Son of Nicholas Baggett II, Son of Nicholas Baggett I

Source: Various Descendants of Thomas Baggett. Parts Were Researched by This Editor.

This section will have to be studied very carefully to determine the line of decent. The lineage in America has been proved back to Nicholas Baggett II. The descent down from Nicholas II is marked with a number left of the colon. The number left of the colon shows the generation from Nicholas Baggett II, who is number 1, down to the present  time. The number right of the colon designates the position of that child in that particular family, beginning with the eldest as number 1. If you find your ancestor anywhere in the genealogy section, trace it upwards to the nearest lowest number. If you recognize your ancestor, and he is beside 4:3 it means that he is the fourth generation from Nicholas Baggett II (who is 1:3), and the third child in that particular family. Remember, if he is 4:3, as the example, go back to the first 3 left of the colon above it. That will be his or her parents.

2:7 Thomas B. Baggett, Sr., born ca. 1720 (probably in Virginia), will was probated in 1793 in Martin County, NC, married ca. 1754, Mary                      ?, died after 1797 (according to wills and probate records) (see more on Thomas B. Baggett in History, Chapter XI). Their children:
  3:3 Thomas B. Baggett, Jr., born ca. 1755, died after 1797, married Elizabeth                      ?, died after 1797. Apparently no children. He made his will in Martin County in 1797.
3:4 Uzziel Baggett, born ca. 1759, lived in Anson County, NC.
  3:1 Thaney Baggett, eldest daughter of Thomas Baggett, Sr., born ca. 1757, married a Purvis.
 3:2 Sarah Baggett, born ca. 1759, married a Jackson. Apparantly no children.
 3:5 Allen Baggett was a son named in the will of Thomas Baggett, Sr. Allin (Allen) Baggett, son of Thomas Baggett, Sr., born ca. 1764 in Anson County NC, married Elizabeth Allen, born in North Carolina (compare LDS Genealogical History) (see 1790 census records in Wayne County, NC). Their children:
4:1 Stephen Baggett, born on 29 December 1784, died 19 February 1877, married Sarah Sikes, born 10 February 1791, died 9 October 1881; both are buried in the Baggett Cemetery at Winston, GA (compare LDS Genealogical History and Baggett Cemetery records). The cemetery is located at the end of Baggett Road just past Douglasville towards Villa Rica, across the road from the John Gurley Baggett home).  Their children:
 5:1 Jackson Baggett (eldest son of Stephen), born 1 October 1812, died June, 1863, buried in Mount Carmel Cemetery, Douglas County, married Nancy N.                      ?, born 2 August 1817, died 20 November 1869, buried in Sweetwater Baptist Church Cemetery in Paulding County, GA (compare LDS Genealogical History and Church Cemetery records).
  6:1 James Martin Baggett, born 5 October 1840, died 19 November 1861 (see LDS Library records).
  6:2 Charles Wiley Baggett, born 24 January 1851, died 2 November 1907, married in 1873 Sarah  Telulah Rakestraw, born 10 July 1854, died 21 June 1910, both buried in Poplar Springs Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery at Hiram, GA (compare LDS Genealogical History and Poplar Springs Church Cemetery records).
 6:3 Harriet Letitia Baggett, born 5 June 1853, died 8 August 1903, married 7 January 1873 James Monroe Gray, born 16 September 1851, died 28 February 1884, both buried in New Harmony Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery near Hiram, GA. Their children:
   7:1 Tilden J. Gray, born 11 January 1876, died 27 February 1963, buried in Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery near Dallas, GA.
   7:2 Bertha B. Gray (Attie), born 11 November 1879 (death date unknown), married John Austin 29 March 1896, buried in Nebo Methodist Church Cemetery south Dallas off Highway 61 near New Georgia, GA.
   7:3 Hettie Z. Gray, born 4 January 1880, died 1 January 1923, married John Harris. Children:
    8:1 Ruby Mae Harris, born 19 September 1906 married R. W. Estes (death dates unknown). Son.
    8:2 James Young Harris.
    8:3 Mary Maggie Harris, born 12 June 1919, died 11 July 1975, married Dave Howell, buried Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Olive Branch, MS.
   7:4 Dovey Gray, born 26 May 1884, died 15 August 1950, married George Lum Pace. (James Young Harris of Florida supplied the data on Harriet Baggett's descendants.)
 5:2 Prudence Baggett (conjectural), born 1816, died 1891, married in 1843 John Willingham Moon of Cobb and Paulding counties in Georgia, both buried in family cemetery off Highway 360 (McEachern-Dallas Road) in Paulding County, GA. Their children:
  6:1 Mariles J. Moon, married John Summers, moved to Alabama in 1890.
  6:2 Mary Elizabeth, 1847-1914, married James R. Summers of Cobb County.
  6:3 Susan L. Moon, 1849-1920, married David S. Poole; 6:4 Benjamin F. Moon, born 1854, married Mary Paris; 6:5 Rachael R. Moon, born 1857, married James R. Elliott, moved to Birmingham in 1890. 6:6 Willie Moon, born 1860, married William R. House. (The Moons & Kindred Families, 1930.)
 5:3 John Baggett (son of Stephen), born 27 December 1817, died 8 January 1893, married 9 January 1842 Ruth Camp, born 1 December 1825, died 20 February 1881, both buried in Baggett Cemetery, Winston, GA. Their children:
  6:1 Nancy E. (Nannie), born 23 September 1844, died 2 June 1919, unmarried, buried Baggett Cemetery, Winston, GA. (Obituary in Douglas County Sentinel on 22 August 1919.)
  6:2 Sarah Jane, born 1845, married Dedrick Lomeneck (Lamainack) of South Carolina and Campbell County, GA. Their children:
   7:1 Charles Lomeneck, born 1866; 7:2 Eugene, born 1868; 7:3 William, born in June, 1870, all lived in Campbell in 1870.
  6:3 Stephen Thomas Baggett, born 1850, died 1931, married Nancy Catherine Butler, born 1855, died 1938, both buried in Douglasville City Cemetery, Douglas County, GA. Their children:
   7:1 John William (Will), born 1873, died 1942, married in 1894 Martha Ann (Mattie) Hamby, born 1873, died 1957, both buried Douglasville Cemetery. (obituary with photo in Sentinel on 20 March 1942). Their children:
    8:6 Denman, buried in Carrollton City Cemetery, GA. ( They had ten other children born after 1900.)
   7:2 Lela Viola Baggett, born 1874, died 1956, married John Hallman, born 1872, died 1962, both buried at Ephesus Church Cemetery in Douglas County, GA.
   7:3 Annie Ruth, born 1877, died 1880, buried in Baggett Cemetery, Winston, GA. (died in a fire, shown on the Douglas County mortality schedules for 1879 and 1880.)
   7:4 Jenny Eleanor, born 1879, died 1964.
   7:5 Myrtle Louvinia, born 1882, married William Andrew Williams, born 1876, died 1934, both buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Villa Rica, GA.
   7:6 Nannie Bell, born 1885, died 1967, married [first] in 1914 Joe Giles, born 1877, died 1914, son of Robert I. Giles, born 1852, died 1943. She married [second] Will Plunkett, all buried in Pray's Mill Cemetery, Douglas County, GA.
   7:7 Salie Esma Baggett, born 1890, married 1909 Carl Nations, son of J. D. Nations.
   7:8 Thomas Herschel, born 1892, died 1959, married in 1917 Lillie Mae Souter.
   7:9 Howard Ray Baggett, born 1895, died 1970, married in 1913 Willie Dodson, both buried Ephesus Cemetery, Douglasville.
  6:4 Ruth Ellen Baggett, born 1856, died 1930, married in 1879 Henry Mitchell, born 1853, died 1935, both buried in Douglasville City Cemetery. He was the son of Francis M. Mitchell, 1825-1918, and his [second] wife Tinie Stewart, 1832-1904; [first] wife was Amanda Brown, 1854-1877. Their daughter Hattie, 1875-1946, married Arthur I. Newborn (all buried Pleasant Hill Church Cemetery, Brownsville). Their children:
   7:1 Fred; 7:2 John; 7:3 Homer; 7:4 Sallie, married Millard Lee; 7:5 Ethel, married Jim Smith; 7:6 Willie Lou, married W. E. Tippin; 7:7 Mae Mitchell (data from 50th anniversary issue of Douglas County Sentinel).
  6:5 John T. Baggett, born 1853, died 1908, married in 1878 Irene (Cassie) Jackson, born 1854, died 1917, both buried Douglasville City Cemetery. Cassie's brother, Alonzo Jackson, 1860-1920, married Priscilla, daughter of John B. Duncan. Her obituary names brothers R. A. of Sidney, TX, D. A. of Ft. Worth, and W. J. Jackson of Sternett, AL (taken from the Sentinel, dated 2 January 1917).
   7:1 Alma Baggett, born 1882, married John Dodson, living in 1979 in Douglasville. (death date unknown).
  6:6 Susan Bartow Baggett, born 19 November 1862, died 12 December 1953, married in 1883 William Fletcher Bell, born 14 October 1857, died 25 October 1925, both buried in West View Cemetery in Atlanta, GA. Fletcher Bell was a son of Elijah Hamilton Bell and his wife Martha E. Miles, 1823-1888, buried Pray's Hill Cemetery. Their children:
   7:1 Daughter, born-died 1884; 7:2 Carl Bell, 1888-1961; 7:3 Grady Bell, 1891-1977; 7:4 Floyd Bell, 1893-1959; 7:5 Bessie Kate Bell, 1896-1974; 7:6 Frank Bell, 1899-1963; 7:7 Robert Bell, 1903-1922.
  6:7 Lavinia Baggett, born 1 February 1858, died 21 December 1875, unmarried, buried Baggett Cemetery, Winston, GA.
  6:8 Beulah Camp Baggett, born 1868, married King William Spratlin, lived at Powder Springs, GA.
   7:1 William Roy, 1888-1968; 7:2 John Raymond, born 1891; 7:3 Annie Ruth, 1894-1913; 7:4 Ralph; 7:5 Clyde C. Spratlin.
  6:9 Benjamin Jackson (Bud) Baggett, born 1865, died 1943, married 1890 in Coweta County, GA Emma Adella Gurley, 1869-1903, both buried Baggett Cemetery, Winston, GA. Their children:
   7:1 Horace, born 1892, married 1912 Bertie Mae Miles, 1894-1918, buried Ephesus Church Cemetery; 7:2 John Gurley, born 1896, married 1917 Cornelia Maxwell, daughter of John Maxwell. (Apparently John Gurley had a son John Gurley Baggett, Jr., who lived on Baggett Road at Douglasville, GA. John Gurley Baggett II lived across the road from the old Baggett Cemetery on Baggett Road.) (Had a son born after 1900.)
 5:4 Martha Baggett, born 1820, married in 1855 William M. Thomason, Jr., 1814-1907, lived in Paulding County, a militia officer and inferior court judge. He had married [first] Delilah Petty, born in 1808 in South Carolina. All three are buried in High Shoals Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding County, GA. Their children:
  6:1 Stephen Thomason, born 1857, married Lucy Craten.
  6:2 Martha, born 1858, married Samuel Holland.
 5:5 Mary Baggett (daughter of Stephen), born ca. 1821, died 1902, buried Baggett's Cemetery, Winston, GA, unmarried.
 5:6 Elizabeth, born 5 May 1822, died 16 September 1903, married 11 July 1844 in Campbell County, GA William N. McGouirk, born 21 April 1821, died 3 June 1897, both buried in County Line Cemetery, Lithia Springs, GA. Their children:
  6:1 Sarah, born 1846; 6:2 Stephen Harry, born 1848; 6:3 John W., born 1849, married Helena, daughter of Calep P. Bowen; 6:4 Seth Alexander, 1851-1933, survived by wife Ella. Seth and Ella's children:
   7:1 R. A. McGouirk; 7:2 Vista McGouirk, married Ralph Morris, 1885-1945; 7:3 Inez McGouirk, married Alley Cheeves.
  6:5 Charles W. McGouirk, 1853-1930, married Jessie Winn, 1872-1964, daughter of Francis Winn, both buried County line Cemetery; 6:6 Martha, born 1856; 6:7 William, born 1857; 6:8 Caleb P. McGouirk, born 1859; 6:9 Thirza McGouirk, born 1863.
 5:7 Susan Baggett (daughter of Stephen), born 1825, died 1905, buried Baggett Cemetery, Winston, GA. Susan was never married. (Joe Baggett data, deceased.)
5:8 Allen Jacob Baggett (third son of Stephen), born 12 December 1828, died 29 June 1863 in the Civil War in Mississippi, buried Vicksburg Confederate Cemetery, MS, married Elizabeth Ann James, born 29 January 1830 in North Carolina, died 6 June 1922, buried in Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding County, GA, daughter of John James of Mt. Carmel, Douglas County, GA (more data on this family, along with the James family in History, Chapter VIB.) Jacob Baggett died while in the military of Confederate States of America. He and Elizabeth were married in 1848 in Campbell County. Children:
  6:1 Mary F. Baggett, called (Aunt Sis) (eldest daughter of Allen Jacob), born 29 June 1850, died 6 June 1888, buried Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Paulding County, married 20 November 1871 Jasper Raney (Rainey). He is buried Mt. View Church Cemetery in Haralson County, GA. They had six children:
   7:1 Addison Rainey; 7:2 Lona, hit by train while walking near Newnan, GA, married a Hudson. Their children:
    8:1 Lizzie Hudson; 8:2 Lemor Hudson; 8:3 Minnie Hudson; 8:4 Mildred Hudson.
   7:3 Etta Rainey, lived at Newnan, married Harvey Golden. Their children:
    8:1 Clifton; 8:2 Ira; 83: Verley Golden.
   7:4 Joseph Rufus Rainey, born 20 May 1878, died 9 May 1960, married [first] Ola McClung, born 12 April 1882, died 9 May 1926, both buried Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery. Their children:
    8:1 Lemon Willis Rainey, born 22 August 1901, died 15 November 1974, married in 1922 Lillie Mae Gazaway, born 13 December 1901, died 2 May 1976, both are buried in the Mt. Olivet Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding County, GA.
    8:2 Leonard Rainey, born 21 July 1913, died in February, 1975, married Agnes Abney, both are buried in Temple City Cemetery, Temple, GA.
   7:4 Rufus married [second] 5 July 1931 Josephine (Josie) Austin, born 29 April 1901, died ca. 1987.
(Rufus and Josie had four children born after 1900.)
   7:5 Ruben Rainey (death date unknown); 7:6 Ommie, died young.
  6:2 Sarah Elizabeth Baggett (daughter of Allen Jacob), born 31 July 1853, died 4 August 1905, buried in Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, married Emory Britton Hughes, born 9 April 1839, died 13 April 1927, buried in Smyrna Methodist Church Cemetery, Paulding County, GA.
   7:1 Dee Letus, born ca. 1879 (death date unknown), married Junior Shelnutt. Their children:
    8:1 Emily Elizabeth Hughes; 8:2 Susie Marie Hughes; 8:3 Nina Aggie Hughes (death dates unknown).
   7:2 Mary Victoria (Vickie), born 17 January 1881 (death date unknown), married Daniel Josuah Edwards.
   7:3 Benjamin Hill Hughes, born 12 April 1883, died 11 June 1955, buried Zion Baptist Church Cemetery in Paulding County, GA. Ben married [first] Rosie Walburn, died in 1920, buried Newnan, GA.
    8:1 William Claude, born 21 May 1906, died 11 March 1985, buried Rose Hill City Cemetery, Rockmart, GA, married 24 May 1924, Frankie Lee Morris, born 4 November 1908 (death date unknown). Their children:
     9:1 Venard Earl, born 4 April 1925, died 22 September 1979, married Thelma Katherin Morgan.
(Claude and Frankie had three other children born after 1900.)
    8:2 Victoria Leona Hughes, born 24 September 1913, died 9 October 1963, married Theo Taylor, born 8 May 1902, died 8 May 1972, both buried Zion Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding County. Children:
     9:3 Willie Lee (Billie), born 2 July 1932, married Frances Elouise Morrow, born 4 January 1946, both died 1991.
     9:4 Ruby Cleo, born-died July 1933.
     9:5 Johnnie Mae, born 28 December 1935 (death date unknown), married John Willard Gantt, born 22 March 1926. John Willard died ca. 1989.
     9:6 Robert Eugene, born 11 January 1938 (death date unknown), married Margaret Morrow (sister of Frances Elouise). (Two other children born after 1900.)
    8:3 Ruth Hughes, born 16 April 1916 (death date unknown), married 22 October 1934 George Osborne, born 5 October 1911 (death date unknown). (One other child born after 1900, uncertain about death.)
   7:3 Benjamin Hill married [second] Elmer Mae Barber, born 13 August 1919, died in ca. 1990.
   7:4 John Robert (son of Elizabeth), born 21 February 1885 (death date unknown) (burial unknown).
   7:5 Auda Ethel Hughes, born 22 August 1891, died 20 April 1981, married John Pitford Thompson, born 27 January 1895 in Cleborn County, AL, died 22 December 1958, both buried in Smyrna Methodist Church Cemetery, Paulding County, GA.
    8:1 Elbert Ionly Thompson, born 9 July 1917 (death date unknown), married Myrtle Williams.
     9:1 Norma June Thompson, born 22 February 1941, died in 1991, married Frank Ellison.
     9:2 Infant, died at birth. (Two other children born after 1900.)
    8:2 Elsie Elizabeth, (said by her mother that Elsie adopted the name of maternal grandmother, Elizabeth Hughes), born 10 December 1918, died 25 February 1976, married Lloyd Williams. Lloyd died in 1990.
    8:3 Auda Irene, born 22 March 1924, married (Jake) Cooke (Both killed in car accident, 1990s.)
    8:4 J. C. Thompson, born 26 April 1926, died 28 May 1985, married Faye Morris.
  6:3 Stephen Zachariah Baggett(eldest son of Allen Jacob), born 18 February 1856 in Campbell (now Douglas) County, GA, died 24 March 1938, married 18 December 1873 Ellen Elgyrine Little, born in Paulding 16 January 1859, died 17 February 1932, both buried Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding County, GA. Their children:
   7:1 William Lucious Baggett, born 15 November 1875, died 20 June 1878, buried Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding County.
   7:2 Joseph Alexander (Zannie), born 8 September 1877, died 15 March 1942, married [first] 17 July 1904 Ola G. Beall, born 13 April 1883, died 2 November 1910, buried Concord Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding County, GA.
   7:2 Zannie married [second] 14 January 1911 Maggie Hembree Crowley (widow of Walter Crowley), born 1 July 1884, died 19 May 1970, buried Smyrna Methodist Church Cemetery with her first and second husband. Maggie had a son Cecil Crowley. Zannie Baggett had no children.
   7:3 Ruth Leola, born 24 July 1880, died 18 January 1881, buried Union Cemetery, Paulding County.
   7:4 Homer Cornelius, born 24 January 1882, died 19 July 1973, married [first] 18 December 1904 Katie Louella Wix, born 26 November 1885, died 5 August 1910, both buried Union Cemetery in Paulding County, GA. Their children:
    8:1 Alton Zackary, born 16 December 1905, died 17 July 1969, buried in Sunrise Memorial Gardens, Douglas County, GA, married Gladys McBrayer.
    8:2 Pauline Baggett, born 4 February 1907 (died with her husband in car accident 18 September 1987), married 3 June 1934 Houston Climer, born 19 August 1907. (Pauline and Houston had no children.)
    8:3 Lloyd Cornelius, born 26 October 1908, died 10 November 1972, married 18 December 1932 Inez Ellis, born 21 October 1910 in Atlanta, buried Eastview Cemetery, Atlanta, GA. (Lloyd Baggett and Inez Ellis had no children.)
    8:4 Eula Katie Baggett, born 18 June 1910, married 11 September 1935, died during the year, 2000, Starling Denson Climer. (Starling Denson was a brother of Pauline's husband, Houston.) Their children:
     9:1 Jacquelyn Alice, born 27 July 1936 in Rome, GA, died 5 August 1992, married 13 December 1957 James L. Morgan, Jr., born 23 December 1930 in Alabama. (One other child born after 1900.)
   7:4 Homer married [second] 22 October 1911 Eliza Susannah (Anna) Daniell, daughter of Andrew J. Daniell (widow of Jordan William Holland), born 13 April 1878 in Douglas County, died 9 February 1956, buried in Cold Springs Primitive Baptist Cemetery, Douglas County, GA. Their children:
    8:5 (8:1 [2nd]) Floye Tee, born 8 August 1912, died 11 June 1913, buried in Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding County, GA.
    8:7 Vesta Elgyrine, born 6 November 1916, died 19 July 1986, married 20 November 1940 Lamar S. Barnes, born ca. 1914, died (death date unknown), both buried Dawn Memorial Park, Decatur, GA.
    8:8 Jeanette Alera, born 4 February 1923 (death date unknown), married F. Birney Emrich, Jr.
(Homer and Anna had one other child born after 1900.)
   7:5 Arthur Allen (son of Stephen Z.), born 10 September 1884, died 18 February 1960, married 5 August 1906 Claudia Ethel Beall, born 5 June 1881, died 30 May 1963 (daughter of William H. Beall, M.D.), both buried Concord Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding County, GA. Their children:
    8:1 William Aubrey, born 23 September 1907, died 4 July 1963, buried White Oak Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding, married 22 July 1928 Edna Fae Clark, born 13 October 1912, died 11 June 1995. Their children:
     9:2 Richard Allen Baggett, born 23 September 1932, died 25 December 1976, buried in White Oak Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, married 31 December 1960 Peggy Carr.
(Aubrey and Faye had three other children born after 1900.)
    8:2 Gus Glenn Baggett, born 30 December 1908, married 2 November 1928 Oda Bell Hitchcock, born 16 August 1910, died 27 May 1984 (death dates unknown), buried in Concord Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding County, GA. Their children:
     9:1 Oda Eileen, born 31 November 1929, died 9 November 1933, buried Concord Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding County, GA. (Had five more children born after 1900.)
    8:3 Ola Grace Baggett, born 4 July 1910, died 1 August 1986, married Herbert Loring Wix, born 14 November 1911, died 12 December 1983, both buried in White Oak Springs Cemetery. Their children:
     9:4 Janette Wix (twin Lanette), born 11 March 1935, died 28 June 1935, buried White Oak Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding.
     9:6 Herbert Houston, born 30 October 1939, died 8 December 1985, married Dorothy Bagay.
(Grace and Loring had four other children born after 1900.)
    8:4 Infant, born-died 10 March 1913.
    8:5 Lowell Alexander, born 19 April 1914, married 19 September 1933 Ruby Lee Clark, born 1 May 1912 (death dates unknown) (buried at White Oak Church Cemetery). One daughter.
    8:8 Lola Ethel Baggett, born 10 February 1922, married Harold Cohran, born 16 June 1920, died 7 June 1979 (death dates unknown), buried Smyrna Cemetery, Paulding County, GA. One daughter.
(Arthur and Claudia had three other children born after 1900.)
   7:6 Oliver Alonzo (Ollie) Baggett (son of Stephen Z.), born 11 July 1888, died 9 March 1951, married 17 July 1910 Ella Brown (daughter of David Brown), born 19 November 1890, died 15 June 1985, both buried Union Cemetery. Their children:
    8:1 Ruth Mae, born 25 December 1911, married 20 April 1935 Elon Price Seals.
(Ollie and Ella had one other child born after 1900.)
   7:7 Elerna Capitola Baggett (daughter of Stephen Z.), born 11 October 1890, died 16 January 1892, buried Union Primitive Church Cemetery, Paulding.
   7:8 James Grady Baggett, born 10 April 1893 in Paulding, died 3 February 1959, buried in Zion Baptist Church Cemetery, married [first] 20 August 1916 Mollie Mae Duncan (daughter of Levi Duncan and his wife Lucy Ann Dobbins), born 26 July 1892, died 9 January 1929, buried in Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding County, GA. (Grady and Mollie had two sons.)
  7:8 James Grady married [second] Harriet Ardella Williams (daughter of Joe Williams and Oda Thompson), born 16 June 1909, died 10 April 1942, buried in Smyrna Methodist Church Cemetery. (Grady and Della had three daughters.)
  7:8 Grady married [third] Ruby Walker Keown (widow of Tyra Keown, daughter of Samuel Walker), died 1973, both buried in Zion Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding County, GA (see more on Grady and his family in History, Chapter VIB).
  6:4 Joseph Brown Baggett, born 24 March 1859, died 28 October 1936, married 31 March 1881 Lucy Capitola Beall (daughter of Hon. Noble N. Beall), born 13 March 1860 in NC, died 27 June 1930, both buried Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding County, GA. No children (see more on Joseph Baggett in History, Chapter VIB).
  6:5 John William (youngest son of Allen Jacob), born 1862, died 4 April 1907, buried Sardis Church Cemetery, Youngs Chapel, AL, married in 1879 Martha Lane Cole, born ca. 1867, died 13 October 1932, buried Tuscaloosa, AL. Their children:
   7:1 William Allen, born 4 October 1879, died 2 October 1933, buried Corinth, MS, married [first] Ruth Smith, born 28 September 1883, died 19 October 1966, buried Morris, AL (divorced). Son:
    8:1 James Augustus, born 5 September 1900 in Hollypond, AL, died 6 August 1968, married Sella Mae Franklin, born 13 October 1901, Jefferson County, AL, both buried Morris, AL. Their children:
     9:2 Edward Smith, born 7 June 1923, died 19 June 1955, married Billie S. Lee.
     9:4 William Leon, born 12 June 1927, died 22 August 1949, unmarried. (Six others born after 1900.)
   7:1 William Allen Baggett married [second] Dora Leila McMinns, born 8 August 1885 in Alcorn County, MS, died 27 July 1939. William Allen and Dora Leila are buried at Corinth, MS. Children:
    8:6 George Paul, born 17 September 1913, died 19 January 1977, married [first] Ossie Fay Byers, born 20 May 1907 in Mississippi, died 12 November 1968, both are buried at Memphis, TN. Four children.
    8:6 George Paul married [second] Lena May Mills Cooper, born 24 August 1912 in Middleton, TN. No children.
    8:7 Frances Sophrano Odessar (daughter of William Allen), born 30 November 1915 in Saulsbury, TN, died 21 September 1973, married 28 October 1934 William Edgar Pulliam, born 19 November 1912 (death date unknown), both buried Walnut, MS.
(William Allen and Dora Leila had eight more children born after 1900.)
   7:2 Samuel (Sammy) Baggett (son of John William), born ca. 1881, died at an early age. (The only reference to this child was in a This is Your Life scrapbook made for Odessar Baggett Bates Hooten by her grandchildren.)
   7:3 John Jacob (Jake) Baggett (son of John William), born 13 April 1884, died 27 April 1969, married 12 August 1906 Rose Etta Taylor, born 28 December 1890, died 13 August 1973. Their children:
    8:2 Ola Mae, born 28 March 1909, died 30 November 1909.
(Jake and Rose Etta had eight more children born after 1900.)
   7:4 Mattie Odessar Baggett (eldest daughter of John William), born 22 July 1886 in Douglasville, GA, died 18 August 1973, married [first] in 1905 in Culman, AL Eliphas Beniah Bates, born 27 April 1872 in Georgia, died 27 October 1941, both buried at Addison, AL. Their children:
    8:2 Mattie Christine Bates, born 10 April 1911, died 17 February 1961, buried at Birmingham, AL, married Amble B Carter, born 22 July 1907 in Addison, AL. Two children.
    8:3 Farrell Beniah, born 26 August 1924, died 4 February 1978, buried in Forest Crest Cemetery, Birmingham, AL, married Virginia Alice Bird.
   7:4 Mattie Odessar (daughter of John William) married [second]                      ? Hooten. No children.
   7:5 Gordon Baggett, born 1890, died 18 April 1912 in Tuscaloosa, AL, married Rose Thompson (death date unknown).
   7:6 Joe Paul Baggett info: For information on this family, visit the Baggett - Owens Site:
   7:7 Grover Cleveland Baggett (shown Cleve Franklin Baggett in a book by Carolyn Baggett Harrison), born 5 July 1892, died 9 March 1917, married Lura Bell Self, born 1 July 1892 (death date unknown). Apparently both are buried at Jones Chapel, AL.
   7:8 Ethel Sivannah, born 9 April 1898, died 19 September 1965, married John White (death date unknown), both buried Sardis Cemetery, Jones Chapel, AL.
   7:9 Ollie Baggett (son of John William), born 1 December 1902, died 1 August 1926, buried Sardis Cemetery, Jones Chapel, AL, married [first] Lillian Turner, born 19 September 1902, died ca. 1933 (sister of Etta Mae Turner who married Charlie Baggett). They had no children (divorced).
   7:9 Ollie married [second] in 1920 Connie Mae Gibson. Their children:
    8:1 Thelma Baggett, born 9 April 1923, died 13 April 1925, buried Concord Church Cemetery, Randolph County, AL.
    8:2 Ollie Baggett, Jr., born 1 May 1926, died 14 September 1967 in Mississippi, buried Lanett, AL, married [first] Leita Joyce West, born 9 August 1925, Milltown, AL. Their children:
     9:2 Carolyn Elizabeth Baggett, born 1 August 1944 in Fairfax, AL, died of cancer in January, 1980, buried West Point, GA, married in Lanett, AL Don Gary Harrison, born 24 July 1941 in Calhoun County, GA (son of Marion and Sarah Armendie Childers Harrison). (All information on John William Baggett's family was researched and compiled by Carolyn Baggett. She finished her book in August, 1979, and died in January, 1980, no copyright. She had one son, Don Gary Harrison, Jr.) (Ollie had two other children born after 1900.)
    8:2 Ollie Baggett, Jr. married [second] in 1947 Betty Estelle Foster Ray. They had two children.
    8:2 Ollie married [third] in 1954 Jewel Douglas Danford Hayes in Miami, FL. No issue.
   7:10 Charlie Baggett (son of John William), born 28 August 1904, died 13 August 1923 of typhoid fever, buried Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Paulding County, married Etta Mae Turner, born 2 August 1905, died February 18, 1998. Their children:
    8:2 Joseph Foster, born 7 December 1923, died 17 September 1975, buried in Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding, married in 1943 Jessie Louise Wilson. (One other son born after 1900.)
   7:11 Annie Baggett, born 30 June 1907, died in 1908, buried Sardis Cemetery, Jones Chapel, AL. (Martha Jane, wife of John William, gave birth to Annie in June after John died in April, 1907.)
 5:9 Wiley C. Baggett (son of Stephen), born 22 March 1830, died 3 December 1908, married 7 October 1855 Louisa C. Scoggin, born 27 May 1828, died 21 May 1914, both buried County Line Church Cemetery, Lithia Springs, GA (compare LDS Genealogical History and Church Cemetery records).
 5:10 Charles B. Baggett, 1832-1920, married [first] in 1858 Mary E. Arnold, 1840-1888 (daughter of Alston Arnold), both buried in New Hope Church Cemetery at Chapel Hill, located in Douglas County. (Joe Baggett data, deceased.) (compare LDS Genealogical History and Church Cemetery records).
 5:10 Charles married [second] in 1889 Widow Mary A. Hood, 1847-1921, buried at Ramah Cemetery near Palmetto with her first husband Thomas W. Hood, 1846-1874. The children of Charles Baggett, some which are listed in hisLast Will and Testament:
  6:1 William A., born 1859, married [first] in 1884 Lou Ida Davis, 1868-1889, buried at New Hope Church Cemetery at Chapel Hill. Children:
   7:1 Vera Baggett; 7:2 Mary Baggett.
  6:1 William A. married [second] Jennie Pilgrim in Douglas County in 1897. ( He operated Baggett & Company fish market in Atlanta on Peter's Street, as shown on the city directory that year.). Their children:
   7:3 (7:1 [2nd]) Jenney; 7:4 Morris Baggett.
  6:2 Sarah Baggett, born 1862.
  6:3 Elizabeth Ida, 1864-1940, married in 1884 W. J. Kilgore, 1861-1951, both buried in Mt. Carmel Church Cemetery, Douglas County, GA. Their children: (Joe Baggett data, deceased.) (compare LDS Genealogical History and Church Cemetery records).
  6:4 Robert J. Baggett, 1867-1911, buried Douglasville City Cemetery, married Hattie E. McTyre (daughter of John H. McTyre of Powder Springs) (see Cemetery records). Their children:
   7:1 John Boyd, born 3 November 1900, died October, 1985, married [first] Bessie Lou Dobbins of Paulding County, GA (daughter of Jim and Odessar Dobbins).
  6:5 Ada L. (Abbie) Baggett, 1869-1953, married Joseph Huey, 1867-1926, buried County Line Church Cemetery. Their children:
   7:1 John F. Huey, born 1892, married in 1921 Ellie Griffith. They had four children born after 1900.)
   7:2 William Franklin Huey, born 1896, married Frances Kirby 1925, live in Birmingham.
   7:3 Robert Huey, born 1898, married Mattie Lou Croxton. (Had four children born after 1900.)
  6:6 Mary Eugenia Baggett, born 1872, died 1903, married in 1892 Robert E. Lee James, both buried in Douglasville City Cemetery.
  6:7 Charles B. Baggett, Jr., 1874-1895, buried New Hope Church Cemetery. (Charles B. was a clerk in Atlanta with his brother William A. Baggett at the time of his death.)
  6:8 Stephen A. Baggett, 1877-1956, married [first] in 1905 Minnie Feely, 1880-1916; married [second] in 1917 Carrie Lou Sibley, both buried Douglasville City Cemetery. One daughter.
  6:9 John Victor (Vic) Baggett, 1880-1976, married in 1930 Pearl Miller, 1888-1968, both buried in Central Church Cemetery, Douglas County.
5:11 Sarah J. Baggett, 1835-1883 (daughter of Stephen), buried Baggett Cemetery, Douglas County, Winston, GA, unmarried.
4:2 Martha (Patsy) Baggett, (daughter of Allen), born ca. 1785, married James Brombalow.
4:3 Asa Baggett, born ca. 1788, married Mary Keller.
 5:1 Irwin Baggett, born 1836; 5:2 A daughter. (Joe Baggett data, deceased.)
4:4 Wiley Baggett (son of Allen), born ca. 1791, died after 1860,  married Nancy Collins, lived in Gwinnett County, GA (death dates unknown) (compare LDS Genealogical History). Their children:
 5:1 Sarah B. Bagget, born ca. 1823 GA, married, living 1880.
 5:3 Nancy C. Baggett, born ca. 1825 GA, married, living 1880.
 5:3 Allen R. Baggett, (son of Wiley), born 1818, married [first] Lucinda Jacobs, born 1822  (sister Nancy who married Alfred Baggett); married [second] in 1863 Annie C. Harris Duren, born 1831 (widow of Joh D. Duren, died Civil War, lived in Gwinnett County in 1831 and Dekalb County  in 1850 and Decalb County in 1860. Allen R. moved from Gwinnett County to Douglas County, GA in the 1870s with stepchildren:
  A. James L. Duaen, born 1824, died 1910.
  B. Thomas Duren, born 1856, died 1933.
  C. Charlotte, married in 1879 Edwin Ergle.
 5:3 Children of Allen R. and Lucinda Jacobs:
  6:1 Milberry Baggett, married Francis M. Lanier in Gwinnett in 1859.
  6:2 Nancy Ann Baggett, born 1843, died 1914, married 1858 in Gwinnett County Asa D. Aderhold, born 1832, died 1910. Both are buried in Cold Springs Cemetery, Douglas County, GA. Their children:
   7:1 Octavia Stovall; 7:2 John J.; 7:3 Mary Daniell; 7:4 Nancy C.; 7:5 Laura Ann; 7:6 Georgia; 7:7 Ida; 7:8 Mattie C.; 7:9 Minnie; 7:10 Willie; 7:11 Two other children.
  6:3 William Alfred Baggett, born 1848, died 1915, married [first] Georgia Thomason; she is buried Cold Spring Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Douglas County, Winston, GA. Their son:
   7:1 James Allen Baggett, born 1871, died 1942 buried Cold Springs Cemetery.
  6:3 William Alfred married [second] in 1885, widow Missouria A. Dorsett Selman, born 1846, died 1935, widow of Jefferson Selman. William and and his wife are interred in the Bellevue Memorial Park at Daytona Beach. Their son:
   7:2 (7:1 [2nd]) Billie Byington, born 1886, died 1954. Billie was once Mayor of Daytona Beach, FL.
    8:1 Wilmans B. Baggett. (Joe Baggett data, deceased.)
  6:4 John W. Baggett only appears in the 1850 census of Georgia.
  6:5 Margaret J. Baggett, married                      ? Arnold.
  6:6 James S. Baggett, born 1856. (James S. Baggett apparently married Fannie Hines.
  6:7 Allen J. Baggett, born 1857, married 1892 in Carroll County, GA Dela Phillips, born 1864, lived in Fairplay District, Douglas County, GA. Their son:
   7:1 William E. Baggett, born 1896.
  6:8 Charles J. Baggett, born 1859, died 1899, married 1880 Liddia A. Daniel. Their children:
   7:1 Sarah N. Baggett, born 1886; 7:2 Mary E. Baggett, born 1890; 7:3 Ethel P., born 1892.
   7:4 Cora B. Baggett, born 1898.
 5:3 Children of Allen R. by his second marriage to Anna Harris:
  6:9 (6:1 [2nd]) Lucinda O. Baggett, born 1864, married 1882 J. N. White in Douglas County, GA.
  6:10 Mary Ann, born 1866, died 1920, married Allen Ayres, born 1856, died 1935 (married [first] in 1879 Cosby Stovall), both buried at New Hope Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Villa Rica, GA. Children: (conjectural)
   7:1 David; and 7:2 Mollie (both married in 1890).
  6:11 Wiley S. A. Baggett, born 1869, married Annie                      ?, born 1882, lived at Winston, GA.
  6:12 Asa Oscar Baggett, born 1871, married 1897 Eva Pearce (Joe Baggett data, deceased).
 5:4 Alfred W. Baggett (son of Wiley), born 25 September 1819, died 1889, married Nancy M. Jacobs, born 26 September 1824, died 1893, both buried in Old Villa Rica Cemetery, Villa Rica, GA (data in Flannigan's History of Gwinnett County, Volume II (Joe Baggett data, deceased.) (compare LDS Genealogical History and Church Cemetery). Their children:
  6:1 Wiley Jackson, born 1843, died 1862 at Richmond, VA (listed in Florida U.D.C.).
  6:2 Sarah, born 1845, married in 1861 William L. McDaniel in Gwinnett County.
  6:3 Willis Allen Baggett, born 1846, died 1916, married 1869 Sarah E. Cook, lived near Charkston, Dekalb County, GA.
   7:1 Children included eight daughters and one son: Wiley J. Baggett, born 1873.
  6:4 Nancy C. Baggett, born 1848.
  6:5 Mary, born 1852, died 1902, married 1879 Joseph Stone in Douglas County, born 1856, died 1902, both buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Villa Rica.
  6:6 Amanda Melvina Baggett, born in 1853.
  6:7 Bell Virginia, born 1858, married 1879 W. O. Furr (son of Wilson Furr), lived at Villa Rica, both buried in the Friendship Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Paulding County, GA. Their daughter:
   7:1 Nannie Furr, married Miles Henslee.
  6:8 Susie S. Baggett, married John Winn.
   7:1 Maggie E. Winn, married William Thomas Crouse and moved to Mississippi; 7:2 Henry Winn; 7:3 Ples Winn; 7:4 Esker Winn. (Above data received from Thomas Crouse, Honolulu, Hawaii. (Joe Baggett data, deceased.) (compare LDS Genealogical History.)
  6:9 Alfred Wilson, born 10 March 1864, a railroad employee, died in a train accident in 1899 in Mississippi, married 1887 Lucretia Eldora Tolbert, born 1868, died 1922, both buried in Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, MS. Their son:
   7:1 Wilbur Trussell, born 2 August 1888, died 8 February 1929, married 1905 Sarah Frances Bradley, born 19 November 1882, died 23 July 1963. Their children:
    8:1 Alfred Wilson, born 11 August 1913, died 14 December 1977, married 1934 Alice Lee Shirah, born 30 September 1910 in Taylor County, GA. One child.    9:1 Alfred Melvin Baggett, married Margaret Joyce Hollie.
    8:2 Gladys Baggett, married a Jackowski. (Both deceased).
  6:10 Joseph A. Baggett, born 1868, died in 1890s, married 1889 Lizzie Willoughby of Villa Rica (daughter of William Willoughby). Their children:
   7:1 Ruby Baggett, born 1894, died 1954, married Eddie L. Thrasher, born 1899, died 1954, both are buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Villa Rica, GA.
   7:2 Bertha, married Miterman Kite. (death dates unknown). (Joe Baggett data, deceased.)
(Above data on Alfred W. Baggett provided by Gladys Jackowski, living [1979] in Aberdeen, MS. She later lived in New York [in 1984], deceased.)
 5:5 Uzziel Z. Baggett, born 1821 GA.
 5:6 Wiley Jackson, born 1835, died 1911, married 1866 Malinda Jane Brand, lived in Loganville, Gwinnett County, GA (compare LDS Genealogical History). Their children:
  6:1 Wiley Cash; 6:2 Emory Cornelius; 6:3 Uzziel Alec Baggett; 6:4 Leora Ida; 6:5 Emma E. Baggett; 6:6 Frank Baggett; 6:7 Margy A. Baggett; 6:8 Mary; (Birth and death dates of the other children unknown).
  6:9 Jesse Jackson Baggett, born 26 March 1886, died 19 January 1965, State Senator from Gwinnett County 1933-1934, 1945-1946, married 1915 Eve Emmiline O'Kelly (daughter of Hilman Septern O'Kelly and Ludie Lee Guthrie). His descendants live in Gwinnett and Fulton counties, GA. (data taken from articles written by Babye Jewell Baggett) (See document on Jesse Jackson Baggett in History, Chapter XI.) Their children:
(All children we have records on were born after 1900. We have records of two sons.)
4:5 Elizabeth Baggett (daughter of Allen), married William Hedgepith (Hedgepeth).
4:6 Bethena Baggett (daughter of Allen), married Amasiah Waddle (Waddell) in 1827 in Walton County, GA.
4:7 Bennett Baggett (son of Allen), born Anson, NC (ca. 1795-ca. 1850), married Mary Sikes (ca. 1802-ca. 1850), NC. (Mary is shown as a widow on the 1850 census, and last appears on the 1851 tax digest of Powder Springs (Joe Baggett data, deceased.)
 5:1 Garrett J. Baggett, 1822-1864, married Lucinda Rakestraw, 1826-1881. She is buried in Powder Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, Powder Springs, GA (no more information on Garrett J. Baggett). Their children:
  6:1 James Boyd, born 30 March 1848, died October, 1894, married Martha F. Sorrells, born 3 July 1845, died 12 February 1911 (daughter of Russell Sorrells, 1814-1907, and his wife Rosannah Lindley, 1819-1906 [who are buried in Macland Cemetery at Macland, GA]). Their children:
   7:1 John Tolliver Baggett, 1870-1900, married Catherine                      ?, born 1880.
   7:2 Robert Oscar, 1872-1946, buried Douglasville City Cemetery with wife Mattie Paris, 1882-1971.
   7:3 Ida B. Baggett, 1876-1945, married 1896 Robert E. Edwards, 1869-1941, buried Douglasville. (Robert was Mayor and City Councilman in Douglasville (Joe Baggett data, deceased.)
   7:4 Ada Baggett, born 1877, married in 1897 Dr. Thomas J. Poole, who in 1901 married Ethel D Stamps.
   7:5 Eva Blanche Baggett, 1882-1928, married 1904 Mattie B. Vansant, 1880-1929.
  6:2 John Madison, 1851-1917, married Margaret Smith, 1857-1944 (daughter of William D. Smith and Louise E. Sorrells [a niece of James Boyd's wife]). They are buried in Douglasville City Cemetery.
   7:1 Dena Baggett, born 1876, married 1896 N. C. McPherson, moved to Atlanta, GA.
   7:2 Alma Baggett, born 1878, married Will Clay.
   7:3 Esma Gertrude Baggett, born 1884, died 1933, buried Douglasville, married David H. Gurley.
   7:4 Mattie Dora Baggett, born 1885, died 1933, buried Douglasville, married 1903 Roy Boatright.
   7:5 Annie Baggett, born 1888, married in 1917 in Charleston, SC Carl Hoffman, lived Charleston.
   7:6 Hoke Smith Baggett, 1894-1957, buried with his parents at Douglasville, GA.
(Obituary of John Madison Baggett in Douglas County Sentinel, 23 February 1917.)
  6:3 Amanda A. Baggett, born 1854.
  6:4 Henry D. Baggett, born 1856, married 14 February 1878 in Douglas County Mamie R. Anderson, born 1860.
  6:5 Laura A. Baggett, 1859-1863, buried with her mother in Powder Springs Cemetery.
  6:6 Mary F. Baggett, 1862-1914, married 1882 Russell B. Smith, 1852-1896, both buried Douglasville. Their children:
   7:1 Oliver Smith; 7:2 Agnes Smith.
 5:2 Joshua A. Baggett (son of Bennett), born 1825, died 6 July 1862, married 1848 Margaret Jane Lindley, born 1831 in Walton County, GA, died 1905. Apparently both are buried at Powder Springs Cemetery located at Powder Springs, GA.
  6:1 Milton Homer, born in November, 1848, died in December, 1935, married Eliza Jane Walker, 1848-1940 (daughter of Samuel Walker), both buried Douglasville City Cemetery. Their children:
   7:1 Alfred Seawright, 1875-1959, married Coburn Morris, 1885-1960. Any of eight children living unknown.
   7:2 Noah Gray (son of Milton Homer),born 3 November 1876, died 13 July 1973, married [first] 1907 Nellie McLarty, 1889-1912, (daughter of Arch W. McLarty). (Two children born after 1900.)
   7:2 Noah Gray married [second] Edith Dake, born 1898. (One son born after 1900.)
   7:3 Mary Zoe, born 1879, married 1902 John Wilson McKelvey, 1878-1941. Their children:
    8:1 Mary McKelvey, 1904-1976, married Jack Busa.
    8:2 John Walker, 1908-1959, married [first] Ora Bassett; married [second] Edith Shaffnit.
    8:4 Autry, born 1912, died 12 March 1979, married Bennie Glose.
    8:5 Charles Milton, 1916-1945 (buried in Italy), married Margaret J. Phipps.
(One other child born after 1900.)
   7:4 Ryburn P. Baggett, 1880-1961, married 1902 Gertrude Duncan Burton, died 1943. Their children:  8:5 Dorothy, died 1930. ( They had six other children born after 1900.)
  6:2 Mary Ann Baggett (daughter of Joshua A.), 1851-1920, married David Lindley McEachern, 1848-1900; both are buried at Powder Springs, GA. Their children:
   7:1 Samuel; 7:2 Frederick; 7:3 Eufala; 7:4 Lena, married a Cobb; 7:5 John N. McEachern.
  6:3 John Hansell, 1853-1940, married Emma Hunter, 1858-1912. Their children:
   7:1 Charlie, died 1881; 7:2 Edith, married a Lemon; 7:3 John Hansell, Jr. Two children.
   7:4 Jack Lindley Baggett; 7:5 Margaret, married a Cown; 7:6 Marshall. Two children.
   7:7 Ella, married a Fleming; 7:8 Mattie, married a Sosebee. Two children.
   7:9 Roy Hunter Baggett; 7:10 May Baggett, married a Puckett. One daughter.
  6:4 Fannie Baggett (daughter of Joshua), born 18 July 1857, died 1 February 1920, married R. Warren Bell, born 13 March 1851, buried Powder Springs. Their children:
   7:1 Gertrude Bell, married a Strickland.
   7:2 Walter Bell, married Noble Moore.
   7:3 Mattie Bell, 1889-1895.
  6:5 Anna, born 1861, married 1888 Oscar Hipps, a Powder Springs merchant. Anna died in Birmingham, AL. Their children:
   7:1 Frank Hipps; 7:2 Marion; 7:3 Joseph; 7:4 Lottie; 7:5 Henry H. Hipps, 1891-1898; 7:6 Infant daughter, died 1889.
 5:3 Thomas, born 1828; 5:4 James, born 1831; 5:5 Sarah, born 1833; 5:6 Stephen, born 1835; 5:7 Mathew, born 1837; 5:8 Leonard, born 1840; 5:9 Posey, born 1842 (Joe Baggett data, deceased.)
4:8 Uzziel Baggett, born: 3/5/1797 (Hallifax) Martin County, NC, died: 2/9/1873 Waxahachie, Ellis County, TX, married (1st): ca. 1819 Sarah Emily Collins, born: ca. 1802, died ca. 1840; married (2nd) ca. 1847 Emily Munden Dallas, TX. Uzziel lived in Georgia, Alabama, and apparently migrated to Texas.He is buried in Waxahachie City Cemetery, Waxahachie, TX. (data from descendant, Rev. W. M. Putman, of Texarkana, TX (Joe Baggett data, deceased). Children of Uzziel by his two wives:
 5:1 Nancy Baggett, born 1818, died 1873, married Ashly James, lived in Cass County, GA in 1850. Their children:
  6:1 Joseph; 6:2 Selina, married a Williams; 6:3 Jennette; 6:4 Parena, married Williams; 6:5 Albert; 6:6 Frances, married a Hogen; 6:7 Rachel A James, married a Mahan.
 5:2 Priscilla, born ca. 1822, died before 1873, married [first] Frederick W. Handy; married [second] James Billingsley.
 5:3 Bethena (daughter of Uzziel),born ca. 1824, died by 1873, married Henry Whand.
 5:4 Seaborn J. Baggett, 1825-1885, married Mary Ann Robinson, died in Ellis County, TX, buried Medlothian, TX, four daughters.
 5:5 Elizabeth Ann, 1826-1904, married in 1847 Joseph Munden, 1818-1891, buried Midlothian, TX.
 5:6 Milburn Bernetta, born 1832, died by 1873, married in 1848 William Jasper Boyd.
 5:7 Willis Rush, 1833-1876, married [first] in 1858 Elizabeth A Rhodes, born 1841; married [second] in 1872 M. A. Bryson, buried Ovilla (Shiloh), Ellis County, TX.
 5:8 Allen R. Baggett, 1837-1871, married in 1862 Susan Harper, buried Waxahachie, TX.
 5:9 Sarah Baggett, born ca. 1839, married James Robinson.
 9:10 T. M. Sabel Baggett, born ca. 1840, married in 1866 Alfred Rucker. (Joe Baggett data, deceased.)
4:9 Burton Baggett (son of Allen Baggett), 1801-1870, married Rachael (Polly) Moon in Columbia County, GA in 1824 (daughter of Jesse Moon and Rachael Willingham). Rachael, 1810-1886, is buried in Midway Church Cemetery near Kennesaw, Cobb County (compare LDS Genealogical History and Church Cemetery records). Their children:
 5:1 Sarah Elizabeth, 1830-1883, married John W. Rakestraw of Powder Springs. Children:
  6:1 Emma Rakestraw, married John D. Moore.
  6:2 Martha Rakestraw, married William Bennett Sorrells.
 5:2 Martha Baggett, born 1833, married Isaac Gray of Hiram, Paulding County, GA, son of Johnson Gray and Millie Jenkins. Their son:
  6:1 Isaac Newton Gray, 1861-1936, married Josephine                      , buried Pray's Mill Church Cemetery in Douglas County, GA.
 5:3 Bennett J. Baggett, 1837-1863, married Samantha E. Bartlett in Paulding County in 1857.
 5:4 John W. Baggett, 1839-1861, died C.S.A., Company D, 7th Georgia Regiment.
 5:5 Henry H. Baggett, 1843-1864, died in the same unit as his brother John W. Baggett.
 5:6 Josiah G., 1844-1864, died C.S.A., 2nd Company, 1st Confederate Regiment. 5:1 Sarah Elizabeth, 1830-1883, married John W. Rakestraw of Powder Springs. (No information on children.)
5:7 Hiram Baggett, 1846-1915, married Julia Ward. Hiram was the first postmaster and namesake of Hiram, a city east of Dallas in Paulding County, GA. (Records on Hiram Baggett are also found in the Paulding County Library.) (See more on Hiram in History, Chapter XI.)
 5:8 Burton Busbee, born 1850, lived in Marietta in the 1930s, married Mollie Bingham, 1853-1920, buried in Marietta's Citizens Cemetery. Had three daughters (data from Herbert Kinsey of Cornelia, GA. (death date unknown).
4:10 Sarah Baggett (daughter of Allen), born 1804, married James Martin Holley. Daughter:
 5:1 Edna Emaline Holley, born 1831, married Nathaniel Harbin Humphries, both buried in Villa Rica Hillcrest Cemetery, Villa Rica.
4:11 Nancy Baggett, born 1806, married [first] W. H. Davis; married [second] Benjamin Stephens.
4:12 Parthenia, married in 1830 William H. Batchelor in Walton County, GA., lived in Powder Springs, Cobb County, GA in 1840.
4:13 Temperance, married Allen Roberts. (Joe Baggett data, deceased.) (compare LDS Gelealogical History records and the Paulding County Library). See more on Hiram Baggett here: 

(Most data above was researched by this editor. Names appear following data researched by others.)


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