John Baggott, Nicholas Baggett I, Nicholas Baggett II Decendants

This section will have to be studied very carefully to determine the line of decent. The lineage in America has been proved back to Nicholas Baggett II. The descent down from Nicholas II is marked with a number left of the colon. The number left of the colon shows the generation from Nicholas Baggett II, who is number 1, down to the present  time. The number right of the colon designates the position of that child in that particular family, beginning with the eldest as number 1. If you find your ancestor anywhere in the genealogy section, trace it upwards to the nearest lowest number. If you recognize your ancestor, and he is beside 4:3 it means that he is the fourth generation from Nicholas Baggett II (who is 1:3), and the third child in that particular family. Remember, if he is 4:3, as the example, go back to the first 3 left of the colon above it. That will be his or her parents.

John Baggott, Sr., born ca. 1613 in England, married Martha Matthew in ca. 1640 in London, England. John Baggott, Sr. and Martha came to America in ca. 1660 (conjectural) Their children: (not conjectural)
 II. John Baggett, Jr., second son of John Baggott, Sr. and Martha, born ca. 1644 in London, England.
 III. Martha Baggett, eldest daughter of John Baggett, Sr. and Martha, born ca. 1646 in London, England, who may have married Sam Swann.
 IV. Mary Baggett, second daughter of John Baggett, Sr. and Martha, born ca. 1652 in London, England.
 V. Frances Baggett, youngest daughter of John Baggott, Sr. and Martha, born ca. 1654 in London.
 I. Nicholas Baggett, Sr. (I), eldest son of John Baggett, Sr. and Martha, born ca. 1642 in London, married in ca. 1672, Ann Baggott. (Nicholas and his wife may have returned to England in the late 1690s for reasons unknown.) (See Early American History for more on Nicholas Baggett I.) Their children (This information is to be regarded as conjectural):
 1:1 Susannah Baggett, born ca. 1674, married Edward Chitty ca. 1695, lived in Isle of Wight County, VA in 1720, made a deed to Abraham for land in 1739.
 1:2 Abraham Baggett, born ca. 1676, lived in Isle of Wight County, VA in 1720, witnessed the deed from Edward Chitty to Abraham.
 1:3 Nicholas Baggett II (whom we believe to be the son of Nicholas Baggett I) born ca. 1683-1694 in Old Virginia in America, died 1755 in North Carolina, married ca. 1713 Mary Hardy, born ca. 1697, died after 1761 in North Carolina. (This Nicholas came from England to America in 1715, apparently after one or two of their children were born.) (I have heard that wifes and children were not listed on ship passage lists, when their fathers and husbands were with them.) (This information on wifes and children is conjectural.) (Also, he being the son of Nicholas Baggett I is conjectural) (See History, Chapter II for more data on Nicholas II.) (More links to information on Nicholas Baggett and his family: . Their twelve children are shown in the will of Nicholas II in Baggett History, Chapter II) (not conjectural):
2:1 Benjamin Baggett (probably the eldest son of Nicholas II), born in ca. 1714. (Benjamin was apparently an invalid, not able to take care of himself; see Nicholas Baggett II will; first Item shows Imprims.)
2:2 Abraham Baggett I (believed to be the second son of Nicholas II, who made his will in 1753), born ca. 1715 (probably in London), died ca. 1767-8 in Edgecombe County, NC; apparently his wife's name was Sarah BAGGETT (more on Abraham, Sr. (I) in History, Chapter III). More on the Abraham Baggett family here: 
2:3 Elizabeth Baggett (daughter of Nicholas Baggett II), born ca. 1716 (probably in London, England), died after 1753, married in 1748 James Wood, Sr.
2:4 Joseph Baggett (son of Nicholas Baggett II), born ca. 1717 (probably in America), died ca. 1789-92, married before 1760 Sarah R. Blount (born probably in America). (See more on Joseph Baggett in History, Chapter IV.) More on the Joseph Baggett family here: 
2:5 Barnaby Baggett (son of Nicholas Baggett II), born ca. 1718, lived near Cattawisky Creek in Northampton County, NC in the 1750s, in Edgecombe County in the 1770s, and in 1780 received a Land Grant in Nash County, NC, died some time before 1782, married in ca. 1760 Elizabeth Baggett. (See more in History, Chapter V.) Their children: More on the Barnaby Baggett family here: 
 3:1 Nicholas Baggett, born ca. 1762, married                      ?,  died before 1830 in Georgia (?), Son of Barnaby Baggett. Their sons (conjectural):
4:1 Jesse Baggett, born 19 September 1790 in North Carolina, served in the Georgia Militia, moved from Jefferson County, GA to Conecuh County, AL ca. 1817, died there in May of 1867, married Zilla T. Godwin 24 June 1812. Children (some conjectural):
 5:1 Mary, born 15 May 1814, married a Dolihite, had one child: Wade Hampton; married [2nd] George Hammac, had seven children, died 11 May 1890; 5:2 Richard Thomas Baggett, born 30 March 1817, died 26 October 1881, married Octavia Mandina Tippins, born 13 April 1828, died 7 February 1867; 5:3 Jesse Baggett II, born 1819, died 1859; 5:4 George Washington Baggett, born 1820, died 1835; 5:5 Zilla, born 1821, died 1839; 5:6 Nancy; 5:7 Solomon Watkins, born November 1832, died 1847; 5:8 Matilda Ann, born 26 August 1843, died 1871.
4:2 Nicholas Granberry, born 1 February 1796, died 6 August 1820 in Conecuh County, AL. Apparently Nicholas Granberry married and had children.
 3:2 Granberry Baggett (son of Barnaby Baggett), born 10 September 1765, died 17 June 1843, married 18 December 1788 Betsy Elizabeth Jones, born 15 April 1767, died 17 May 1842. More on the family of Granberry Baggett here: 
2:6 John Baggett (believed to be the fifth son of Nicholas Baggett II), born ca. 1719 in Virginia, married in Bertie County circa 1738                      ?. (Children of John Baggett conjectural)  Their sons:
 3:1 Rodger (Roger) Badgett (Baget), born ca. 1756, married                      ?.  Their sons:
4:1 John Baggett, born ca. 1739. His sons:
 3:2 John Baggett, Jr., born ca. 1740 (conjectural).
 3:3 William Baggett, born ca. 1742 (conjectural).
 3:4 Thomas Baggett, born ca. 1743 (conjectural).
 3:5 Joseph Baggett, born ca. 1744, married                                           ? (conjectural). Joseph lived in Bladen County in 1763. His sons (conjectural):
4:1 John Baggett; 4:2 Jesse Baggett.
2:7 Thomas B. Baggett I, born either ca. 1720 (probably in Virginia), will was probated in 1793 in Martin County, NC, married ca. 1754, Mary Uzzell, died after 1797 (according to last Will and Testament). More on Thomas in History, Chapter VIB.) More on the Thomas Baggett family here: 
2:8 Nicholas Baggett, Jr. (III) or Nicholas A. Baggot III (son of Nicholas Baggett II), born ca. 1721, died 1762, married Martha Wood in about 1740 in Northampton County, daughter of Benjamin Wood. (Nicholas only named one child in his will in History, Chapter VIII, but  he had other children.) Among their children are, according to plausible evidence: More on the Nicholas Baggett, Jr. family here: 
 3:1 Lewis Baggett (a principal heir of his father), born ca. 1741, died before 1787 (according to a Guardian Bond dated 3 December 1787 in Northampton County, NC), married Sarah Martin, born ca. 1743, died ca. 1811 (conjectural). (Sarah Martin married [second] Thomas Draper.) Lewis Baggett's children:
4:1 Nicholas Baggett, born ca. 1773, died ca. 1828, lived in the Orangeburg District of South Carolina in the 1790s and went to the Mississippi Territory in 1812, married (we don't know who he married) in ca. 1811 or 1812, born ca. 1776. Children (according to census):
 5:1 Lewis, born ca. 1815 in Mississippi, died 20 August 1870, married [first] 1833 Lucinda Berry, born ca. 1815, died 17 July 1852. Surviving children:
  6:3 Catherine Baggett, born 17 February 1839 in Alabama, died 25 October 1887; 6:5 Nicholas Jesse Baggett, born 17 February 1843, died 4 September 1862; 6:6 Helen Baggett, born 17 September 1844.
 5:1 Lewis Baggett married [second] Nancy Small, born ca. 1837, died 26 June 1911. Had eight children:
 Among them 6:6 Janie, born in 1866, died in 1914, grandmother of Noland Moulyet who supplied data.
 5:2 John Baggett, born 1816, volunteered in 1836 in Capt. Rainer's Company during the Creek and Indian War, awarded 40 acres of land in Clark County, AL, farmer, married Elizabeth                      ?, born 1825 in Marengo County, AL. Their children:
  6:1 Catherine A., born 1844, married W. H. Davis in 1863; 6:2 James A., born 1846; 6:3 Julie A. E., born 1848, married W. A. Adams in 1869; 6:4 Mary, born 1849, married J. S. Braswell in 1871; 6:5 Rebecca M., born 1851, married O. D. Skipper in 1883; 6:6 John A., born 1853, married Willie C. Rogers in 1876; 6:7 Harriet Cornelia, born 1856, married John A. Hudson in 1872; 2:8 Margaret, born 1857, married Madison Philen in 1880; 6:9 Nicholas, born 17 March 1859, died 9 April 1923, both buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, AL.
 5:3 Nicholas Baggett, born 1818 in Scott County, MS, married Margaret                      ?, born 1821 in South Carolina. Their children:
  6:1 George, born 1846 in Alabama; 6:2 Benjamin H., born 1848, served in the Confederate Army of Wilcox County, AL; 6:3 Mary, born 1850; 6:4 John W., born 1852; 6:5 Sarah F., born 1854 in Mississippi (Nicholas' family moved back to this State in 1854); 6:6 Margaret, born there in 1856.
 5:4 Jesse Baggett, born 1819-20, married in Mississippi 1845 Sarah A. Rice, born 1822 in Alabama. Their children:
  6:1 Mary, born 1848; 6:2 Sarah, born 1849.
 5:5 & 5:6 Two daughters, names unknown.
4:2 Jesse Baggett, born ca. 1774, died ca. 1827, lived in Barnwell County, SC in the 1790s, moved to the Mississippi Territory in 1808 or 1809 and settled in the Old Natchez District with his first wife Catherine.
4:2 Jesse married [2nd] 6 May 1810 in Amite County, MS Mary Robertson, born ca. 1780, died some time after the 1830 census. The 1830 census shows widow Mary with eight children; four females and four males. One of their sons was, according to our records:
 5:1 Lewis Baggett, born 1815 in Louisiana. Lewis married 30 May 1844 in Louisiana Laura Wade. She was born in 1824.
4:3 Mary Baggett, named in Guardian Bond.
4:4 Sarah Baggett (named in Thomas Martin's will and the Guardian Bond) (probably his granddaughter).
 3:2 Abraham Baggett (son of Nicholas III), born ca. 1745, died 1792, lived along with Lewis and died in Darlington County, SC. He may have married a woman who stayed in Edgecombe and possibly had a son:
4:1 Nathan Baggett, born in ca. 1765.
 3:3 A daughter of Nicholas Baggot III, who may have married Anthony Herring (plausible evidence but conjectural). Their son, who is named in Anthony Herring's will:
4:1 Joel Herring, probably born ca. 1765.
 3:4 John Baggett, Sr. (Bible leaf shows him to be a son of Nicholas Baggot III, born 1750), died by 1805, married ca. 1771 Lucy (or Elizabeth) Williams. Children: More on John Baggett, Sr. here: 
4:1 John Baggett, Jr., born ca. 1774, died some time after 1805; 4:2/3 Two sons born after 1774; 4:5 John, Sr. had four daughters born before 1790; 4:9 Nicholas Baggett, born 1790, died after 1850.
4:4 Thomas Choice Baggett, born 1780, died after 1850, married [first] Renéy Blacksby, born ca. 1782, died between 1830 and 1840. Their children: 
4:4 Thomas C. Baggett married [2nd] Mary (Polly) Lamb, born 1810 in Georgia, died after 1850. Thomas had other children other than his children by Renéy Blacksby. More on his descendants here: 
2:9 Mary Baggett, (daughter of Nicholas Baggett II), born ca. 1723 (strongly believed to have married) Simon West, Sr. Mary is mentioned in the will of Nicholas in 1753 as Mary West. (Simon West, Jr. married Ann, named in a deed with him as his wife.)
2:10 Hardy Baggett (son of Nicholas Baggett II), born ca. 1725 in Virginia, lived in Northampton County, died before 1787; married, had a son by same name (conjectural):
 3:1 Hardy Baggett, Jr. (listed Bagot), born ca. 1743, lived in Northampton County, NC, married and had a family. This family is listed in the 1784-87 State Census of Northampton County, NC. Their children:
4:1 Josiah Baggett, born ca. 1762. His children:
 5:1 One son born ca. 1783; 5:2 One daughter (?).
4:2 & 4:3 & 4:4 All Hardy Baggett, Jr.'s daughters.
2:11 Martha Baggett(daughter of Nicholas Baggett II), born ca. 1726. (Martha Baggett was not married in 1753.)
2:12 Sarah Baggett, daughter of Nicholas Baggett II, born ca. 1727 (not married in 1753).


In the name of God, Amen. I, Nicholas Baggett, of Bertie County in the Province of North Carolina, being of perfect mind & memory, do make & ordain this my last Will and Testament.

Principally & first of all, I give & recommend my Soul in the hands of God that gave it, and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life, I give & dispose of the same in the following manner & form:

Imprims: I give & bequeath unto my well beloved Son Benjamin Baggett four Pounds Virginia Currency to be raised & levied out of my estate and to be paid to him in clothing & other necessaries as he shall have occasion, at the discretion of my executors.

Item: I give & bequeath unto my Son Nicholas Baggett one Shilling Sterling to be levied out of my estate, it being all that I intend to give him in this my last Will & Testament, or all that he shall have out of my estate.

Item: I give & bequeath unto my son Abraham Baggett one Shilling Sterling to be levied out of my estate, it being all that I intend to give him in this my last Will & Testament, or all that he shall have out of my estate.

Item: I give & bequeath unto my Son Joseph Bagget two Cows & Calves, by him freely to be possessed.

Item: I give & bequeath unto my Son Barnabey Bagott one Cow & Calf, by him freely to be possessed.

Item: I give & bequeath unto my Son Thomas Baggett the Plantation whereon I now live, & all the Land belonging to it, and one young Mare to him & his heirs forever.

Item: I give & bequeath unto my Son Hardy Baggett one Cow & Calf, & one Musquet Gun.

Item: I give & bequeath unto my Son John Baggett two Cows & Calves.

Item: I give & bequeath unto my Daughter Mary West one Shilling Sterling, it being all that I intend to give her in this my last Will & Testament, or all that She shall have out of my estate.

Item: I give & bequeath unto my Daughter Martha Baggett two Cows & Calves, being the same which hath been called her own.

Item: I give unto my Daughter Elizabeth Wood one Shilling Sterling, it being all that I intend to give her in this my last Will and Testament, or all that She shall have out of my estate.

Item: I give & bequeath unto my Daughter Sarah Baggett one Cow & Calf, one Box Iron, one Pottle Pewter Bason, & one Pewter Dish.

Item: I give & bequeath unto my Dearly Beloved wife Mary Baggett all my movable estate that is not given out in legacies to my Children, & the use & privilege of my Houses, Land & Plantation whereon I now live, during the time of her Natural life & after to my Son Thomas Baggett, to him & his heirs forever.

I likewise constitute, make & ordain my Sons Joseph Baggett & Thomas Baggett Sole & lawfull executors of this my last Will & Testament and I do hereby utterly dissallow & dissanull all & every other Will & Testament.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand & Seall this the 9th day of January in the year of our Lord Christ 1753 and in the 26th year of our Sovereign King George the Second - Defender of the faith.

Signed, Sealled & Declared in presents of us:

Nicholas (N) Baggett
His mark & Seall
Test: Charles Horne
         John Hooks

Bertie County, April Court, 1755.
The before Written Will was Exhibited into Court by Thomas Baggett, one of the Executors thereof and Proved by the oath of Charles Horne, one of the Subscribing Witnesses thereto, and at the same time the said Executor Qualifyed according to Law Which was ordered to be Certifyed.

Test:  Benjamin Wynns, Clerk of Court.



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