Son of John Baggett I and G-Grandson of Nicholas Baggett II

Source: Researched by Sue Cody, Andrew's great-great-granddaughter of the.
State of Texas. We Appreciate Permission to Share Her Material With Us
Her Poem: God's Tapestry

Generation No. 5 from John of Surry County, Virginia

Generation No. 1

1. ANDREW B.6 BAGGETT (JOHN SR.5, NICHOLAS A. (or NICHOLAS III4), NICHOLAS II3, NICHOLAS I2, JOHN1) was born 1801 in Robeson County, North Carolina, and died Abt. 1859 in Chambers County AL. He married REBECCA P. OSBORN September 21, 1819 in Jackson County, GA. She was born 1803 in South Carolina, and died Aft. 1870.


Connection to John Sr. Baggett and Lucy Williams is conjectural.

Major John Aubrey Baggett wrote that Thomas Choice, Lewis, and Nicholas, who arrived in Pulaski County in 1850, all sons of John who died in 1805, are the ancestors of the main Florida line. "This does not include Andrew Baggett, brother of Thomas, who is the progenitor of one of the major central Alabama lines." This would make Andrew Baggett, b. 1801, the son of John Baggett 1750-1805, son of Nicholas A. Baggett, will in Northampton Co., NC 1761, son of Nicholas Baggett, will in Bertie County N.C., 1753/1755 (excerpt from the Baggett Family Newsletter, October 2001, used with permission. Notice the similarity of names in the family.)

Andrew B. Baggett is first found marrying Rebecca Osborn in Jackson County, Georgia, the county in which John Sr. Baggett, husband of Lucy Williams and son of Nicholas A. Baggett, died. Andrew B. Baggett is not mentioned in the will, but he would have been less than five years old when his father died, and logically, his mother or an elder brother would have been expected to care for him.

Rebecca was 16 when she married Andrew, 19.

Date of Andrew's death based on the fact that he sold property in 1858, but by 1860, he no longer shows on the census, and Rebecca is living with their son John F. Baggett.

Andrew  B. Baggett is on the August 7, 1820 Jackson County Federal Census, p. 299: He is listed as " And" Baggett, male 16-26, male under 10, two females under 10, female 16-26. The male under ten would be Thomas Musselwhite Baggett. The two females under ten, if children of Andrew and Rebecca would be infants, twins possibly, but they could also be older children, relatives of Andrew. If these females are twins, children of Andrew and Rebecca, their names have not been found. Rebecca was only 16 when she married Andrew, very young to be caring for 3 infants: Thomas Musselwhite and two infant girls at age 17. It must be noted that twins show up in the following generations without fail.

In 1827, Andrew B. Baggett won a land lottery in Henry County, Georgia. Andrew had two 3rd cousins, Allen and Lawrence Baggett, who were in Henry County, Georgia before Andrew. Allen and Lawrence both married Yarbrough girls. Allen married Lucinda Yarbrough January 31, 1829 in Henry County GA. Lawrence married Patsy Yarborough July 11, 1823, in Henry County. They lived adjacent to each other 1830 CENSUS.

Allen appears in the 1855 Tallapoosa County, AL, a county adjacent to Chambers County, AL. where Andrew ultimately settled. Lawrence did not come to Alabama because he apparently died before that time, as his wife is shown receiving property in her own right in a will. She then remarried. (See the Uzziel Descendants File on this website.)

The relationship of the three men is shown as follows:

Thomas Baggett, brother of Nicholas A. Baggett III, were both sons of Nicholas A. (Nicholas  Baggett II).
Uzziel Baggett and John Baggett (called John, Sr.) were 1st cousins, grandsons of Nicholas Baggett II.
Andrew B. Baggett, great-grandson of Nicholas Baggett II, and Uzziel Baggett, great-grandson of Nicholas Baggett II, were 2nd cousins.
Brothers Lawrence & Allen, great-grandsons of Nicholas Baggett II, and John Baggett (called John, Sr.) were 2nd cousins.
Brothers, "Lawrence & Allen" and Andrew B. Baggett were 3rd cousins, sons of Uzziel and John Baggett, Sr.
Brothers, "Lawrence & Allen" and Andrew B. Baggett were all great-grandsons of Nicholas Baggett II.

The Andrew B. Baggett family is shown in the 1830 CENSUS of Henry County: 2 males under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 20-30; 1 female under 5, 2 females 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 20-30. In 1830, we know of only one child who should be 10-15 and that is a male, Thomas Musselwhite. The two sons under five would be Andrew J. and John F. The female 10-15 may have been a relative, as it is unlikely that these parents could have had 2 children in 1820, as they were only married in September 1919. The two other girls would be Mary & Martha (5-10).

Andrew B. Baggett is shown living in Henry County in the 1830 census, as the guardian for Elias Morgan's heir, Breton Baggett, Rebecca, "being absent from the state with Breton (?) -- as co-guardian." This would be Britton, below:

In 1846, we have the following Macon County AL marriage of "Britton," which tells us that Andrew and Rebecca brought him to Alabama with them.

Britton S. Osborn m. Francis A. Watford Possible children of Britton Osborn.
Marriage Date: October 20, 1846 (1) Rebecca Osborn m. Willis Turner.
Marriage Place: Macon County December 27, 1865, Macon County Al.
Performed by: J. P. (2) W. J. Osborn m. Mary E. Green.
Surety performed by W. A. Shaw January 3, 1867 in Macon County AL

Andrew B. Baggett is shown on the 1840 CENSUS of Chambers Co., Ala.

The 1850 CENSUS of Chambers County shows Andrew Baggett, Rebecca, and children: William, Josiah, Emily, Susan, Elizabeth, Winny, and Eliza. The ages and birthplaces of both the parents and children are given and it is from this census that all but Elizabeth's birth years have been determined. They are shown as living adjacent to Thomas Osborn age 27, born in SC, wife Nancy Osborn 20, born in SC, and Frances B. Osborn, 1 month old, born in Ala. Both Thomas Osborn and Rebecca Osborn Baggett are shown as being born in SC, suggesting kinship.

Also on this census can be found daughters Martha Burford, Mary Burford, and Lavonia McNeil, proximity and ages of these women, plus their marriage records identifying them as Baggetts, make them conjectural daughters of the family. See their notes for specifics. Other sons, John F. and Andrew J. Baggett are also shown on the 1850 Census, as clerks in Macon County, AL. Chambers, Macon, Tallapoosa, and Coosa Counties are adjacent counties.

Thomas Musselwhite Baggett, firstborn son of Andrew Baggett, is shown on the 1855 state census of Tallapoosa County, as well as Allen Baggett, cousin of Andrew. Explanation of this relationship is given in notes for Thomas Musselwhite Baggett.

When Andrew Baggett's daughter, Elizabeth Baggett Butler was in Mineola, Wood County Texas, the 1880 CENSUS showed that she had a black servant named Lucy Yarbrough living in the household. This further establishes the connection between Andrew B. and Allen, whose wife was Lucinda Yarbrough, for whom the ex slave Lucy must have been named. The name Yarbrough is found sometimes spelled Yarber in CENSUS records.

Land Records
Andrew B. Baggett won a Land Lottery in Henry County GA in 1827.

An Andrew Baggett also sold land in the Huntsville Al watershed, January 03, 1858, so he may have still living at that time. However, if this was his son Andrew J. Baggett selling the land, it would also mean Andrew B. Baggett died around 1858, esp. as his wife Rebecca is living with their son John in 1860.

Date: 01 03 1858
Location: AL
Document # 25718
Serial # AL3820_.430
Acres: 239.7700
Meridian or Watershed: HUNTSVILLE
Parcel: township 8s, Range 13W, Section 35

Two years later, his cousin Allen and Andrew's son Thomas M. Baggett sold land. See notes for Allen Baggett & Thomas Musselwhite Baggett.

Andrew B. Baggett is not seen on any Census after the 1850 Census. He may have died after arranging his affairs by selling his plantation in 1858, because Rebecca, 58 and others, are shown in the 1860 Census in Macon County AL, in the household of their son John F. Baggett 32.

Samuel Graves Baggett states in this genealogical file that Andrew B. Baggett, "born 1801-1803 and died circa 1871." However, it is more likely that Andrew B. Baggett died before the 1860 Federal Census. As by that time Rebecca is living with her son John F. Baggett in Macon County, GA. Oral tradition of his descendants through daughter Elizabeth's words, are that he was no longer living at the time of her first marriage in 1865.

Rebecca is still in the household of son John F. Baggett in the Lee County AL 1870 census. In 1870, Macon County had already been changed to Lee County. So this does not indicate a move.

See Notes for Andrew B. Baggett for marriage and 1820-1850 appearances of Rebecca Osborn.

1860 Auburn, Macon County AL Census:

Rebecca is shown as "Rebecca P. Baggett" with her son John F., 32, born GA, his wife Sarah T. 21, born VA, Rebecca's daughters Elizabeth 17, and Eliza 13, and possible daughter or relative, Anna D, 15 (all born in AL; and M.T. Preston 12, b. in VA. [M.T. Preston a possible brother of John F.'s wife who was also born in VA.]). It is also possible that the initial "P." in Rebecca's name stands for Preston. While born an Osborn, Rebecca's mother could have been a Preston. John may have married a Preston cousin, just as her son Thomas Musselwhite Baggett married an Osborn.

Three families down on the same Census page were F. M. Osborne, 21, GA, overseer (& possible relative of Rebecca), Martha A. 28 SC, David B. 9 AL, Laura M. 7 AL, Thomas V. AL.

Living close by were James Nunnelee, 24, the husband of Rebecca's daughter, Susan A. Baggett Nunnelee, and their three Nunnelee children: Susan V. (Vannie/Vandalia), 5, Eliza L. 3, and Cornelia J., 1 yr. It is assumed that Susan A. died, perhaps in childbirth with Cornelia, or never recovered from the birth. It is good to know that their maternal grandmother was nearby.

In the 1870 Lee County AL Census, Rebecca is still living with son John F.'s family, her son William S. Baggett 36, and granddaughter S. V. (Susan V.) Nunnelee 14.


ii. MARTHA BAGGETT, b. 1824, Georgia; m. JOHN B. BUFORD, December 25, 1844, Chambers County, Alabama; b. 1814, Georgia.

Conjectural daughter of Andrew Baggett.
Census and marriage records.
Martha is shown as 26 on the1850 Chambers County, Alabama census record, which would make her birth year 1824, an appropriate birth year for one of the daughters of Andrew Baggett in the 1830 Henry County, Georgia census. 

Notes for JOHN B. BUFORD:
Year of birth ascertained from 1850 Census of Chambers County, AL which was taken Oct. 17, 1850. His name is spelled as Buford on the marriage record, but is spelled as Burford on the census. His middle initial is found on the census record, but not the marriage record.  The numeral 3 is strangely made on the record. The beginning stroke of 4's and 3's on the record are the same, and there is only a slight indentation to distinguish a 3 from a 4. Therefore, it was difficult to determine whether his age was 46 or 36. He is shown with his wife, Martha, in the 1850 census. 

iii. MARY BAGGETT, b. 1825, Georgia.
iv. ANDREW J. BAGGETT, b. 1827, GA; m. (1) VIRGINIA A. WALKER, August 17, 1854, Macon County, Alabama; m. (2) SARAH ANN FASCEN, October 18, 1859, Macon County, Alabama.

Conjectural son of Andrew B. Baggett.
Age 23 in the 1850 Macon County Census, working as a clerk in Macon, as was his brother John F. Baggett, with whom he was living. Andrew J. Baggett does not show on the 1860 Macon County Census. These are the conjectural sons of Andrew B. Baggett and Rebecca P. Baggett, as Rebecca is shown living with John F. after the death of Andrew B. Baggett, which would lead one to believe he is one of her sons. Their ages are also appropriate to the sons of Andrew Baggett given in the 1830 Henry County, Georgia census. 

Census and marriage records.

v. JOHN F. BAGGETT, b. 1828, Georgia.
vi. LAVONIA BAGGETT, b. 1831, Georgia; d. Aft. 1860.
vii. WILLIAM BAGGETT, b. 1833, Georgia.

1850 Chambers County Census Record.
Shown on the 1880 Tallapoosa County Census as William S. Baggett, 47. born in GA, uncle of William Nabors 22, Ala/Ga/Ga, wife Lodie. 

viii. SARAH EMILY BAGGETT, b. 1835, Georgia.
ix. JOSIAH G. BAGGETT, b. 1836, Georgia.

Josiah is shown simply as Josiah Baggett on the 1850 Chambers County census.
However, there is a J. G. Baggett in Wood County TX in 1870, along with Thomas Musselwhite, his brother, so it is assumed that this J. G. is Josiah, and Josiah is Josiah G. Baggett. 

x. SUSAN A. BAGGETT, b. 1838, Georgia.
xi. WINNY BAGGETT, b. 1842, Chambers County Alabama.
xii. ELIZABETH H. BAGGETT, b. August 24, 1842, Chambers County, Alabama; d. March 08, 1907, Mineola, Wood County, Texas.
xiii. ELIZA F. BAGGETT, b. 1846, Chambers County AL.
xiv. QUEENY BAGGETT, b. Abt. 1847; m. WILLIAM H. ROBERTS, April 20, 1863, Macon County, Alabama. 

Queeny is not proven to be a child of Andrew and Rebecca. She may be a niece. But Elizabeth H. Baggett had a daughter whom she named Queenie who died in infancy. So there is probably some relationship. However, she is not shown in the 1850 Chambers County family. Perhaps she is a niece of Andrew and Rebecca. There are other Baggetts in the area. But for the time being, so that she can appear in this web site and perhaps attract descendants, I have placed her in Andrew B. Baggett's family. 
The only record I have of Queeny is her marriage below. She was married in the same place and with the same person named as Surety for Andrew's daughters Elizabeth H. and Eliza F. 

Marriage was recorded as follows:
Spouse 1: Wm. H. Roberts.
Spouse 2: Queeny A. Baggett.
Marriage Date: 20 Apr 1863.
Marriage Place: Macon.
Surety/bond Date:
Performed By: Minister.
Surety/Perf. Name: C. D. Oliver.
OSPage: 192.

Generation No. 2

2. THOMAS MUSSELWHITE7 BAGGETT (ANDREW B.6, JOHN SR.5, NICHOLAS A.4, NICHOLAS3, NICHOLAS I2, JOHN1) was born 1820 in Georgia. He married SARAH HANNAH M. OSBORNE January 07, 1844 in Chambers County, AL. She was born 1826 in South Carolina.

There is no month and day available for Thomas Musselwhite Baggett's birth.
He is shown on the 1850 Federal Census of Tallapoosa Co AL with the first four children listed here: Frances, Thomas, Sarah and John. He is shown on the Census as a teacher.
He is shown on the 1855 state census of Tallapoosa County AL.
One Thomas M. Baggett is shown on the 1860 census of Wood County TX.
His children, except for Ambrose and Osburn, are derived from the 1850 census of Tallapoosa County AL and the 1860 census of Wood County TX. Ambrose and Ausborn appear in the 1880 census of Ellis County TX, below. Ausborn, below, is probably meant to be Osburn, because his grandmother was an Osburn. It is very interesting to note the way that Thomas recapitulated the names of many of his siblings in the naming of his children. The conjectural sisters' names: Mary and Martha are of especial interest, as these would be the sisters closest in age to Thomas Musselwhite Baggett, all of them born in the 1820's as he was. This recapitulation can be considered verification of those people being his siblings. Even the name of the mysterious Anna D. in John F.'s household is recapitulated in Thomas's children.

Thomas Musselwhite Baggett is shown in the 1880 Ellis Co TX Prec.2 p. 403C as follows:

T.M.BAGGETT, 59, b. GA.
Sarah 54 SC, wife.
Anna 20 AL, dau.
William 18, TX, son.
Ambrose 15, TX, son.
Ausburn 13, TX, son (this could have been a census taker's misspelling of "Osburn.")
Sarah Baggett, 28, AL, divorced.
Sarah, dau. 8 TX (this Sarah is the daughter of Sarah Baggett 28, above her. Her father's name is unknown. Her mother apparently resumed her maiden name.)

Thomas's birth date is established as 1820 by his age, 30, on the 1850 census.
Thomas Musselwhite Baggett married in 1844. He would have been 24 years old or less in 1844.

Land Record

Date: 01-08-1860.
Location: AL.
Document #: 22512.
Serial #: AL3370__.499.
Acres: 35.0000.
Meridian or Watershed: HUNTSVILLE.
Parcel: Township 17S, Range 13E, Section 30.

Note: It appears that Thomas was selling land prior to his move to Wood Co TX where he appears for the first time in the 1860 Census. One concludes that Thomas Musselwhite Baggett did not come to Texas until after the 1858 death of his father Andrew B. Baggett because when Thomas Musselwhite sells his land in 1860, his mother appears later in the year in the 1860 census of Macon County. At the time, she was in the home of her son John F. Baggett. He must have been satisfied that his mother and siblings were well situated before he left for Texas. He may have even invited her to come with him to Texas, but she would, quite naturally have chosen to stay in Alabama, to be close to the children of her deceased daughter Susan A. Nunnelee. Ultimately, however, he was joined in Texas by two sister, a brother, and Susan V. Nunnelee.

1855 State Census shows Thomas Musselwhite Baggett married to Sarah M. Osborn.
Their grandson, Samuel Graves Baggett said his grandfather Thomas Musselwhite Baggett married Sarah Hannah Osborn. Therefore, she is given here as Sarah Hannah M. Osborn.

Samuel Graves Baggett further states in this genealogical file that Thomas Musselwhite Baggett was the son of the Andrew B. Baggett, "born 1801-1803 and died circa 1871, who married Rebecca Osborn." However, it is more likely that Andrew B. Baggett died before the 1860 Federal Census., as by that time Rebecca is living with her son John F. Baggett in Macon County, GA. Oral tradition of his descendants through daughter Elizabeth's words, are that he was no longer living at the time of her first marriage in 1865.

Both Thomas Musselwhite Baggett's mother and his wife were Osborns. Perhaps he married one of his Osborn cousins. Osborn is variously spelled Osborn, Ozborn, and Osborne.

1850 Census shows Thomas Musselwhite Baggett, Sarah & family in Tallapoosa County Al.
1860 Census shows Thomas Musselwhite Baggett, Sarah & family in Wood County TX. with their daughter Anna, the last child listed as born in AL (b. 1859).

1880 Census shows the Musselwhite family in Ellis County, TX with 2 more sons, Ambrose and Ausburn, probably a misspelling of Osburn.


i. FRANCES8 BAGGETT, b. 1844, Alabama.
ii. THOMAS A. BAGGETT, b. 1846, Alabama.
iii. SARAH R. BAGGETT, b. 1848, Alabama.
iv. JOHN B. BAGGETT, b. 1849, Alabama.
v. LAVONIA L. BAGGETT, b. 1852, Alabama.
vi. DELEMAS J. BAGGETT, b. 1854, Alabama.
vii. MARTHA J. BAGGETT, b. 1855, Alabama.
viii. MARY A. BAGGETT, b. 1857, Alabama.
ix. ANNA V. BAGGETT, b. 1859, Alabama.
x. WILLIAM TILLMAN BAGGETT, b. February 25, 1861, Wood County, TX.
xi. AMBROSE BAGGETT, b. 1865, Texas.
xii. OSBURN (AUSBORN) BAGGETT, b. 1867, Texas.

3. MARY7 BAGGETT (ANDREW B.6, JOHN SR.5, NICHOLAS A.4, NICHOLAS3, NICHOLAS I2, JOHN1) was born 1825 in Georgia. She married CHARLES G. BUFORD January 01, 1844 in Chambers County, Alabama. He was born 1809 in Georgia.

Census and marriage records.
Mary is shown as 25 on the 1850 Chambers County census, but the 5 is strangely made. Therefore, she was probably born in 1825, one year after Martha. This age makes her the appropriate age to be one of the daughters of Andrew B. Baggett in the 1830 Cenus of Henry County GA. Also, her daughter's name, Rebecca, is further corroboration. This also consolidates Martha's connection, since the girls are closely tied by Buford marriages. The census taker was sloppy. The numerals were difficult to read. He spelled the daughter's name "Rebeca." But, he did consistently spell Buford/Bufford as "Burford."

John & Charles are shown variously as Bufford/Bufford/Burford. Charles is shown as Charles G. Burford on the census records and as Charles Bufford on the marriage record. His brother John is shown as John Buford on the marriage record and Burford on the census. Until further evidence can be found, I have shown both men as "Buford" for the sake of consistency. Charles is shown as 41 on the 1850 Census of Chambers County, taken on Oct. 17, 1850, and found on Image 51 of This would make his birth year 1809. He would have been 35 when he married Mary and she would have been 19. Charles & Mary and John & Martha lived quite close to each other, as they appear on the same census page.


i. REBECCA8 BUFORD, b. 1846.

4. JOHN F.7 BAGGETT (ANDREW B.6, JOHN SR.5, NICHOLAS A.4, NICHOLAS3, NICHOLAS I2, JOHN1) was born 1828 in Georgia. He married (1) UNKNOWN FIRST SPOUSE. She was born Abt. 1828. He married (2) SARAH T. PRESTON. She was born 1839 in Virgina.

Notes for JOHN F. BAGGETT:
John F. Baggett organized and became captain of Company F, 46th Alabama Infantry, CSA, in May 1862 at Loachapoka, Lee County, before his resignation three months later.

John, 22, is shown with brother Andrew, 23, on the 1850 Census of Macon County AL. occupation for both: clerk.

John F. Baggett, 32, was born in GA; his wife Sarah T., 22, born in Virginia; Rebecca P. 58, born in SC. (John's mother). Elizabeth, 17, born in AL; Eliza, 13, born in AL. (John's sisters, M.T. Preston [male], 12, born in VA [possible relative of his wife or mother]). (The census taker reversed the names Eliza and Elizabeth, making Eliza, the 17year old). I have corrected it here, making it agree with the 1850 and 1880 censuses for both the women. They were living adjacent to F. M. Osborne 21 GA overseer, etc. They were living close by was his brother-in-law: James Nunnelee, 24, Susan V., 5, Eliza L., 3, Cornelia J., 1. Susan A. Baggett Nunnelee is probably deceased.

1870 AUBURN, LEE COUNTY, ALABAMA CENSUS (county of Macon was restructured and part of it became Lee County, Alabama. John F. Baggett 42 GA, Sarah T. 31 VA, H. L. 3, Rebecca P. 68 SC, William S. Baggett 36 GA.

S. V. (Susan V. ?) Nunnelee, 14.


Sarah's last name, Preston, is speculative. There was an M.T. Preston, age 12, born in VA, living with John and Sarah in the 1860 Auburn, Macon Co AL census. As Sarah T. was also born in VA, the assumption is that they are siblings. She was 21 in this census, only 6 years older than M.T.


i. ANNA D.8 BAGGETT, b. 1845.

Notes for ANNA D. BAGGETT:
Anna D. Baggett, 15, is shown in the 1860 Macon County AL Census in the household of John F. Baggett, 32, along with R. P. (Rebecca) Baggett, 58, Elizabeth Baggett, 17, and Elizabeth F. Baggett, 13 (this would be Eliza F. If a daughter of Andrew B. Baggett and Rebecca Osborn, she should have appeared on the 1850 Census, but she did not. Anna could not have been the daughter of John F. Baggett's wife, Sarah T., as Sarah would have been only 6 years old at the time of Anna's birth. So that she might appear in the website and attract her descendants, I have placed her as a daughter of John F. Baggett. Even though we have, as yet, no wife for him other than Sarah T. Preston (?). However, the age discrepancy between Sarah T. and John F. is such that it would be possible for him to have had a first wife.

5. LAVONIA7 BAGGETT (ANDREW B.6, JOHN SR.5, NICHOLAS A.4, NICHOLAS3, NICHOLAS I2, JOHN1) was born 1831 in Georgia, and died Aft. 1860. She married JOHN E. MCNEIL. He was born 1829 in North Carolina.

See notes for John E. McNeil.

Notes for JOHN E. MCNEIL:
John E. McNeill is shown in the 1850 Tallapoosa County AL Census. He is later shown on the August 7, 1860 Chambers County, Alabama Census, age 31, with wife Lavonia age 29 and daughter, Martha age 1, Sarah Emily Baggett Wall age 29 with her two children Andrew Wall age 3, and Nathaniel age 1. Sarah Emily's husband died in 1859, and it is likely that for this reason she was visiting in the McNeil household when the Census was taken. This is what makes it likely that Lavonia is her sister and the daughter of Andrew. There is no other known connection of the Baggetts to the McNeils. The McNeils may have named their daughter Martha after Lavonia's sister Martha Baggett, another daughter of Andrew B. Baggett. Later, Thomas Musselwhite Baggett, firstborn child of Andrew B. Baggett, had a daughter in 1852 and named her Lavonia, probably after his sister.


i. MARTHA8 MCNEIL, b. 1859.

6. SARAH EMILY7 BAGGETT (ANDREW B.6, JOHN SR.5, NICHOLAS A.4, NICHOLAS3, NICHOLAS I2, JOHN1) was born 1835 in Georgia. She married NATHANIEL W. WALL July 27, 1854 in Chambers County, Alabama. He died May 21, 1859 in Chambers County AL.

Emily Baggett, age 15, is on the 1850 Chambers County Census.
Marriage Record.
Shown as Sarah E. Baggett, the daughter of Andrew B. Baggett on
Shown as Sarah E. Wall, 1860 Census Records in John E. McNeil family in Chambers County.

(See notes for Lavonia.)

Nathaniel is shown in the October 5, 1850 census of Chambers County AL.
Nathaniel, Sarah, and children are shown on the 1860 Chambers County AL census.


i. ANDREW8 WALL, b. 1857.
ii. NATHANIEL JR. WALL, b. 1859.

7. SUSAN A.7 BAGGETT (ANDREW B.6, JOHN SR.5, NICHOLAS A.4, NICHOLAS3, NICHOLAS I2, JOHN1) was born 1838 in Georgia. She married JAMES W. NUNNELEE September 21, 1854 in Chambers County, Alabama. He was born 1835 in Georgia.

1850 Chambers County Census.
The marriage of Susan A. Baggett to James Nunnelee in Chambers Co. Sept. 21, 1854 is documented. Susan would have been 16 years of age. James Nunnelee's signed a document giving him permission to marry. The compelling circumstances that place her in this genealogy as the Susan of the 1850 Chambers County Census, the daughter to Andrew B. Baggett and Rebecca Ozborn are:

Susan and James Nunnelee were married in Macon County, Ala., the same county in which Elizabeth H. Baggett married. The Nunnelees named one of their daughters after his sister Cordelia, and it appears reasonable that they named their daughter Eliza after Susan's sister Eliza. And Susan Baggett, daughter of Andrew & Rebecca, did have a sister named Eliza.

James Nunnelee's sister Cornelia was born in Tillman, GA.

Thomas Musselwhite, Susan's brother, named his son William TILLMAN Baggett. The town of Tillman GA is the only known source of the name Tillman, at this point.


i. SUSAN VANDALIA (VANNIE)8 NUNNELEE, b. 1855, Alabama; d. Houston TX.
ii. ELIZA L NUNNELEE, b. 1857, Alabama.
iii. CORNELIA J. NUNNELEE, b. 1859, Alabama.

8. WINNY7 BAGGETT (ANDREW B.6, JOHN SR.5, NICHOLAS A.4, NICHOLAS3, NICHOLAS I2, JOHN1) was born 1842 in Chambers County Alabama. She married OSBORN.

Winny was a girl, and a possible twin of Elizabeth.
Age 8 in 1850 CENSUS, the only documented evidence for Winnie.
Her marriage and descendants at this time are highly speculative, and are being researched.
All that is known here, are the names of the three Osborn children, and that the one named Winnie Osborn married William Polk Houston of Wood County, TX.

We do not know that Winnie Baggett married an Osborn, but it could very well be. Her brother Thomas Musselwhite married an Osborn. The Wood County connection is tempting. Also, there are twins down line in this family.

Children of WINNY BAGGETT and OSBORN are:

i. JANE8 OSBORN, b. 1868.

Notes for JANE OSBORN:
Jane was a spinster on the 1900 census.

ii. DAVE OSBORN, b. Abt. 1872.
iii. WINNIE OSBORN, b. Abt. 1875, Kentucky or Missouri; d. Bet. 1910 - 1915; m. WILLIAM POLK HOUSTON, 1892, Conway, Faulkner Co., AR.

It is unproven that Winnie Osborn is the daughter of Winny Baggett. The fact that a Winie Osborn married a man who had been in Mineola from 1885-1890, and that this Winnie was an Osborn, has led us to believe that she is Winny's daughter and that the mother Winny had married an Osborn. The births of these children are in a time frame similar to the births of Elizabeth's Yancy sons, and so the ages match. Winnie Osborne Houston's last child was born sometime before 1915 in Arkansas. She is buried in a cemetery that is in a cotton field and not recorded in any cemetery books.

NOTE! There are twins in this line, too! 

Burial: Woodruff County, Arkansas.

He was in the Mineola area in the years 1885-1890.

9. ELIZABETH H.7 BAGGETT (ANDREW B.6, JOHN SR.5, NICHOLAS A.4, NICHOLAS3, NICHOLAS I2, JOHN1) was born August 24, 1842 in Chambers County, Alabama, and died March 08, 1907 in Mineola, Wood County, Texas. She married (1) MILTON P. S. YANCY 1865 in Macon County, Alabama. He was born February 25, 1820 in Franklin, GA, and died May 08, 1869 in Alabama. She married (2) GEORGE WADDY BUTLER 1870 in Quitman, Wood County, Texas, son of PLEASANT H. BUTLER. He was born 1830 in Tennessee, and died 1902 in Mineola, Wood County, Texas.

In the 1880 Wood County, TX Census, Elizabeth had a black servant, Lucy Yarbrough, bearing the same name as Lucinda Yarbrough who was the wife of Allen Baggett, thus showing a closeness between the families of Allen Baggett and Elizabeth's father, Andrew Baggett. Allen and Lawrence, Baggett brothers, married the Yarborough sisters, Martha"Patsy" and Lucinda.

Oral history tells us that Elizabeth, in her childhood, had a slave given to her. And that after the Civil War this slave, who was apparently Lucy Yarbrough, elected to stay with her and ultimately came to Texas with her, as she is shown as a member of the household of George Waddy Butler and Elizabeth Baggett Butler. This means that, at the time, that Lucy was living in the house with them. Elizabeth would certainly have continued to need the assistance of Lucy through her 4-5 year marriage to Milton P. S. Yancy in which she assumed responsibility for his youngest children and then her own. She would have surely needed Lucy to help her on her trip to Texas with 4-year-old Josiah Milton Yancy , 2 year old Delbert, and less than 1-year-old William L. Yancy.

Elizabeth "H" Baggett- The middle initial may stand for Hannah. Her brother Thomas married a girl named Sarah Hannah Osborn, probably a cousin on the Osborn side. Perhaps Hannah was an important family name.

Wood County Censuses shows:
1860 - Thomas M. Baggett, Thomas Musselwhite Baggett, Elizabeth's brother.

1870 - T. A. Baggett, Thomas Musselwhite's son Thomas A. Baggett

1870 - J. G. Baggett, probably Elizabeth's brother Josiah. We know she came by 1870, probably too late to appear in the census because she was married to George Waddy Butler in 1870.

1880-page 292B–George Waddy Butler, age 50, was born in TN; his father was born in TN; his wife, Elizabeth, age 38, was born in AL. Her father was born in GA; her mother was born in GA; her son Pierce, age 8, was born in TX; her daughter Eura (Eula), age 5, was born in TX. Stepson Josiah M. Yancy, 14, was born in AL; father born in GA; mother in AL; stepson William L. Yancy, age 11, born in AL; father born in GA; mother in AL.

The servant, Lucy Yarbrough (black), was age 55.

Having older male siblings in Wood County would have given Elizabeth ample reason for a move to Wood County TX with her three young Yancy boys, on the death of her first husband Milton P. S. Yancy.

Her youngest Yancy son, William, thus born in AL in 1869, would place Elizabeth's move to TX by 1870, where she married George Waddy Butler in 1870 in Quitman, Wood County, TX. (This is verified by her 1907 Obituary.) Thereafter they lived in Mineola, 8-10 miles south of Quitman.

Birth Year:
Elizabeth Baggett's age is shown in the 1850 Census as being 10 in 1850, which would make her birth year 1840. BUT she is shown on her Funeral Notice to be born August 24, 1842, and the 1880 Wood County TX Census shows that she was 38 in 1880, which corroborates the 1842 birth year. Also, the 1860 Auburn, Macon County Census shows her as 17, and this census was taken prior to her August birthday, making, again her birth year as 1842. This genealogy accepts 1842 as the birth year (see in Winny, below).

Birth Place:
The 1850 CENSUS shows Elizabeth as the last child to be born in Georgia and that Winny was the first child to be born in Alabama. However, the family is shown to be in Alabama on the 1840 Census. And Elizabeth's Funeral Notice says that she was born in Alabama. The 1880 Census says that she was born in Alabama. The preponderance of the evidence indicates she was born in Alabama.

Burial: March 09, 1907, Mineola, Wood County, Texas.

Notes for MILTON P. S. YANCY:
The book: "Stories from the Past" by Thelma Wren Roberts and Maxine Wren, have Mr. Yancy's given name stated as Joe. In actuality, his name was Milton P. S. Yancy. The initials M.P.S. appeared with no legible surname, in the obituary for Elizabeth Baggett Butler. All names in the book with regard to Mr. Yancy and Elizabeth's children should be corrected to match this genealogy.

Family stories have it that Elizabeth married Mr. Yancy on the advice of her brother John, when he came back from the Civil War. This is confirmed by the fact that we have the Civil War record of John, and also by the fact that Elizabeth was living in John's home with her mother Rebecca and sister Eliza at the time of the 1860 census.

Elizabeth was the second wife of Mr. Yancy. A genealogy in the LDS archive, has her as the first wife, but this is not possible, due to her age and the marriage date after the Civil War. Plus, he died during her marriage to him, leaving her with his last three children. She apparently left his children by his first wife with their relatives when she came to Texas in 1870.

Milton P. S. Yancy died of an accidental gunshot wound that he received as he reached back and attempted to pull his shotgun by the barrel out of the buggy, on his return home from hunting.  Elizabeth said that she was standing at the screen door to welcome him home, when this tragic event occurred. Yancy without an "e" is the correct spelling of this name. I placed a short file on Milton P. S. Yancy with LDS to correct the other file there that had Elizabeth as his first wife. When I placed it, I incorrectly spelled his name Yancey with an "e."

Before the Civil War, George Waddy Butler worked as a collector for the New Orleans firm, Penick and Ford. During the Civil War, he went to South America, as he did not want to fight against relatives for slavery. When he married Elizabeth Baggett and came back from Quitman with her, the next morning he took Elizabeth's Yancy infant, William, out for a stroll in his baby buggy, and his friends teased him unmercifully about his "fast work" marrying and having a baby to stroll the next day. Researching Elizabeth was very interesting, as the dates proved the accuracy of this amusing story.

Stories about Elizabeth and her two husbands are told in the book, Stories from the Past, co-authored by her granddaughters, Thelma Wren Roberts and her youngest sister. There are two editions of this book typed by Thelma Sue Roberts Cody. These books were private publications, not professionally Bound. Persons who have these books should edit them according to the information in this genealogy. One name, especially, should be changed. The ex-slave who came to Texas with Elizabeth was named Lucy Yarbrough, according to the 1880 Wood County Census.

Also, the book gives Mr. Yancy's name as "Joe" when in actuality, his name was Milton P. S. Yancy, the initials appearing in the tattered obituary of Elizabeth Baggett.

George Waddy Butler was the son of Dr. Pleasant H. Butler. Pleasant was the son of Eunice Witter, who apparently married again after the death of Pleasant's father. Eunice Witter

Witter, Eunice Decd:
B-2, 166, 168-169, 219. C-1 306, 322, D-2 92-94, D-1 11, 37, 38, E 620-623–16 Nov. 1852 William C. Daniel was appointed admin with bond of $200.00. I&A consisted of certified copy and filed notes for a survey of 640 acres that sold at the courthouses door in Jan. 1853 to George W. Butler who receipted for $200.00. This land was in Henderson County. He wrote that he received of his grandmother Eunice Witter $200.00 for sale of land March 1853. D-1 says she had no other property and that he and his sister were her legal heirs.

Comment: on the 1850 census G.W. Butler, age 19, was in the household of R.F. Mitchell, founder of the town of Alto. G.W. Butler and Julia Butler who married S.H. Terrell were the heirs, children of Dr. Pleasant H. Butler who died in 1866. Dr. Butler was the first husband of Eunice Hall Witter who divorced him and came to Texas in 1839 where she married (second) James Truett Cadenhead.  She came with her children George Waddy Butler and Julia Butler, her mother Eunice Lee Witter, to be with her brother John Lee Witter (documented with land grants, marriage record, pension application letter, and guardianship document).

Butler, Dr. Pleasant H. Decd:
F2 414 17 Nov.1866 Thomas H. Hogg p/la saying the only legal representative of Decd, Mrs. Julia Terrell, through her husband S.H. Terrell asked him to administer. Bond $200.00. Other securities were J.J. Carter and John S. Wightman. Comment: Except for the date and name of the attorney, this comes from a box of loose paper in Box 58, 6 Aug. 1997.

Michael Berryman Smith, a descendant of Julia Butler Terrell, supplied this information.

Burial: 1902, Mineola, Wood County, Texas.


i. JOSIAH MILTON8 YANCY, b. 1866, Alabama.
ii. DELBERT YANCY, b. Bet. 1867 - 1868, Alabama; d. 1878, Mineola, Wood County TX.

Delbert Yancy died as the result of a childhood accident. George W. Butler's sister, Julia Elizabeth "Lizzie" Butler Terrell was visiting in the Butler home with her 9 year-old son, Henry Berryman Terrell, at the time of the accident, and we can date Delbert's death from this visit. Since Berryman was 9 years old at the time, and as he was born in 1869, the accident and death of Delbert must have happened in 1878. George Waddy Butler was very fond of sister Lizzie's husband, Mr. Terrell, and named his last son George Terrell Butler. Henry Berryman Terrell grew up, and ultimately held the position of Comptroller of the State of Texas from 1914-1920. George Whitfield Terrell (came to Texas with Sam Houston, and was put in charge of Indian Affairs.)

Son: Sam Houston Terrell m. Julia Elizabeth Butler.
Son: Henry Berryman Terrell.

Burial: Mineola, TX.

iii. WILLIAM L. YANCY, b. 1869, Alabama.

They were Sue Cody's great-grandparents.


iv. PIERCE8 BUTLER, b. 1872; m. Lee V. J. White about 1899. No known children. 
v. EULA BUTLER, b. November 10, 1874; d. February 16, 1906.
vi. QUEENIE BUTLER b. December 25, 1876; d. June 20, 1877
vii -viii. ALICE & VANNIE BUTLER (Twins) b. August 24, 1878, d. Six Weeks.

ix. EUNICE BUTLER, b. January 18, 1880, Mineola, Wood County, Texas; d. December 17, 1963, Fort Worth, Texas.
x. INFANT DAUGHTER BUTLER b. June 20, 1882; d. June 20, 1882
xi. GEORGE TERRELL BUTLER, b. 1884, Mineola, TX.

10. ELIZA F.7 BAGGETT (ANDREW B.6, JOHN SR.5, NICHOLAS A.4, NICHOLAS3, NICHOLAS I2, JOHN1) was born 1846 in Chambers County AL. She married T. J. LOWE January 13, 1865 in Macon County, Alabama. He was born Abt. 1845 in Alabama.

Eliza Baggett of the 1850 Chambers County census, is perhaps Eliza Frances Baggett. Surety performed by C.D. Oliver, marriage performed by M. G. in Macon County. Eliza F. Baggett Lowe apparently came to Texas to live at some point, as her children are shown on the 1880 census of Gilmer, Upshur County, TX. Gilmer is only about 30 miles from Mineola, Wood County, as Upshur County is an adjoining county to Wood Co.

Spouse 1: Miss E. F. Baggett.

Spouse 2: T. J. Lowe.
Marriage Date: January 13, 1865.
Marriage Place: Macon County.
Marriage performed by M. G.
Surety performed by C. C. Oliver.

Children of ELIZA BAGGETT and T. LOWE are:

i. ERIN Y.8 LOWE, b. Abt. 1866.
ii. EUGENIA R. LOWE, b. Abt. 1868.

Generation No. 3

11. JOHN B.8 BAGGETT (THOMAS MUSSELWHITE7, ANDREW B.6, JOHN SR.5, NICHOLAS A.4, NICHOLAS3, NICHOLAS I2, JOHN1) was born 1849 in Alabama. He married SALLIE B.. She was born Abt. 1861 in Mississippi.

Child of JOHN BAGGETT and SALLIE B. is:

i. A J.9 BAGGETT, b. Abt. 1878.

Notes for A J. BAGGETT:
A. J. Baggett may stand for Andrew Jackson Baggett, a family name. Thomas Musselwhite Baggett had a brother named Andrew Jackson Baggett.




Texas lawyer.

13. SUSAN VANDALIA (VANNIE)8 NUNNELEE (SUSAN A.7 BAGGETT, ANDREW B.6, JOHN SR.5, NICHOLAS A.4, NICHOLAS3, NICHOLAS I2, JOHN1) was born 1855 in Alabama, and died in Houston TX. She married MATTHEW BELTON BASS November 03, 1873 in Elmore County, Alabama. He was born 1853.

1880 Census: Wetumpka, Elmore County, AL page 153.
(Elmore County is adjacent to Chambers County)

M.B. Bass 27 Ala/GA/GA, wife S.V.25 Ala.
Daughter Enola Bass 6, Ala.
Son J. M. Bass 4, Ala.
Alice Baggett 14 Ala._ _
Fannie Baggett 9 Ala.

The identities of Alice and Fannie have not been established.

Information on the further descendants of Susan A. Baggett and James Nunnelee comes from Kathye Upham, researcher of the Nunnelee family.


i. EUOLA/EULA V.9 BASS, b. 1874, Alabama; d. 1960, San Antonio, Bexar County TX; m. WILLIAM R. CAMP.
ii. MATTHEW J. BASS, b. October 24, 1876, Elmore County, Alabama; d. August 30, 1916, San Antonio, Bexar County TX; m. OTILIA EGLI; b. 1883; d. 1957.

Burial: Anchor Lodge #424 AF&AM Cemetery, Row 16M, San Antonio.

Burial: Anchor Lodge #424 AF&AM Cemetery, Row 16M, San Antonio.


14. EUNICE8 BUTLER (ELIZABETH H.7 BAGGETT, ANDREW B.6, JOHN SR.5, NICHOLAS A.4, NICHOLAS3, NICHOLAS I2, JOHN1) was born January 18, 1880 in Mineola, Wood County, Texas, and died December 17, 1963 in Fort Worth, Texas. She married JOSEPH EZRA WREN 1900 in Quitman, Wood County, TX, son of BENJAMIN WREN and MARY MENSHEW. He was born December 18, 1874 in Mineola, Wood County, Texas, and died April 19, 1922 in Fort Stockton, TX.

Probably named for her great grandmother, Eunice Butler, who came to Texas and received a grant of 640 acres in what is now Henderson County.

Burial: December 1963, Laurel Land Memorial Park, Fort Worth, TX.

Joseph Ezra Wren grew up on a farm on the other side of Mineola from Eunice Butler. Long before he courted her, he saw her out riding her horse, her hair flying in the wind. He told his friend, "That's the girl I'm going to marry." Joseph Ezra Wren died of tuberculosis.

Children of EUNICE BUTLER and JOSEPH WREN are:

i. EZRA THEODORE9 WREN, b. January 05, 1901; m. IDA CAROLYN.

No issue.

ii. EVELYN WREN, b. January 17, 1903, Mineola, Wood County, Texas; d. November 16, 1986, King of Prussia, PA; m. RICHARD CARLSON; b. November 29, 1907, Elgin, TX; d. July 04, 1987, Royersford, PA. 

Notes for EVELYN WREN:
Evelyn was born totally deaf. The family moved to Austin so that she could attend the state school for the deaf. The whole family learned signing. She later met a former student and friend from the school in Fort Worth, Texas, and married him. Many living descendants, all hearing. 

iii. THELMA WREN, b. October 08, 1905, Mineola, TX; d. November 23, 1992, El Campo, TX; m. VERNE ROBERTS, April 21, 1926, Kingsville, TX; b. March 19, 1887, Red Oak, TX; d. July 29, 1964, Stockdale, Wilson Co. TX. 

Notes for THELMA WREN:
Many living descendants. Thelma attended Normal School and became a teacher, and then helped her younger sister to do the same.. She was a loving daughter and sister, faithful wife and devoted mother. Most of her children became teachers, following in her footsteps. One daughter became a medical doctor. She was beloved of her family, and believed in "hoeing her own row." Thelma was musical, played the piano, and wrote poetry. Her mother Eunice Butler Wren also wrote poetry. 

Burial: November 27, 1992, Taft, TX.

Verne was a loving husband and father, and provided suitable educational experiences for his children at home, church, and in the academic world. He believed in educating his children, mostly girls, and when once asked why he was sending all those girls to college, that they would only get married, he said, "I want them to be able to provide for themselves and their children in case their husbands should die." All his children by Thelma obtained college degrees B.A. or above. His children, especially his daughters, are grateful for this philosophy. His daughter by his first marriage also attended college.

Verne and all his children were musical, and given piano lessons. Verne had perfect pitch, and this trait was passed on to at least two of his daughters. All remember him with gratitude and love for the stable home and many benefits he provided, with sacrifice of his own needs and pleasures. He has many living descendants. 

Burial: July 31, 1964, Taft, TX.

iv. LIVING DAUGHTER WREN, b. December 26, 1907, Mineral Wells, TX; m. WILLIAM RUSSELL CAMPBELL, June 06, 1931.

Living descendants. 

v. HERMAN (TWIN) WREN, b. October 22, 1910; d. March 08, 1983, San Antonio, Bexar County TX.

No known descendants. He lived in San Antonio. He was the twin of Therman, possibly the firstborn. World War II Veteran. He was a long-distance trucker, and lived with a Hispanic family when in San Antonio. 

vi. THERMAN (TWIN) WREN, b. October 22, 1910, Saragosa, TX; d. 1988, Fort Worth, TX; m. EDA RITTER; b. August 13, 1915, Pawnee City, NB; d. August 28, 1997, Fort Worth, TX. 

No issue. Therman was the twin of Herman, and was disabled by polio in his childhood. Still, he grew up, went to barber school, and supported himself in that profession. He married late, and thus had no children.

Burial: 1988, Laurel Land Memorial Park, Fort Worth, TX.

More About EDA RITTER:
Burial: August 1997, Laurel Land Memorial Park, Fort Worth, TX.

vii. GRIFFITH BUTLER WREN, b. August 25, 1918, Austin, TX; d. October 06, 1984, Glendale, CA; m. LIVING WIFE; b. July 01, 1921.

Adult nickname: Bill.
World War II Veteran.
Invented closed captioning. He had an interest in this because his sister Evelyn was born totally deaf. He did not receive credit or a patent for it, as he was working for a company that took the patent for it.

His daughter is the source of this information.

The name "Griffith" is not a family name. Griffith Butler Wren was named for a Dr. Griffith, a Texas medical doctor possibly of Austin, TX. His second name, Butler, is for his grandfather, George Waddy Butler. He loved his family, and the children of his sisters, and named two of them after the children of his sister Thelma. Many living descendants. 

Burial: 1984, Misson Hills Cemetery, San Fernando, CA.


George Terrell Butler was named Terrell for Sam Houston Terrell, the husband of George Waddy Butler's sister. George Waddy Butler greatly admired Sam Houston Terrell. Mrs. Sam Houston Terrell (Julia) named her son after her brother George Waddy Butler, so her son's name was George Butler Terrell. Sam Houston Terrell was a son of Whitfield Terrell, a sidekick of Sam Houston, ex-governor of Tennessee and hero of San Jacinto. Sam Houston put Whitfield Terrell in charge of Indian affairs in Texas.

Child of GEORGE BUTLER and BESS is:

i. BILLIE CLIFTENE9 BUTLER, b. August 09, 1911; d. August 19, 1980, McCulloch County, TX; m. AUBREY LYNN TOWNSEND; b. August 02, 1906; d. December 20, 1976, McCulloch County, TX.


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