You need to prepare your material in a format that will be compatible with the HTML Processor. The processor we use to prepare material for posting on the Internet does not recognize tabs, horizontal, or vertical lines. It will replace the tabs with regular spaces and not recognize the lines at all. However, if you want to use tabs, we can use “tables” created by the Processor to replace the tabs and give it the appearance of tabs if you wish. You may want to visit the Shared Files page and see some of the work of others to see which plan you wish to use.

You may use the “|” (straight line on your keyboard) to separate the generations if you wish, using one | for the first generation, two | | for the second, etc. You may add one or more tabs (or spaces) between each | to give it a neat appearance. If you prepare your files in a two-column format, but they only appear to be so because of using long tabs. As stated, we can create tables to use instead of the two columns and give it the same appearance as if you were using the two-column process. The HTML Processor will not do full justification either. That is no problem though, it will just ignore the full justification and leave it left justified. We’ll take care of that.

If you decide that you want to prepare files to post on this site, send your material in an attachment in Word or Rich Text Format to this E-Mail address. All files that you wish to be posted should have a permissive note in the last paragraph of the E-Mail letter. We prefer rather that you send it in a separate E-Mail. The mail containing permission and date will be stored in the computer.

Maury Baggett, Editor