The Original Lineage Apparently Compiled by E. C. Bagot
The Irish Lineage was Contributed by Patrick Bagot
His Permission to Post on This Site is Appreciated

This section will have to be studied very carefully to determine the line of decent. We begin the generation with Ralph Bagot as number 1:1 (the first generation and first son), son of the English ancestor John Bagot, Irish immigrant. The number left of the colon shows the generation. The number right of the colon designates the position of that child in that particular family, beginning with the eldest. If you wish to find the parents of a person, trace it upwards to the next lowest number. If you see a person labeled as 5:1(+), look for the 4:1(+) above it. If you see a person with a number 4:3, it means that he is the fourth generation from Ralph Bagot (who is 1:1) and the third child in that particular family. Remember, if he or she is 4:3, as the example, go back to the first 3 left of the colon above it. That will be his or her father and mother.

The Irish lineage was apparently recorded by E. C. Bagot, A.U.S. 416645, R.A.A.F., from his own records and from records which were held at Blithfield in County Stafford in England–“all of which,” he said, “were seen on 12 May 1643.”

His records indicate that the ancestors of this family were amongst the Norman Barons who fought at the Battle of Hastings in A.D. 1066, and are derived of the same lineage as the Noble House of Bagot seated in Staffordshire since the days of William the Conqueror. Their names are found inscribed in records of Norman chivalry. Small portions of his record have been modified by this editor. It is believed that the Irish families of Bagot/Baggot/Baggett are descended from the family at Staffordshire, England, as shown below.
English AncestorJohn Bagot of Bagot's Bromley, Staffordshire, Companion-In-Arms of Richard de Clare (Strongbow) in 1172. His son and heir was:
Son of Irish Immigrant:: 1:1 Ralph Bagot, born 1160, had various suits with Sir Nicholas de Vernum for the Rath at Drogheda and Dublin from 1227 to 1228. His heir and successor was:
 2:1 Lord Robert Bagod, born ca. 1213, having obtained from Sir Nicholas de Hynteburg in 1280 the Manor of the Rath near Dublin (known to this day as Bagot Rath or Bagod Rath), with the water course of the Dodder and Common of the woods of Maynooth, and also from Nicholas de Pierrepont the lands of Banevilstone and Brownstone in the Barony of Aney, County Limerick (ever since called Bagotstown), built the castles thereon and afterwards the scenes of many a fierce and sanguinary conflict, which were sacked and dismantled by Cromwell during the civil war?and of which naught remains now but the ruins and the long-enduring memorial of the Name.
 Lord Robert founded the Carmelite Monastery on Whitefriar Street, Dublin in 1274, and the same year was appointed by patent, Lord Chief Justiciary of Ireland by King Edward I. He died in 1298; his son and heir succeeded him:
 3:1 Sir Robert Bagot of Bagotrath and Bagotstown Castles, born ca. 1240, was Chief Justice of King's Bench from 1283 until 1327. He was directed by king's letters to prevent a duel between William de Vesci and John de Burgh in 1294. Robert granted 6 February 1298, to the Prior and Monastery of All Saints, 40 acres of the lands of Bagotrath, and by Royal license he conveyed to his eldest son, William, the Manor of Dundrum, by the king to hold in Capite. He was summoned by king's letter, 1302, as a Magnate of Ireland with Richard de Burghe, Earl of Ulster, to aid King Edward I in his Scotch wars, and returned to Ireland in 1303 to suppress hostilities between Richard le Clare and Donat O'Brian, Prince of Thomond. Sir Robert was also appointed in 1318 to the Chrievalty of Limerick County on the death of Walter Mansel; died in 1330, left by avicia his widow, a son and heir:
 4:1 William Bagot of Bagotrath and Bagotstown Castles, who was summoned by king's letter in 1335 as
a Magnate of Ireland with James Butler, Earl of Ormonde, to aid King Edward III in his Scotch wars. (From him the Bagotrath estates passed away to the FitzWilliam family, from whom they descended to the late Sidney Herbert, Lord of Lea, and now forms part of the princely possessions of the Earl of Pembroke.) He died 1344, leaving a son and heir:
 5:1 William FitzWilliam Bagot of Bagotstown Castle, who with Henry Bagot, was appointed by Royal Commissioners for levying subsidies in the County of Louth to repel the invasion of the O'Niell in 1399. He died ca. 1403 and was succeeded by:
 6:1 Richard Bagot, who in 1404 obtained license from King Henry IV to travel for three years to complete his studies in England. His name appears on the Ancient Rolls of Chancery as quote: “Nobillis” and “Judge” in 1417, and as “Royal Commissioner” and “Guardian of the Peace” for Louth from 1420 to 1429. He died ca. 1475. (The name of his son is unknown.) His grandson succeeded:
 8:1 Patrick Bagot of Bagotstown Castle, born 1495, married Maria, daughter of Edmond [O'Dwyer], Esq. of Kilamonagh Castle, County of Limerick, and died ca. 1575, leaving his heir and two other sons:
 9:1 Edmond Bagot of Bagotstown Castle, born ca. 1540 (his heir), who succeeded to the estates ante 1595, as stated in the patent of George Sherlock by Queen Elizabeth I.
 9:2 John Bagot (second son of Patrick); 9:3 Maurice Bagot, administrator of his brother's will, apparently Edmond 9:1.
 To Edmond 9;1 Bagotstown Castle and estates, with all lands in the Parish of Athlecaugh and Dromyncleryn, Co. Limerick, were confirmed by patent by King James I, and resettled in May of 1625. Edmond (son of Patrick) married Honora, daughter of William [Bourke], second son of John Brittas (fourth son of Lord Castle Connell, a lineal descendant of Bernard de Burgh, the Red Earl of Ulster), by whom he had three sons; Edmond 9:1 died in March, 1630, and was buried in the Tomb of the Ancestors at Knockney, Co. Limerick, and the estates descended to his grandson (Edmond 11:1).
 10:1 Edmond Bagot, 9:1's heir, died 1627, left six sons, all of whom died unmarried before 1662, as stated in the decree of 1666.
  11:1 Edmond Bagot (son of Edmond 10:1) of Bagotstown, died without issue October, 1630, was succeeded by his next brother:
 11:2 Maurice Bagot of Bagotstown Castle, Sheriff of Limerick County in 1643, suffered severity for his allegiance to the Stuart dynasty. He was especially exempted from pardon and mercy by Ireton at the Siege of Limerick in 1651 and deprived of his castle and estates by Oliver Cromwell in 1654. He and his brother died without issue ante 1665. There were four other sons who died without heirs. Their uncle succeeded:
 10:2 John Bagot (son of the [first Edmond]) (who represented Charleville at the Assembly of the Confederate Catholics held in Kilkenny, 1647, signed the Treaty of Limerick, 1651, and the National Remonstrance to the King, 1661), was restored to Bagotstown by decree of King Charles II, 29 July 1663. He married a daughter of Sir Edward [Fitton] of Cheshire, and then was Lord President of Connacht, and died in 1672. His sons were William 11:1; son John 11:2, who had a son John 12:1; son James 11:3 of Rathjordon, who had a son John 12:1, who had two sons, John 13:1 and Ignatuis 13:2. John 10:2 was succeeded by his second son:
 11:2 John Bagot of Bagotstown Castle, who with his nephew, John 12:1, eldest son of James Bagot of Rathjordan, Co. Limerick, represented Charleville and Doneraile in the Irish Parliament, 1689. They and other members of the family were conspicuous for their loyalty and devotion to the House of Stuart, and fought and fell “pro aris et focis.” Bagotstown Castle (where descendants of Lord Robert Bagot has resided for more than 400 years), with the estates of nine other Bagots, were confiscated by Inquisitions at Carlow and Limerick in 1690-93. Two Bagot Colonels fell with Saint Ruth at Aughrim. Mark (then First Sergeant-at-Arms, D.L. and Member of Parliament for Carlow) was executed in Dublin and John was executed in Limerick. A portion of the family accompanied King James II to France and remained in exile. John and Ignatius became distinguished general officers in the French and Spanish armies respectively, but died without issue; John at Paris, 1773 & Ignatius at Madrid, 1778. John 11:2 having o.b.d. in 1691, was succeeded by his uncle 10:3 James Bagot:
 10:1 (Fe) Catherine Bagot (daughter of the [first Edmond]), married William [Lasey].
 10:3 James Bagot (third son of the [first Edmond] in these records) of Ballinstown, Co. Limerick and Coolamutton, Co. Cork, whom by his [first] wife Ellen (daughter of Patrick [Pursell] of Loughmore Castle, Tipperary), left issue:
 11:1 Maurice Bagot; 11:2 Marton Bagot; 11:3 John Bagot; 11:4 Others.
James Bagot 10:3 of Ballinstown, married [second], Margaret (daughter of John and sister of Col. Milo [Power] of Bally-Phillips and Campshire, Co. Waterford) (who after his death in 1636, resided at Candonstown in Co. Kildare), and died 1636. His children, other than his heir (his eldest son):
 11:2 James Bagot; 11:3 Edmond Bagot; 11:4 Alexander; and 11:1 (Fe) Cecily Bagot. James Bagot 10:3's eldest son succeeded:
 11:1 Edward Bagot of Harristown, King's Co., 1665, and High Sheriff for Kildare and King's Co., 1667-80. He married Catherine, sister of William [Colbourne] of Great Connell, Co. Kildare, and was buried at Kildare Cathedral, 1711. He left, besides Elizabeth, wife of James [Medicott] of Dunmurry, Co. Kildare, a third son, Christopher Bagot (ancestor of the Nurney, Kilnoon, and Fonston branch), eldest son succeeded:
 12:1 Col. Milo Bagot of Ard, Newtown and Kilcoursey, King's Co., married Margaret in 1700, daughter of Edmond and sister of Col. Andrew [Armstrong] of Mauristown, Co. Kildare, and was buried at Kilmansham, near Clare in 1739. He left, besides his heir, John 13:1, a daughter, Elizabeth (who married Warneford [Armstrong] of Ballycumber, King's Co.), along with a second son, Michael, who o.s.p., 1744, and a third son, Charles, ancestor of the Kilcoursey branch.
Col. Milo Bagot 12:1 settled Ard on his eldest son by deed dated 1 May 1725, and Kilcoursey on his third son, Charles (whom is listed below) by deed dated 30 May 1734, and died 1739. The eldest son succeeded:
 13:1 John Bagot of Ard, King's Co., born 1702, married 1728, Mary, daughter of Sir Edward [Herbert], Bt., of Durrow Abbey, King's Co., and died 1760, leaving issue:
 14:1 Milo, d.s.p.; 14:2 William, d.s.p.;
14:3 Charles, d.s.p.; 14:4 John Lloyd, his heir; 14:5 Thomas, d.s.p.; 14:6 (Fe) Mary, d.s.p.; 14:7 Margaret Bagot, married Archibald [Armstrong] of Garry Castle, King's Co. The fourth son succeeded:
 14:4 John Lloyd Bagot of Ard and Ballymoe, Co. Galway, Capt. of 37th Foot, A.D.C. to Lord Cornwallis during War of American Independence, married 1775, Catherine Anne, daughter of Michael [Cuffe] of Ballymoe, and died 1818, leaving issue:
 15:1 John Cuffe Bagot, d.s.p.; 15:2 William Bagot, d.s.p.; 15:3 Thomas Neville, (his heir); 15:1 (Fe) Cordelia; 15:2 Louisa; 15:3 Isabella; 15:4 Maria Bagot. The youngest son succeeded:
 15:3 Thomas Neville Bagot of Ard and Ballymoe, born 1784, married in 1811, Ellen, daughter of John [Fallon] of Runnimead, Co. Roscommon, and died 8 February 1863, leaving issue:
 16:1 John Lloyd Neville Bagot (his heir) of Ballymoe, J.P. Cos. Galway, Clare and Roscommon, born in November, 1814, married Anne Georgina in 1843 (died 14 May 1888), only daughter of Edward [Kirwan] of Ballyturin Castle, Co. Galway, and died 14 January 1890, leaving issue:
 17:1 Edward Thomas Lloyd Neville Bagot of Ballymoe, born 1848, married in 1876 his cousin Ellen, daughter of Francis [Meagher] of Ballinderry, Co. Tipperary, died October, 1890, leaving issue:
 18:1 Milo Victor Neville Bagot of Ballymoe, born March, 1880, married October, 1908, Maria, daughter of the late Signor [Boccacio] of Turin, Italy, and d.s.p.
 17:2 Edward Henry Kirwan, born 1850, died unmarried in 1882.
 17:3 John Christopher of Ballyturin House, Gort, Co. Galway, J.P., born 20 October 1856, married 20 October 1891, Anna Catherine, only daughter of Lt.-Col. William [Fleming], 95th Reg. of Mayfield, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, died 27 April 1935, had issue.
 17:4 Charles Henry Bagot of Curraghmore, Athleague, Co. Roscommon, born 31 May 1860, educated at Tuam and Trin. College, Dublin, married 10 November 1891, Georgina Louisa (died 24 May 1941), fourth daughter of John [Osborne], M.D., of Lindville, Blackrock, Co. Cork, and died 19 September 1938, leaving issue.
 17:1 (Fe) Anna Isabella, born 31 May 1860 (twin with Charles Henry), died unmarried 17 April 1942.
 17:2 Ellen Georgina Bagot, married 12 December 1907, Harry [Huggins], eldest son of Henry Huggins of St. Anne's-on-Sea, Lancs., and died 22 July 1953.
 13:2 Michael Bagot (son of Col. Milo).
 13:3 Charles Bagot, born 1704, Magistrate and High Sheriff of King's Co., married Tempe, daughter of Daniel [Brown] of Riverstown, Co. Kildare, by whom he left an eldest son, Milo 14:1, High Sheriff of King's Co., who o.s.p.; another son, Andrew 14:3, who died young; and a second son:
 14:2 Daniel Bagot of Kilcoursey, High Sheriff of King's Co., who married Sarah, daughter of Abraham [Clibbon], Esq., of Clare Lodge, died in 1785, heir:
 15:3 Rev. Charles Emilius Bagot, D.D., who married in 1790, Eliza, daughter of Ulysses [North] of Newcastle, Co. Meath, uncle of John Henry North, M.P., and died March, 1802, leaving (besides another issue who died o.s.p.), a son and heir:
 16:2 Charles Bagot of Kilcoursey House, King's Co., J.P., born in 1791, married [first] 1814, Ann, daughter of John [Tuthill], Esq., of Kingsland, Co. Limerick; leaving issue:
 17:1 John Tuthill Bagot, his heir, Barrister at Law, Attorney General and Chief Secretary of South Australia, who died at Adelaide, 1870.
 17:2 Charles Emilius, M.D., born 1815.
 17:3 Ulysses North Bagot, born 1822.
 Charles Bagot 16:2 married [second], 1840, Sidney Mary, daughter of Andrew Edmund Bigoe [Bagot]-Armstrong, J.P., of Castle Armstrong, King's Co., and by her left:
 17:1 Daniel Wagstaffe Bagot, o.s.p. 1863.
 17:2 Rev. Bigoe Bagot, B.A., Ll B, Rector of Bishop Lee Memorial Church, Manchester.
 12:1 (Fe) Elizabeth Bagot (daughter of Edward 11:1), married George [Medicott], Tully, Co. Kildare.
 12:2 Arthur Bagot (son of Edward 11:1).
 12:3 Christopher Bagot (son of Edward 11:1) of Nurney, Co. Kildare, died 1737, married Catherine [Fitzgerald] of Oldsmond, Co. Kildare. Issue:
 13:1 Walter Bagot, named as an executor of his brother's will.
 13:2 John Bagot of Nurney, High Sheriff of Co. Kildare, killed 1790, married 20 August 1776, Alice, daughter of Daniel [Brown], King's Co. Their issue:
 14:1 Walter; 14:2 Edward; 14:3 John; 14:1 (Fe) Temperance, married James [Howard] of Forthill, M.L. in 1776.
 14:4 Christopher Bagot (son of John 13:2) of Nurney, J.P. of Co. Kildare, lineal ancestor of the Australian Bagots, married Elizabeth, daughter of Abra [Clibborn] in 1760. Issue:
 15:1 John Bagot, Lieut. Col. of the Kildare Militia; 15:2 Edward Bagot; 15:3 George; 15:4 Christopher;
 15:5 Charles Hervey Bagot of Nurney, ancestor of the Australian Bagots. Location on Ireland Map:
 15:1 (Fe) Anne Bagot; 15:2 Elizabeth Bagot; 15:3  Emily Bagot; 15:4 Sarah Bagot.
 16:2 Bernard William Bagot (son of Thomas Neville 15:3 of Ard), of Carranure House, Co. Roscommon, J.P., Barrister-at-Law in 1843, born 1818, educated at Trinity College, Dublin (B.A. 1840), married [first] 1850, Euphemia [Hinds] (died 1855), daughter of Richard John Hinds of Rathgar, Co. Dublin, and they had issue:
 17:1 Richard John Hinds Bagot (Rev.), born 1853, married 1876, Emily Louisa, daughter of H. L. [Bean], and died 1880, leaving issue: 18:1 Louisa Mary Frances.
 Bernard William 16:2 married [second] 1862, Josephine Isabella, daughter of Joseph A. [Holmes], D.L., J.P., of Clogher House, Co. Sligo, and died 22 January 1899, issue:
 17:2 (17:1 second marriage) Frances Letitia, married 31 August 1899, Maj.-Gen. Sir Frederic Manley [Glubb], K.C.M.G., C.B., D.S.O., J.P., son of Orlando Manley Glubb, 37th B.N.I., and has issue.
 17:3 Isabella, married 2 January 1891, Maj. Frederic Pelham Abbot [Hardy], R.A.S.C.
 16:3 Charles Augustus Bagot of Dublin, married 1858, Fanny Louisa, daughter of A. S. [Kerr], and died 1877, leaving issue:
 17:1 George Hinds, died in Australia; 17:2 Bernard William; 17:3 William Sidney Bagot (the last two died in America in 1955).
 16:4 Christopher Neville of Aughrane Castle, Co. Galway, J.P. Cos. Galway and Roscommon, born 1827, educated at Trin. College, Dublin, married 8 August 1875, Alice Emily, daughter of Sir William [Warner], Bt., and died 23 May 1877, leaving issue:
17:1 William Hugh Neville, born 22 October 1875, married and has three daughters.

(Patrick Humphrys Bagot supplied all the data on South Australia, Ireland and some history in England, which included some data on the Bagot goats and things preserved at Blithfield Hall. He also sent some data on the estates at Blithfield.) The Irish family bears the Coat of Arms presented here:


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