Son of James Baggett I, grandson of Abraham Baggett I

Source: Researched by Helen A Hendricks, wife of James A. Hendricks.
Believed to be Descendants of Abraham I, Son of Nicholas Baggett II
We Appreciate Permission To Share Her Research On This Site.

29. James Baggett, Sr. appears to be the son of Abraham Baggett I, but conjectural, b. ca. 1730 in Northampton County, NC, He married Elizabeth                      ? ref: jmb.
   Their children (based on plausible proof, but also conjectural):
  +30.  i Drewry (Drew) Baggett, b. ca. 1748 in Edgecombe County, NC, served in North Carolina Militia as musician in the American Revolution, enlisted ca. 1779 in Johnston County, NC (conjectural).
  +31. ii Alse Baggett.
  +32. iii Elizabeth Baggett.
  +33. iv Rhoady Baggett (the three above are to be considered as conjectural, but are found in a document in Johnston County, NC).
    34. James Baggett, Jr. (grandson of Abraham I, based on plausible proof, but should be considered as conjectural), b. 1757 in Edgecombe County, NC, d. ca. 1833.

Sixth Generation:

+34. James Baggett, Jr. (grandson of Abraham I)  #249, born 1757 in Edgecombe County, died ca. 1833 in Tennessee, ref: Jim Sanderlin, occupation Soldier/Revolutionary War, m. 1783, Nancy? #283, b. 1759, ref: Jim Sanderlin, d. 29 Jun 1838. James died 18 Sep 1833, Montgomery County, TN. He was a pioneer of Montgomery County, TN. He made application for pension in the Revolutionary War 5/7/l8l8 Pension File #S-39159, he was a Private under Capt. Samuel Wise of the 3rd Regiment of Rangers of the SC line. He served from 3/1776 to 6/1777. He then became a farmer with 20 acres of land. He received a land grant from the U.S. for his service in the Revolutionary War. Married twice, Nancy: If these dates are correct, Micajah and Abraham had different mothers than the other two children. There is a note in the record stating that "it appears from the papers on file in this office that Nancy Baggett, the widow of James Baggett, died 29 June,1838, and that they were known as man and wife in 1793."
  +35. i Abraham Baggett #248 b. 1783.
  +36. ii Micajah Baggett #329 b. 1785.
    37. iii Mark Allen Baggett #331 b. 1792, SC, ref: Jim Sanderlin. Either his name was John Mark Allen Baggett or he was just called John.
    38. iv Josiah Baggett #330 b. 1797, N.C., ref: Jim Sanderlin, m. 23 Jun 1831, in Dickson Co, TN Celia Little #587, b. ?, ref: Elsie B. Smith. Josiah died 1877. Celia: Mary Mixon (17) was listed in the household on the 1850 census of Montgomery Co. The 1870 Montgomery Co. census shows Fredonia (10), Susan (11), and Jane (9). These children would have been born after Celia was over 50. Celia's name was Sela Little on the Dickson Co. Marriage Certificate.

Seventh Generation:

35. Abraham Baggett #248 b. 1783, N.C., ref: Jim Sanderlin, occupation farmer, m. 1805, Charlotte Rainwater #397, b. 1790, NC, ref: Jim Sanderlin, d. 1830. Abraham died 1871, Tennessee. Land transaction: John C. Thomas to Abraham Baggett 2/1/1806, $150. 100 acres, south side of Cumberland River on West Fork of Bud's Creek. The State of Tennessee granted 200 acres to Abraham Baggett 1/1827 adjacent to Moses Yarbrough & John Mathis. He served regularly on the Montgomery County Jury 1805-1824. He moved to Montgomery County, TN in the early part of 1800's from Bertie County, NC.
   +39. i Sallie Baggett #317 b. 1803.
   +40. ii William Henry Baggett #247 b. 10 Apr 1806.
   +41. iii John Oliver Baggett #580 b. 1814, Montgomery Co. TN, ref: Elsie B. Smith, m. 7 Oct 1841, in Montgomery Co TN Betty Elizabeth Davis #653, b. ?, ref: Elsie B. Smith. John died before 1860. John was a carpenter.
     42. iv Martha "Patsy" Baggett #582 b. 1828, ref: Elsie B. Smith, m. 21 Feb 1849, in Montgomery Co.TN, David Davis #583, ref: Elsie B. Smith. Known as Patsy.

36. Micajah Baggett #329 b. 1785, N.C., ref: Jim Sanderlin, m. 12 Dec 1808, in Montgomery Co, TN Allie Parker #332, b. 1793, ref: Ann McDonough. Micajah 1820, Federal Census. He served in the War of 1812, a Private in 3 Regiment North Carolina Militia under Capt. John Armstrong's Company of Infrantry from 10/20/1814-3/11/1815, Wilmington, NC. Land transaction: 1/5/1807, William Copeland to Micajah Baggett $200-54 acres on South Budds Creek where road crosses the creek. Witnesses were Abraham and James Baggett. On 3/22/1833 he acquired 152 acres on Budd's Creek; this land bounded by the A. Baggett and John Mathis land. Allie: Shown on the 1870 Montgomery Co. Census living with her grandson, "Dicy" James and Harriet Rainwater Baggett. Her age was 77 and her daughter Dicey is listed as 50. According to the gravestone at Baggett Cemetery, Hackberry, TN, Dicy was born 1818.
  + 43. i Jesse Baggett #337 b. 24 Jul 1810.
  + 44. ii Elias Baggett #333 b. 18 Dec 1815.
  +45. iii Dicey Baggett #389 b. 20 Dec 1818.
    46. iv James Baggett #533 b. 1841, TN, ref: Ann McDonough.
    47. v John Baggett #534 b. 1844, TN, ref: Ann McDonough.

Eighth Generation:

39. SalIie Baggett #317 b. 1803, ref: Sam Weaver, m. 2 Oct 1833, in Dickson County, TN, Charles Mixon Sr. #322, b. ?, ref: Jim Sanderlin, d. ?. Marriage record says, Baggot, Sarah to Charles Mickson 10/2/1833 with Isaac Bone as bondsman.
 48. i John Mixon #602 b. 1835, ref: Elsie B. Smith.
 49. ii William Mixon #603 b. 1837, ref: Elsie B. Smith.
 50. iii Trusty Mixon #604 b. 1846, ref: Elsie B. Smith.

40. William Henry Baggett #247 b. 10 Apr 1806, Montgomery County, TN, ref: Jim Sanderlin, m. (1)11 Feb. 1832 in Montgomery County, TN, Susannah Margaret Davis #398, b. 1309, ref: Jim Sanderiin, d. 1849, m. (2) April 1850, Sarah Marie Underwood #606, (daughter of Jeremiah Meridith Underwood #414 and Sarah Arnold #605) ref: Elsie B. Smith. William died 14 Feb 1895, Montgomery Co,TN, buried: Baggett Cemetery, Dist. 18. 2nd. wife Sarah Marie Underwood, married her 4/9/1850 in Montgomery County, TN. Marriage of William and Sallie Underwood secured by James Baggett. The 1860 census Montgomery Co. shows. C. (11) & A. (8) Baggett females Iiving in the household of J.M. & Catherine Underwood. The 1880 Census of Montgomery County lists Carrie Baggett, 2 months old granddaughter and W.W. Suggs, nephew, living with them. It  is assumed that William, Jr. and Missour were also Iiving there.
    Children by Susannah Margaret Davis.
   +51. i Sally Baggett #286 b. 1833, ref: Jim Sanderlin.
   +52. ii William Oliver Baggett #287 b. 1833.
   +53. iii Thomas E. Baggett #246 b. 19 Oct 1837.

43. Jesse Baggett #337 b. 24 July 1810, ref: Jim Sanderlin, m. (1)?, Winnie Marshet #684, ref: Elsie B. Smith, m. (2) 6 Aug. 1860, in Montgomery Co TN, Sarah Leona Luke #685, b. ?, (daughter of John Luke #385 and Mary Hickerson #384) ref: Elsie B. Smith. Jesse died 31 Jan. 1881, Montgomery Co, TN, buried: Baggetts Chapel. It is the opinion of the compilers that Winnie Marshett is Winnie Morrisett, sister to Elly J. who married Elias Baggett, and Lydia Morrisett who married Allen Thomas (Tom) Baggett. The name Morrisett is shown in documents as Marsay, Marset, Morsit, Marshet. The Morrisetts were residents of Dickson and Humphrys County. Some descendants are now residing in Texas. Sarah: Marriage of Jesse and Leona (Luke) Hudges Baggett secured by J.S.Martin, Sam Nesbit, J.P.
   Children by Winnie Marshet:
   +54. i Ehzabeth Ann Baggett #688 b. 1836, in. 17 Sep 1853, John Marion Sims #907, ref: Elsie Smith. Elizabeth died 24 Mar 1916, Montgomery County, TN, buried: Baggetts Chapel Cemetery. No marker on grave. John: Marriage secured by George Austin, A. Baggett, J.P. Elizabeth's death certificate was signed by F.F. Sims. Fannie Sims never married.

44. Elias Baggett #333 b. 18 Dec 1815, TN, ref: Jim Sanderlin, m. 23 July 1835, in Dickson Co TN, Elly J. Morrisett #334, ref: Jim Sanderlin. Elias died 8 Aug 1902, Montgomery County, TN. Marriage bond dated 7/23/1835 with Willis Rainwater as bondsman, solernnized by Benjamin Darroew, Sr. (Baptist Preacher). Census 1860 lists Sophia Jackson (33) living in Household but lists no children. 1870 Census lists Baggett: Elias (54), Ella (50), Richard (24), Willis (21), Kesiah (16), John (14). 1880 Census lists grandchildren: Andrew Sinks (18) and Lavina Sinks (13) in household. Elias chopped cordwood for a living. Ellys name is given as Ellen, on the obituary, Elly. Given name Ellen. Her father is from Virginia her mother is from South Carolina. She was buried at family burial ground.
   +55. i William Baggett #695 b. 18 Jul 1835, ref: Elsie B. Smith, m. 17 Nov 1859, Mary Hodges #967, (daughter of William J. Hodges #271 and Sarah Leona Luke #685) ref: Elsie Smith. In the 1900 Census 13 children are listed as born, with 12 living. Sidney Baggett does not appear on the 1880 Census Montgomery County. Marriage was secured by C. T. Hodges, William Baggett, J.P. Mary would have been 15 years old at time of marriage. Frankie G. Baggeft is listed on the 1880 Montgomery County Census under William and Mary as their grandson.
      56. ii Micajah C. Baggett #696 b. 10 Jan 1841, ref: Elsie B. Smith, m. 5 Feb 1869, in Stewart Co TN, Mary A Nash #985, ref: Elsie Smith. Micajah died 12 Jun 1923, Montgomery County, TN. Buried: Baggett Chapel Cemetery, no grave marker. He was known as Caney or Carney "Cage". The 1900 Census lists 10 children, 8 living. The 1890 Census lists Joseph Nash (61), born in NC and Tennessee Nash (42), born in TN enumerated next to Micajah and Mary.
      57. iii Susan Baggett #335 b. 18 Jun 1842, Montgomery County, TN, ref: Elsie B. Smith, m. 3 Jan 1861, James A. Sinks #336, b. 1838, ref: Elsie Smith. Susan died after 1926, Cook County, Illinois.
      58. iv Richard Baggett #697 b. 5 Aug 1844, ref: Elsie B. Smith, m. 8 Feb 1873, in Montgomery County, TN, Mary Frances Peck #1004, ref: Elsie Smith. Richard died 24 Aug 1926, Montgomery County, TN; buried: Baggetts Chapel Cemetery. Richard and Mary's marriage was secured by Jesse Baggett. Dick was a farmer. The 1900 Census lists 7 children, 4 Iiving. Mary Peck's father came directly from Ireland, married, had one child, Mary. He later dissappeared. Relatives assumed he returned to Ireland. On Dec. 16 1931, Mary Baggett (75), at 3 AM, fell into an incomplete cistern at the home of her grandson, Clarence Biter. She fell 20 feet: and fractured leg and body and was blinded.
   + 59. v Willis B. Baggett #698 b. 18 Dec. 1847.

45. Dicey Baggett #389 b. 20 Dec 1818, Montgomery County, TN, ref: Ann McDonough, m. 1843, Thomas Baggett #405, ref: Ann McDonough. Dicey died 6 July 1877, Montgomery County, TN, buried: Baggert Cemetery, Hackberry, TN. 1850 Census Montgomery County, Thomas: no proof for this marriage or a birthdate for Thomas.
   +60. i James Baggett #703 b. 18 May 1842, TN, ref: Elsie B. Smith, m. 20 Dec. 1862, in Montgomery County, TN, Harriet Rainwater #679, b. 18 Mar. 1850, TN, ref: Elsie B. Smith. Possibly A.T. was the son of Micajah and Allie and this is why Mary is living with Allie, her grandmother. Lucas B. Heal served in the Civil War, Federal side, in Co. A, 56 Illinois infantry, Pvt. Pension files: Lucas B. Heal filed for Pension 7/30/1890, AP #836751, Cert #827225. Harriet: 1870 Montgomery County Census shows: Dicy Baggett (50), Ally (77) and a Mary Heal (24), living in the James Baggett household. In 1858 Mary Baggett m.Luke Heal  (24) living in the James Baggett household. Lucas B. (24) and Mary Heal (15) are listed in the l860 Montgomery Co. Census with one child, Allen (9 mos) F. They are enumerated next to Thomas Hodge who married Serena Baggett. A.T. (Tom) and Lydia (Morrisett) Baggett. Serena's parents were next to Thomas Hodge. A theory is that this Mary is the daughter of A.T. and Lydia (listed under them in the 1850 Census).
  +61. ii John Baggett #390 b.2 Nov. l845.

Ninth Generation:

52. William Oliver Baggett #287 b. 1833, Montgomery County, TN, ref: Elsie B. Smith, m. 21 Feb 1856, in Montgomery County, TN, Elizabeth Ann Hodges #288, b. 1837, ref: Jim Sanderlin, d. 1909. William died 1887, Montgomery County, TN, buried: Baggett Cemetery.
   +62. i Lucy Baggett #289 b. 1855, ref: Jim Sanderiin. died in infancy.
     63. ii Hardin Baggett #290 b. 1857, ref: Jim Sanderlin.
     64. iii William H Baggett #730 b. 1859, ref: Elsie Smith.
     65. iv Johnnie Baggett #295 b. 1863.
     66. v Leona Francis Baggett #292 b. 14 Oct 1865, ref: Jim Sanderlin, m. ?, John William Rye
   #293, b. 6 Mar 1865, (son of James Rye #1113 and Lucinda Burney #1114) ref: Elsie Smith, d. 22 May 1942. Leona died 1941, Shelby County, TN, buried: Baggett Cemetery, Budd's Creek, TN. Leona Frances' name is Fannie L. on her tombstone and Fannie on the death certificate of William Arthur Rye. Fannie's death certificate is Shelby County #12113.
     67. vi John Baggett #294 b. 1869, ref: Jim Sanderlin, m. ?, Fannie ? #731, ref: Elsie Smith.
     68. vii M. L. Landy Baggett #732 b. 28 Jun 1873, ref: Elsie Smith, m. 1897, in Montgomery County, TN, Angeline Yarbrough #1133, b. 30 Apr 1882, (daughter of James Yarbrough #1134 and Mary   Dickson #1135) ref: Elsie Smith, d. 20 Oct 1932. M. L. (Landy) died 1 May 1944, Montgomery County, TN, buried: Baggett Cemetery, Hackberry, TN. M L's death cert. #19832 states DOB 6/29/1871. COD - Carcinoma of Prostate - information reported by Angie Yarbrough.This could not have been his wife Angie, as she died in 1932. The name on the Marriage certificate of M. L. and Angeline is Angie Yarbrough: obituary of son Marion gives her name as Agnes Yarbrough. Angeline's death certificate   states that her DOB was April 30, 1882 and DOD was Oct. 20, 1932. She died of myocarditis. She had been hospitalized for six months.
     69. viii Pantha Baggett #733 b. 22 Oct 1880, Montgomery County, TN, ref: Elsie Smith, m. ?, John   Frank Shelton #1148, (son of William Shelton #1149 and Sarah Smith #1150) ref: Elsie Smith. Pantha died 14 Apr 1949, Dickson County, TN, buried: Center Point Cemetery.
    70. ix Andy Baggett #734 ref: Elsie Smith. Died young.

53. Thomas E. Baggett #246 b. 19 Oct. 1837, Montgomery County, TN, ref: Jim Sanderlin, m. 11 Aug 1855, in Montgomery County, TN, Sarah Jane Sinks #296, b. 1836, Tennessee, ref: Jim Sanderlin, d. 13 Dec. 1909, Montgomery County, TN. Thomas died 19 Aug. 4898, Montgomery County, TN. Ann b.1856 and Alex b.1860 are not listed on the 1870 Montgomery County Census. Joseph who is listed on family record of Walt Chambers as being b. 3/7/1871 is listed as 1 yr old on the 1870 census. Sarah was also called Sallie and in Maloye Bragg's records, she is listed as Sarah Elaine. Sarah died near Antioch, TN.
    +71. i Susan Jane Baggett #297 b. 1854, ref: Jim Sanderlin, m. 1 Jun 1872, in Montgomery County, TN, William Fulton Murphy #298, b. ?, ref: Jim Sanderlin. Susan and William had 9 children.
    +72. ii Ann Baggett #735 b. 1856, ref: Elsie Smith.
    +73. iii Rhoda Ann Baggett #299 b. 17 March 1857.
    +74. iv James Leonard Baggett #41 b. 15 May 1858.
      75. v Alex Baggett #300 b. 1860, ref: Jim Sanderlin.
    +76. vi William Albert Baggett #301 b. 6 June 1863.
      77. vii Mariah Catherille Baggett #302 b. 1863, ref: Jim Sanderlin, m. 15 Dec. 1881, in Stewart County, TN, William David Powell #309, b. 1856, ref: Jim Sanderlin. Mariah died 1933, Houston County, TN, buried: Largent Cemetery. Known as Katy William: Known as "Buck". Mariah's name on the marriage record is Maria. They had 13 children.
     78. viii Mary Baggett #303 b. 1866, ref: Jim Sanderlin, m. 1895, in Montgomery County, TN, William   Black #737, ref: Elsie B. Smith. Mary died 1933. William: Mary and William had four children.
   +79. ix Joseph Franklin Baggett #304 b. 7 Mar 1869.
     80. x Rebecca Baggett #305 b. 1872, ref: Jim Sanderlin, d. 1879.
     81. xi Laura Bell Baggett #306 b. 9 Nov 1876.

59. Willis B. Baggett #698 b. 18 Dec. 1847, TN, ref: Elsie B. Smith, m. 15 Aug 1872, Montgomery County, TN, Olive Ann Morgan #1049, (daughter of Matthew Morgan #1050 and Eliza Harris #1051) ref: Elsie Smith. Willis died 10 Sep. 1919, Montgomery County, TN, buried: Baggett Chapel Cemetery. S. A. Nesbitt was the J.P. on the marriage certificate. 1880 Census shows a James Baggett, nephew, living in Willis Baggett's household. Willis is mentioned in the 1891 TN Special Reapportionment Book. Willis and Olive Ann resided in TN and Williamson County, Illinois. Olive Ann was known as "Ollie Fan". She was a twin to Caroline Morgan Britt.
   +82. i Edna Baggett #1058 b. 1887, Montgomery Co Tn, ref: Elsie Smith, buried: Baggett's Chapel Cemetery. Edna never married. No grave marker.
   +83. ii Elijah Baggett #1059 b. 6 Dec 1897, ref: Elsie Smith, m. (1)1923, in Montgomery County, TN,
Nora Anne Oldham #1802, (daughter of Lewis Oldham #1803 and Sarah Bennett #1804) ref: ebs, m. (2) after1924, Bessie Young #1805, ref: ebs. Elijah died 17 Mar 1963, Montgomery County, TN, buried: Baggett's Chapel Cemetery. Elijah is buried next to his brother, Matthew. There is no grave marker.
   + 84. iii Matthew William Baggett #3460 b. 2 Aug 1873.

61. John Baggett #390 b. 2 Nov 1845, Palmyra, DicksonCounty, TN; ref: Ann McDonough, occupation farmer, m. 1863, Martha Mary Underwood #392, b. ?, Tennessee (daughter of Jeremiah Meridith Underwood #414 and Catherine Arnold #415), ref: Ann McDonougb, d. 5 Oct 1927, Montgomery County, TN. John died 20 Feb 1940, Clarksville, TN, buried: Baggett Cemetery, Hackberry, 1900 Census, Montgomery County. He was employed as a boy, worked at a whiskey distillery. Aged 18 earned 50 cents per day. He was employed in livestock, real estate, and maufactured charcoal. One time operated a merchantile store. He was NOT in the Civil War. He was a farmer, and employed & elected District Representative in TN leg as dark horse, 1899, served 2 terms, 1899 at TN. Lived at Forest St, Clarksville, TN. John was known as "Red".
   + 85. i Louis Powell Baggett #393 b. 1 Mar 1878.
      86. ii William B. Baggett #418 b. 10 Sep 1872, Hackberry, TN, ref: Ann McDonough, d. 13 Oct.
1876, Montgomery County, TN; buried: Baggett Cemetery, Hackberry.
  + 87. iii Alice Catherine Baggett #525 b. 1869.
     88. iv Arthur Baggett #526 b. 18 April 1881, Hackberry TN, ref: Ann McDonough, m. 1909, in Montgomery County, TN, Anna Yarborough #1067, ref: Elsie Smith. Arthur died 1939, Oak Point   Virginia.
    89. v Martin Luther Baggett #527 b. 10 March 1883, Hackberry, TN, ref: Elsie Smith, m. 1903, in
   Montgomery County, TN, Allie Belle Brunson #1850, ref: ebs. Martin died 18 Sep. 1960, Montgomery County, TN, buried: Baggett Cemetery, Hackberry, TN.
   90. vi Ada Atlanta Baggett #528 b. 23 Oct 1864, Hackberry, TN, ref: AM, m. 1883, in Montgomery County, TN, Charles Yarbrough #1814, (son of Moses Yarbrough #1815 and Louisa Martin #1816) ref: ebs, d. 1926. Ada. died 22 Mar 1946, Montgomery County, TN; buried: Baggett Cemetery, Hackberry. Charles: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle Obituary states that Charles was a Methodist. He was killed while getting off the trolley on Tenth St. He was a blacksmith. Birth and death data from 1926 Tennessee Death Certificate #30055 Ada's birth and death data are from Montgomery County. Death Certificate #5902.
   91. vii Savannah Baggett #529 b. Nov.1887, Hackberry, TN, ref: Ann McDonough, m. 1908, in   Montgomery County, TN, Reuben Pruitte #1863, ref: ebs.
   92. viii Ben Baggett #1068 b. ?, ref: Elsie Smith.

Tenth Generation:

73. Rhoda Ann Baggett #299 b. 17 March 1857, ref: Jim Sanderlin, m. 1877, in Montgomery County, TN, John S. Huggins #307, b. ?, ref: Jim Sanderlin. Rhoda died 11 Oct. 1935, Montgomery County, TN; buried: Baggett Cemetery, Hackberry, TN.
   +93. i Thomas Huggins #338 b. 23 Nov. 1878, married  #339 Mary Emma Dawson, b. 27 Oct. 1882, d. 25 April 1953, Montgomery County, TN, buried: Harvey Cemetery, ref: Jim Sanderlin and Keith Parker, d. 8 Nov. 1960, Montgomery County, TN, buried: Harvey Cemetery.
    94. ii James Franklin (Frank) Huggins, b. September 15, 1881 in Texas---- lived in Montgomery County, TN, d. April 11, 1962 at Memorial Hospital- Clarksville, TN  of cancer, married Mary Ellen Yarbrough, b. July 28, 1886 in Montgomery County, d. January 19, 1978 at Clarksville Manor Nursing Home- Clarksville, TN, both buried in the Alexander Yarbrough Cemetery, ref: Keith Parker on ii & iii.
    95. iii Rhoda's son John Huggins is buried beside her. He died of consumption at the age of 23.

74. James Leonard Baggett #41 b. 15 May 1858, Montgomery County, TN, ref: Robin Dunn, m. 1892, in Montgomery County, TN, Almedia Black #42, b. 20 July 1875, (daughter of Alfred Black #2081 and Annie Cossie #2082); ref: Jean Knott, d. 30 June 1955. James died 7 Mar 1948, Cunningham, TN, buried: Lone Oak Emmanuel Church Cemetery.
   +95. i Julian C Baggett #52 b. 5 Sep. 1894.
   + 96. ii William Barney Baggett #50 b. 18 Aug. 1896.
   +97. iii Ivy Beulah Baggett #44 b. 22 March 1900.
     98. iv James Thomas Baggett #49 b. 27 Dec. 1902, Tennessee, m. 30 Jan. 1938, Iva Bishop #227,   b. ?, ref: Jean Knott, d. 27 Jan 1994. James died 25 Jan 1996, Davison, Michigan. Iva: They had no children.
     101. vii Norman Hilton Baggett #48 b. 15 Aug. 1907, Tennessee, m. ?, Jewel Davis #226, b. ?, d.?.   Norman died 26 Apr 1961, Michigan. They had no children.
    103. ix Lena May Baggett #46 b. 3 Nov. 1912, Tennessee, ref: Elsie Smith, d. 12 Nov. 1914,   Montgomery County, TN; buried: Lone Oak Cemetery. (Five more children born after 1900.)
76. William Albert Baggett #301 b. 6 Jun 1863, Cunningham (Montgomery County), TN, ref: Jim Sanderlin, m. (1) 1884, Ella Hicks #308, b. 26 Aug 1868, ref: Jim Sanderlin, d. 11 Nov 1907, (tuberculosis), m. (2) 20 Dec. 1910, East St Louis, Illinois, Nellie Mae Stringfield #1168, ref: Elsie Smith. William died 8 Jun 1926, Tennesse Ridge, Houston, TN, buried: Brigham Cemetery, Ten Ridge, TN. Albert was a track walker between TN Ridge & Stewart for the L&N R.R. Birth and death data from 1926 Tennessee Death Certificate #17034; signed by Frank Baggett. Ella died of Tuberculosis.
   Children by Ella Hicks:
  +106. i Jack Baggett #341 b. 31 July 1887, ref: Jim Sanderlin, m. 22 Dec 1915, Hix Lockhart #345, b. 1891, ref: Jim Sanderlin, d. 1978. Jack died 11 Apr 1916, Stewart (Houston County),TN, buried:   Sunset Cemetery. Jack lost an arm in a railroad accident while working for the L&N R.R. Death Certificate information given by brother, Frank Baggett.
   107. ii Lela Baggett #342 b. 1 Sep. 1891, ref: Jim Sanderlin, d. 11 Feb 1909, Tennessee Ridge,TN,   buried: Baggetts Cemetery. Lela died of Tuberculosis.
   108. iii William Henry Baggett Jr #347 b. 10 Oct. 1911, Collinsville, Illinois, ref: Jim Sanderlin, died 23   September 1912, Tennessee Ridge,TN.
   109. iv Charlie Baggett #348 b. 3 May 1914, Tennessee Ridge, TN, ref: Jim Sanderlin, m. 25 October 1936, in Houston County, TN, Mary Louise Bridges #1981, ref: ebs. Charlie died 3 Oct. 1995, Trenton, TN.
    113. viii Gladys Marie Baggett #352 b. 8 May 1923, Tennessee Ridge, TN, ref: Jim Sanderlin, m.?, Ralph Henderson #356 ref: Jim Sanderlin. Gladys died 28 Feb. 1995, Chattanooga, TN, buried:
Hamilton Memorial Gardens. (Four other children born after 1900.)
79. Joseph Franklin Baggett #304 b. 7 March 1869, ref: Jim Sanderlin, m. 1891, SaIlie Florence Simmons #1170, ref: Elsie Smith. Joseph died 3 Sep. 1918, Montgomery County, TN; buried: Lone Oak Baptist Cemetery. He was accidentally killed by a falling log.
   115. i Lucy Baggett #1171 b. 1891, ref: Elsie Smith, d. 10 Nov 1894, Louise, TN, died of Croup.
   116. ii Herman Baggett #1173 b. 1899, ref: Elsie B. Smith. (Three other children born after 1900.)

81. Laura Bell Baggett #306 b. 9 Nov. 1376, Cunningham, TN, ref: Jim Sanderlin, m. 14 Nov. 1897, in Clarksville, TN, Joseph Lee Chambers #310, b. 24 Dec. 1374, Shiloh, TN, ref: Jim Sanderlin, d. 2 Feb 1956, Stewart, TN. Laura died 13 Feb. 1963, Stewart, TN; buried: Sunset Cemetery. Joseph: Joseph and Laura had eleven children.
  +120.  i William T. Chambers #357 b. ?, ref: Jim Sanderlin.
    121.  ii Anne E. Chambers #358 b. ?, ref: Jim Sanderlin.
    122. iii Lucy D. Chambers #359 b. ?, ref: Jim Sanderlin.
    123. iv Eli J. Chambers #360 b. ?, ref: Jim Sanderlin.
    124.  v Peral Chambers #361 b. ?, ref: Jim Sanderlin.
    125. vi Nancy Chambers #362 b. ?, ref: Jim Sanderlin.
    126. vii Joseph L. Chambers #363 b. '?, ref: Jim Sanderlin.
    127. viii Lela P. Chambers #364 b. 1898, ref: Jim Sanderlin.
    128. ix Floyd I. Chambers #365 b. 27 May 1900, Tennessee, ref Jim Sanderlin, m. 12 March 1928   Minnie Irene Parker #368, b. ?, ref: Jim Sanderlin.
    129.  x Walter Lurton Chambers #366 b. 10 Aug. 1903, Slayden, TN, ref: Jim Sanderlin, m. ?, Ethel Grace New #369, (2) wife, Thelma Agnes Patrick. Walter died 2 Nov. 1959, Jackson, TN.
(They had one other child born after 1900.)

84. Matthew William Baggett #3460 b. 2 Aug. 1873, Montgomery County, TN, ref: ebs, m. 8 Jan. 1904, in Montgomery County, TN, Lydia Ann Hodges #1779, (daughter of C. Hodges #1309 and Serena Baggett #1319) ref: ebs. Matthew died 26 Aug 1944, Montgomery County, TN.
    131. i Evie Pearl Baggett #1781 b. 14 March 1905, Montgomery County, TN, ref: ebs, m. 1932, in   Montgomery County, TN, Willie Black #2609, ref: ebs. Evie died 21 Dec. 1989, Montgomery County, TN, buried: Lone Oak Cemetery. Evie was a member of First Canaan Baptist Church.
    132. ii Fannie Baggett #1782 b. 3 Aug. 1906, Montgomery County, TN, ref: ebs, m. 23 Aug. 1926, in   Montgomery County, TN, Levi Jackson Rye #2614, (son of James Rye #2615 and Dessie Martin   #2616) ref: ebs. Fannie died 14 Sep. 1991, Montgomery County, TN, buried: Resthaven Memory Gardens.
    135. v Lila Louvenia Baggett #1785 b. 16 Nov. 1912, Montgomery County, TN, ref: ebs, m. 23 Feb
1935, in Montgomery County, TN, Paul Douglas Ellis #2634, ref: ebs. Lila died 1964, Montgomery County, TN, buried: Canaan Baptist Church Cemetery.
    136. vi James Otis Baggett #1786 b. 29 April 1914, Montgomery County, TN, ref: ebs, d. 2 May 1914, Montgomery County, TN, buried: Ferril Cemetery. (They had two other children born after 1900.)

85. Louis Powell Baggett #393 b. 1 March 1878, Bud's Creek, Palmyra, TN, ref: AM, m. 14 Feb 1897, in Shiloh, TN, Martha Esther Sugg #394, b. ?, (daughter of John Howell Sugg #419 and Sarah Jane Broome #420) ref: AM. Louis died 14 Mar 1967, Hopkinsville, KY. 1900 Census, Montgomery County. He appeared on the census of 1910 at Christian, Ky and appeared on the 1920 census at Jessup Ave. Hopkinsville, Christian, KY. He was living in 1939 at Bells Station, KY.
  +137. i Newell Leslie Baggett #421 b. 17 Dec. 1897, Vandalia, Illinois, ref: Ann Mcdonough, m.?,   Bonnie ? #424, ref: Ann McDonough.
    138. ii Nellie Gertrude Baggett #422 b. 13 Dec. 1899, ref: Ann McDonough, m. ?, Rodinan R. Hurt   #426, ref: Ann McDonough.
    139. iii Lyman Thomas Baggett #423 b. 8 Jan. 1902, Cunningham, TN, ref: Ann McDonough, m. ?, Johnnie Wallis #431, ref: Ann McDonougll. Lyman died 22 Jan 1988, Cadiz, KY. Johnnie: ebs has Johnnie Wallace. (They had eight children born after 1900.)

87. Alice Catherine Baggett #525 b. 1869, Hackberry, TN, ref: Elsie Smith, m. 1890 in Montgomery County, TN, William Robert Fain #1826, ref: ebs. Alice died 1949, Montgomery County, TN, buried: Baggett Cemetery, Hackberry, TN. William: William was a teacher.
   148. i William Theodore Fain #1836 b. 16 June 1899, ref: EBS, d. 16 June 1899, Montgomery County, TN, buried: Baggett Cemetery, Hackberry, TN.

Eleventh Generation:

95. Julian C. Baggett #52 b. 5 Sep. 1894, Tennessee, ref: Jean Knott, m. (1) after 1936, in Tennessee, Inez Wilton Hodges #116, b. 8 May 1896, ref: EBS, d. 19 Sep. 1989, m. (2)?, Althea Myatt Born 15 Oct 1895, died August 1980 #2099, ref: Gladys Welker. Julian died 1944. (They had seven children born after 1900. Julian C. Baggett and Althea Myatt info by Paul Baggett.)

96. William Barney Baggett #50 b. 18 Aug. 1896, Tennessee, ref: Jean Knott, m. ?, in Tennessee, Ruby Parchman #124, b. 2 Aug 1898, ref: Gladys Welker, d. 1985. William died 7 Jan. 1974,????.
(They had seven children born after 1900.)

97. Ivy Beulah Baggett #44 b. 22 March 1900 ???, m. 1917, in Tennessee, James Lee Underwood #106, b. 1890, ref: Gladys Welker, d. 1964. Ivy died 11 Jan. 1961, ???. )They had two children born after 1900.)

100. Eula Dollie Baggett #34 b. 20 March 1905, Cumberland Furnace, TN, ref: Helen Hendricks, m. (1) in Tennessee, Alfred Lemoyne Hendricks #33, b. 1899, Martin County, TN, (son of Joseph Alfred Hendricks #53 and Frances Leona Hodges #54) d. 1964, Chicago, Illinois, m. (2) ?, in Chicago, IL, John Givens #621, b. ?, ref: Jean Knott. Eula died 8 June 1968, Chicago, Illinois. 1910 Census. (Seven born after 1900.)

102. Annie May Baggett #45 b. 25 Mar 1910, Tennessee, m. (1) ?, ? Davis #112, ref: Willa M. Erickson, m. (2) ?, Junior Krantz #1041, ref: Jean Knott. Annie died 12 May 1992, Chicago, Illinois. (Four children.)

104. Herman Barlow Baggett #51 b. 3 Dec. 1914, Tennessee, ref: Gladys Welker, m. (1) ?, Sue ? #109. b.?, m. (2) ?, Alice Trotter #2098, ref: Gladys Welker. Herman died ??? (Two children)

105. Gladys Louise Baggett #47 b. 29 March 1917, Tennessee, ref: Jean Knott, m. (1) 1937, Edward Hodges #103, b. 1915, ref: Jean Knott, d. 20 April 1991, m. (2) 14 Feb. 1995, Venible Neblett #640, b. 1905, ref: Jean Knott. (Two children)

133. Thomas Franklin Baggett #1783 b. 5 May 1909, Montgomery Co Tn, ref: ebs, m. 18 Jan. 1930, in Montgomery Counry, TN, Anna Laura Nesbitt #2624, ref: ebs. Thomas died 22 Sep. 1981, Montgomery County, TN, buried: Canaan Baptist Church Cemetery. Frank and Anna were sharecroppers until they bought the old Breeden place adjacent to Bailey Nesbitt in 1947 on Betton Ridge Rd (now Benton Ridge Rd) Frank was a farmer and did carpenter work. Frank was killed in a tractor accident. (Three children)

140. Flora Evelyn Baggett #395 b. 21 Aug. 1904, Oak Grove, Christian, KY, ref: Ann McDonough, m. 26 Dec. 1925, Thurston Lloyd Allen #396, b. ?, (son of William Newman Allen #482 and Lena Ella Aldridge #483) ref: Ann McDonough. Flora died 28 July 1993, Hopkinsville, KY, buried: Stewart Cemetery, Sinking Fork, KY. 1920 Census, Hopkinsville, KY. Ran grocery/gas station at Sinking Fork, KY.
     184.  ii Thurston Powell Allen #485 b. 22 July 1928, Christian County, KY, ref: Ann McDonough, d.
   7 April 1933, Cerulean, KY; buried: Stewart Cemetary, Sinking Fork, KY. (Seven other children born after 1900.)

142. John Lewis Baggett #508 b. 7 Aug. 1908, Oak Grove, KY ref: AM, m. ? Elisabeth Shelby #514, ref:
ebs. John died November, 1979. (They had one child born after 1900.)
(There were three other children of this family born after 1900; #141, 143, and 145 listed.)

Twelfth Generation:

(Most, if not all of the twelth generation were born after 1900.)


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