Great-Grandfather of Brenda Elefritz.
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1) Bagot of Bramshall, birth 1086, death 1130

2) Hervey FitzBagot, birth 1116 at Brameshhall, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, England.  Death: After 1166, Bramshall, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, England, Father:  Bagot of Bramshall or Bigod according to one source. Mother:  Unknown

3) William I Bagot (assuming this means William Bagot I/the first), Birth 1130 at Bramelle, Staffordshire, England.  Death 1180, place unknown.  Father: Hervey FitzBagot.  Mother: Unknown

4) Simon I Bagot (assuming this is Simon Bagot I/the first), birth 1150 at Bagots, Bromley, Staffordshire, England.  Death: 1203, place unknown.  Father: William I Bagot.  Mother: Ivetta

5) Sir Hugh I Bagot (assuming this means Sir Hugh Bagot I/the first), birth 1203 at Bagots, Bromley, Staffordshire, England.  Death: 1237, place unknown.  Father: Simon I Bagot.  Mother: Unknown Spouse: Alice

6) Hugh II Bagot (assuming Hugh Bagot II/the second), birth 1232 at Bagots, Bromley, Staffordshire, England.  Death 1270, place unknown.  Father Hugh I Bagot.  Mother: Alice

7) Richard I Bagot (assuming Richard Bagot I/the first) Birth 1256 at Bagots, Bromley, Staffordshire, England.  Death: 1272, place unknown.  Father: Hugh II Bagot.  Mother: not listed/unknown  Spouse: Christian or Christina Mauveisin (have two different submissions for this record with different spellings)

8) Sir William Bagot  Birth: 1272 at Bagots, Bromley, Staffordshire, England  Death: 1294, place unknown.  Father: Richard Bagot  Mother: Christina or Christian Mauveisin.  Spouse: Unknown Hawise (donít know if this is first or last name.  Married 1288.

9) Lord John Bagot  Birth: 1290 at Bagots, Bromley, Staffordshire, England  Death: 1334 at Bagots, Bromley, Staffordshire, England.  Father: Sir William Bagot.  Mother: Unknown Hawise.  Spouse: Lucy Mountjoy.  Married 1313

10) Sir John Bagot  Birth: 1314 at Bagots, Bromley, Staffordshire, England.  Death: 1350, place unknown.  Father: Lord John Bagot  Mother: Lucy Mountjoy  Spouse: Eglatine Unknown

11) Sir Ralph Bagot  Birth: 1327 at Bagots, Bromley, Staffordshire, England.  Death: 1376 at Blithfield, Stafford, England  Father: Sir John Bagot.  Mother: Eglatine Unknown  Spouse: Elizabeth Blithfield.  Married: 1357 at Blithfield Parash (parish?) Church, Blithfield, Stafford, England

 12) Sir John Bagot  Birth: 1358 at Bagots, Bromley, Staffordshire, England.  Death: 1437 at Blithfield, Stafford, England  Father: Sir Ralph Bagot.  Mother: Elizabeth Blithfield  Spouse: Beatrice Mallory.  Married: 1388

13) Richard Bagot Esquire  Birth: 1387 at Blithfield, Stafford, England  Death: 1477 at Blithfield, Stafford, England  Father: Sir John Bagot.  Mother: Beatrice Mallory  Spouse:  unknown.  Married: abt 1410.

14) Sir Richard Bagot  Birth: 1412, place unknown  Death: August 22, 1485 at Bosworth  Father: Richard Bagot Esquire  Mother: Unknown  Spouse: Isabella Aston  Married: 1435 at Blithfield Parash Church, Blithfield, Staffordshire, England.

15) John Bagot Esquire  Birth: 1436 at Blithfield, Stafford, England  Death: January 24, 1490 at Blithfield, Stafford, England  Father: Sir Richard Bagot  Mother:  Isabella Aston  Spouse: Isabel Curzon  Married: abt 1459

16) Lewis Bagot  Birth: 1460 at Blithfield, Stafford, England  Death: May 31, 1534 at Blithfield, Stafford, England  Father: John Bagot Esquire  Mother: Isabel Curzon  Spouse(s): 1) Lucy Kniveton, married 1475, 2) Emma Kniveton, married abt 1492, 3) Ann Montgomery, married 1503, 4) Margaret Vernon, married abt 1514.

17) Thomas Bagot  Birth: 1504 at Blithfield, Stafford, England  Death: May 13, 1541 at Blithfield, Stafford, England  Father: Lewis Bagot  Mother: Emma Kniveton (note: by these dates and dates of marriages above, he would most certainly have had to have more than one wife at a time as he married Lucy Kniveton in 1492 and Ann Montgomery in 1503 according to records.  However, I  have another record stating he was born in 1505 not 1504)  Spouse: Joane Astley (born 1505 in Everly, Wiltshire, England; died May 31, 1557 in Blithfield, Staffordshire, England.  Marriage: 1524 or 1527 at Everley, Wiltshire, England

18) Richard Bagot  Birth: 1530, Blithfield Hall, Staffordshire, England.  Death: February 2, 1597, Blithfield, Staffordshire, England.  Father: Thomas Bagot.  Mother: Joane Astley  Spouse: Marie Saunders (Born 1533, Blithfield, Staffordshire, England; Died March 1608, Tamworth, Staffordshire, England  Father: William Saunders  Mother: Dorothy Young).  Married: 1556, Blithfield Hall, Staffordshire, England

19) Walter Bagot  Birth: October 24, 1557, Staffordshire, England.  Death: March 16, 1622, Staffordshire, England  Father: Richard Bagot  Mother: Marie Saunders  Spouse: Elizabeth Cave (Born 1553, Staffordshire, England; died December 2, 1638, Blithfield, Staffordshire, England.  Father: Roger Cave  Mother: Elizabeth Burleigh)  Married: June 1584, Stafford, Staffordshire, England

20) Hervey Bagot  Birth: February 8, 1590, Blithfield, Staffordshire, England  Death: February 27, 1660, Trescott Grange, Staffordshire, England.  Father: Walter Bagot  Mother: Elizabeth Cave  Spouse: Catherine Adderley (Born: January 10, 1594, Wedington, Warwickshire, England; died: February 16, 1622, Blithfield, Staffordshire, England.  Father: Humphrey Adderley  Mother: Elizabeth Capell)  Married: 1611

21) John Baggett  Birth: 1613, London, England  Death: 1683, Virginia, USA, age 70  Father: Harvei Bagot  Mother: Catherine Adderley  Spouse: Martha Matthew (parents unknown  Born about 1620, England)  Married: 1640 or 1642, London, Middlesex, England (NOTE:  This is apparently the first Baggett in the US and this is when the name was apparently changed from Bagot to Baggett.

22) Nicholas Baggett  Birth: 1642, London, England  Death: 1686, Virginia, USA, age 44.  Father: John Baggett  Mother: Martha Matthew  Spouse: Jennifer Abbey (Father: Leslie Alexander Abbey  Mother: Ignotus ?)

23) Nicholas Baggett  Birth: 1683, Bertie, North Carolina, USA (Apparently the first Baggett born on US soil)  Death: 1755, Bertie, North Carolina, USA, age 72  Father: Nicholas Baggett  Mother: Jennifer Abbey  Spouse: Mary Hardy (Born 1686, Isle Wight, Surry, Virginia, USA.  Death: 1761, Bertie, North Carolina, USA, age 75  Father: John Hardy  Mother: Rebecca Byrd  Note: Rebecca Byrd born 1692, Craven, North Carolina, married John Hardy 1718 Chowan, North Carolina)  Married: 1713

24) Abraham Baggett  Birth: 1705, Bertie, North Carolina  Death: December 1767, Edgecombe, North Carolina  Father: Nicholas Baggett  Mother: Mary Hardy  Spouse: Sarah Baggott (? Parents unknown, so I donít know if this is a misspelling of her married name or if it is actually her maiden name)  Married: 1724

25) Abraham Baggott (spelling?) Birth: 1725, Northampton, North Carolina  Death: 1800, South Carolina, age 75 Father: Abraham Baggett  Mother: Sarah Baggott  Spouse: Mary Baggott  Married: 1742

26) Averett Avery Baggett (back to Baggett!) Birth: 1765, Wayne, North Carolina  Death: 1810, Moore, North Carolina, age 45  Father: Abraham Baggott  Mother: Mary Baggott  Spouse: Nancy Baggott (Birth: 1763, Northampton, North Carolina; Death: June 29, 1838, Montgomery, Tennessee)

27) Micajah Baggett  Birth: 1785, Wayne, North Carolina  Death: 1860 Chattahoochee, Fulton, Georgia, age 75  Father: Averett Avery Baggett  Mother: Nancy Baggott  Spouse: Allie Parker (Birth: 1795, Montgomery, Tennessee; death: 1880, Tennessee, age 85)  Married: December 1, 1808, Montgomery, Tennessee  Children: Emma Ann, Elias

28) Elias Baggett  Birth: December 1815, Montgomery, Tennessee  Death: August 8, 1902, Montgomery, Tennessee  Father: Micajah Baggett  Mother: Allie Parker  Spouse: Ellen J. Morrisett (Born: July 1821, Montgomery, Tennessee; death: 1900 age 79  Father: William Ralph Morrissette  Mother: Unknown)  Married: July 23, 1835, Dickson, Tennessee  Children: William, Susan, Micajah Cage, Richard, Willis, Dicey Ann, Keziah, John   Note:  According to Census records in 1850 at age 35 he lived in Montgomery, Tennessee; 1860 at age 45 he lived South and West of Cumberland River, Montgomery, Tennesse; in 1900 at age 85 he lived in Civil District 20, Montgomery, Tennessee)

29) Micajah Cage Baggett  Birth: January 10, 1841  Death: June 12, 1923, age 82  Father: Elias Baggett  Mother: Ellen J. Morrisett  Spouse: Mary Frances Nash (Born May 15, 1853; died December 18, 1925.  Father: Abraham Nash.  Mother: Elizabeth Anderson.)  Children: William, William, Emma Ann, William Riley, James W., Frances Elizabeth, Nancy Jane, Joseph Melvin, Tempe Ella (Note:  3 Williams? Ė Hmmmm)  According to Census records, in 1880 age 39 he lived at Cumberland Iron Works, Stewart, Tennessee; in 1910, age 69, he lived at Civil District 20, Montgomery, Tennessee)

30) William Riley Baggett  Birth: January 17, 1873, Tennessee  Death: February 12, 1951  Spouse: Josephine Suggs (Birth: August 6, 1874; death: June 10, 1915  Father: John Howell Suggs  Mother: Sarah Jane Broome) Children: Lloyd Garner, Ethel Ellen, Ora Bell, James Milton, William Lathie, Mattie Maie, Stella Hazel

31) Mattie Maie Baggett  Birth: May 10, 1908  Death: July 28, 1993  Father: William Riley Baggett  Mother: Josephine Suggs  Spouse: William Ben Puckett (birth: October 9, 1898, Montgomery County, Tennessee; death: December 25, 1976, Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan.  Father: Joseph Delano Puckett  Mother: Emma Jane Davison)  Married: May 17, 1925.  Children: William Paul, Ruth Estelle, Samuel Ray, James Willard, Betty Jane, Carlyn Mae

And so we have it, 31 generations of the Baggett family.  Our parents would be the 32nd generation and that makes us the 33rd generation!  Isnít that something?


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