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Bagot Family Genealogical History in Ireland, Links - Patrick Bagot

Bagot Family Genealogical History in Australia, Links - Patrick Bagot

Sketch of Baggotstown Castle in County Limerick, Ireland - Ruins - Patrick Bagot

More History of Ireland, Including Lineages, Links - Australian Resident

Flanders, English, and American Ancestors of the Baggett Family - Vera Tagieff & This Author

History of Pype Hayes Park and Hall - Janet Shakespeare, Secretary

From England to the United States - Hervey Baggott's Descendants - Vera Tagieff

Information on the Descendants of Burl Baggett - Darwin Oliver

James Baggett I Family Genealogical History, Links - Maloye Bragg

Avery Baggett Family Genealogical History, Links - Walter Boswell & Derrell Baggett 

John Mack Henry Baggett Family of Cusseta, Chattahoochee, GA - Carol Burns-Watkins

James Baggett II Family Genealogical History, Links - Helen Hendricks

Michael Baggett Family Genealogical History, Links - Alice Knutson

Nicholas Granberry Baggett Genealogical History, Links - Texas Resident

Ned Granberry Baggett Family Genealogical History, Pictures, Links - Texas Resident

John Baggett I Family Genealogical History, Pictures, Links - Diane Bender

Solomon Watkins Baggett Genealogical History, Links - Mike Laritz

Granberry Baggett Genealogical History, Links - James S. Armstrong

Alexander Baggett Descendants, Son of Joel Baggett II - Nell Hoffman

Jesse Baggett Family Genealogical History, Pictures, Links - Sandy G. Smith

The Descendants of Uzziel, Brother of Stephen Baggett - Clifford Baggett and Frances Baggett

Descendants of Nancy, Daughter of Wiley Baggett & Nancy Collins - Joseph Baggett

Thomas J. Baggett Family Genealogical History, Pictures, Links - Mark K. Baggett

Lewis Baggett Family Genealogical History, Links - Noland E. Moulyet

Andrew B. Baggett Genealogical History, Pictures, Links - Sue Cody

Charles Calvin Baggett Family History, Pictures, Links - Dianna Giguere

Descendants of Jackson Baggett of Tennessee - Marianne Koester

Descendants of William Riley Baggett From English History - Elefritz Brenda

From England To The Early American Genealogy - The American Line to Joel - Unknown

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