The James Family Connects With Allen Jacob Baggett

Stephen James, 1821-1872, buried at County Line Church south of Lithia Springs with wife Martha, 1826-1912. (Her maiden name is given in various printed sources as Shipley, Shipleigh, Sheightleigh, and Shippey.)  Stephen is named as a son in the will of Stephen James, Sr. (of Cobb County); will was probated in Campbell County on 1 May 1842. Others named are wife Mary and daughters Miney Hill, Mary Holland, and Pursy, wife of Robert Pressly. A sketch of Joseph S. James in the 1895 Memoirs of Georgia states that the elder Stephen moved from Newbern County, NC to Walton County, GA about 1805 and lived there in 1840.

In 1850 widow Mary James (born ca. 1787 in NC) lived in Campbell adjacent Lidia (Mills) McGouirk, born ca. 1795. Lidia was the widow of Seth McGouirk (died 1827 Jasper County, GA), ancestor of the McGouirks of Douglas County (sketch of her son William N. McGouirk in Georgia’s General Assembly of 1878, by S.A.Echols. William N. James married Elizabeth, daughter of Stephen Baggett. He was State Representative of Douglas County and Sheriff of Campbell County). Widow Tinney James also lived in Campbell in 1860 nearby the John James family, 1808-1881, both aged 74 in 1860.

Stephen James was an early settler of the Chestnut Log District area that became the Salt Springs District and was Justice of the Peace. Affidavits by their son Joseph S. James state that their home was one-half mile from Capt. Jonathan J. Bowen when Bowen raised his Confederate Company, the “Salt Springs Guards”), as noted in CSA pension file of Mrs. S. J. Rice. Children of Stephen and Martha James:
1a: George W. James, 1841-1862, died 12 January 1862 of typhoid at Front Royal, VA, Private in Co. D, 7th GA, CSA, buried adjacent parents.
2a: John M. James, 1843-1897, buried with wife Martha Simmons, 1835-1892. He was 2nd Lt. of Co. A, 21st GA, CSA. He owned a grocery store at Salt Springs, and was an original commissioner of Douglas County, GA.
3a: Sarah A. James, born 1845, at home on 1860 census.
4a: William Albert James, 1847-1933, buried Douglasville City Cemetery with wife Matilda, 1855-1936. A veteran of Co. I, 3rd Alabama Cavalry, CSA, studied law in Atlanta, came to Douglasville in 1870.
5a: Joseph S. James, born 20 March 1849, married in 1869 Margaret Anna Elizabeth, 1845-1927. He became Justice of the Peace at age 21 in 1870, studied law and became Mayor of Douglasville, GA. In 1880 he was elected to the first of two terms as State Representative and in 1886 was elected to the State Senate.
6a: Henry James, born 1854; 7a: Charles W. James, 1855-1937; 8a: Angus Samuel James, born 1858; 9a: Harriet, born 1860; 10a: Marietta James, married 1876 W.H. Causey; 11a: Martha O. James, 1861-1946, married James F. Winn; 12a: Robert Lee James, 1865-1949, married Eugenia Baggett, daughter of Charles B. Baggett; 13a: Vassar James, 1868-1960, married Thomas Smith.

Apparently related to this family is the family of John James, 1808-1881, born in NC, buried in the James Cemetery on James Road near Mt. Carmel Cemetery with wife Mary Willis, 1810-1888. They married in Walton County in 1827. He was apparently a son of Charles James, born 1770s, who lived in Campbell in 1830 and 1840. Charles James was possibly a brother of Stephen James, Sr., who also moved from NC to Walton County. John James was Justice of Inferior Court in Campbell, 1856-1861, and was a resident of the Chestnut Log District. John and Mary had fourteen children:
  1b: William James, 1828-1863.
  2b: Charles James, 1828-1863, married Margaret Blair, born 1831.
  3b: Elizabeth Ann James, 1830-1922, buried at Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding County, GA. Elizabeth married Allen Jacob Baggett, 1829-1863, died of complications from measles in MS, Co. F, 30th GA, CSA), son of Stephen Baggett, (noted in vol. 1, #1). Their children:
    1c: Mary F. Baggett, born 29 June 1850, died 6 June 1888, buried Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, married 20 November 1871 Jasper Rainey.
    2c: Sarah Elizabeth Baggett, born 31 July 1853, died 4 August 1905, buried Union Cemetery, married Emory Britten Hughes.
    3c: Stephen Z. Baggett, born 18 February 1856, died 24 March 1938, married Ellen E. Little, both buried Union Cemetery.
    4c: Joseph B. Baggett, born 24 March 1859, died 28 October 1936, married Lucy C. Beall, both buried Union Cemetery.
    5c: John W. Baggett, born 1862, died 4 April 1907, buried Sardis Church Cemetery, Young’s Chapel, AL, married Martha Cole, buried Tuscaloosa, AL.
  4b: Samuel James, 1831-1907, buried New Salem Church Cemetery, Cobb County, GA with wife Martha, 1832-1905, veteran of Co. D, 7th GA, CSA.
  5b: Sarah James, 1834-1907, married James H. Kilgore.
  6b: John C. James, 1836-1923, buried at Mt. Carmel with wife Harriet.
  7b: Piety James, 1838-1859, married Loyd Blair.
  8b: Zachariah Martin James, 1840-1919, buried in the James Cemetery with wife Sarah Ann, 1844-1926.
  9b: Clara James, 1842-1927, buried Mt. Carmel.
  10b: Mary Ann, 1846-1935, buried at Mt. Carmel with husband John Rutherford.
  11b: Joseph James, born ca. 1844.
  12b: Eliza James, 1847-1928, buried Mt. Carmel.
  13b: Martha James, 1854-1933, buried County Line Church Cemetery with husband William T. Williams.
  14b: E. J. James, born 1852, married Sallie Abercrombie, 1856-1878.


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