The Hardy Family Connects With Nicholas Baggett

The Hardy, Harde, Hardey or Hardee family, as they variously spelt the name, were among the landed gentry of England in the early eleventh century, and are descended from the Norman Knight De Hardie. There have been Navel Officers of the name without number, but the name is rarely found in the Army list of England. There are several portraits of this distinguished family in the Greenwich Naval  Art Gallery.

The first authentic record that we find of this family in Virginia, is of George Hardy, who came to the Colony prior to 1636, at which days he is spoken of as a "Shipwright." In 1644 he patented 300 acres, and in 1648 500 acres, situated upon Lawne's Creek, in Isle of Wight County. He was the owner of the famous Hardy Mill, which was owned by the family for generations. He served as a member of the House of Burgesses from 1641-1652. He was a liberal supporter of the Established Church. He made his will on 16 March 1654, which was probated 14 April 1665; he names his loving wife, to whom he leaves all of his land, housing, etc., and after her death it is to be divided between his kinsmen, George Harde, Jr., Christian Wilson and Thomas Hardy; so he evidently left no children.

1:1 John Hardy, born 1613, died 1670, of Isle of Wight County, VA., a kinsman of the aforesaid George Hardy, probably his brother. In 1666 he received a grant for 1,150 acres of land in Isle of Wight County. He was a prominent, influential citizen and Churchman. In 1632 he married Olive Council, and had among other children:

 2:1 John Hardy, of isle of Wight County, VA., a staunch Churchman; made his will on 7 October 1676, probated on 9 June 1677. He names his wife: Alice Hardy; daughters: Olivia Driver, Lucy Council, and Deborah Hardy; grandchildren: Hardy Driver, and others; his sons-in-law, Giles Driver, Hodges Council, Robert Burnett, and William Mayo. He married Alice Johnson, a widow; had children:
  3:1 Olive, married Giles Driver, of Isle of Wight County, VA.; had children:
   4:1 Hardy Driver; Charles Driver; Giles Driver; John Driver; and Robert Driver.
  3:2 Lucy Hardy married Hodges Council, of Isle of Wight County, VA; and had children:
   4:1 Christian, married Edward Birand; 2: Lucy Council; 3: Robert Council; 4: Hardy Council; John Council; and Hodges Council.
  3:3 Anne Hardy, married Robert Burnett of Isle of Wight County, VA; and had children:
   4:1 Ann Burnett.
  3:5 Isabel Hardy, in 1681, married William Mayo, born 1715, of Isle of Wight County, VA., and had children:
   4:1 William Mayo; 4:2 James Mayo; 4:3 John Mayo; 4:4 Peter Mayo; 4:5 Mary Mayo; 4:6 Margaret Mayo; 4:7 Patience Mayo.
  3:6 Deborah Hardy, untraced.

 2:2 Olive Hardy, married Col. John Pitt, of Isle of Wight County, VA. (son of Robert Pitt and Martha Lear, of Isle of Wight County, VA., had children:
  3:1 Robert Pitt, married Mr. Norsworth; untraced.
  3:2 Sarah Pitt; untraced.
  3:3 Martha Pitt; untraced.
  3:4 John Pitt, married Frances Griffin; untraced.
  3:5 Prudence Pitt, married Mr. Driver; untraced.
  3:6 Henry Pitt; untraced.
  3:7 Mary Pitt, married Mr. Drury; untraced.
  3:8 James Pitt; untraced.

*2:3 George Hardy, born 1633; of whom later.
 2:4 Thomas Hardy, born 1635.
 2:5 Richard Hardy, born 1640.

*2:3 Capt. George Hardy, of Isle of Wight County, VA., born 1633 in England, died 1693 in Virginia. He came to the Colony prior to 1654; he inherited the Hardy Mill and also owned large estates in Isle of Wight County and Surry County, VA., and an interest in several vessels; was a liberal supporter of the Established Church; he made his will on 5 March 1693 and the same was probated in 1694; names his sons: Richard and Thomas; his daughters: Margaret and Sarah; and his grandchildren: Richard and George Jarett (children of his daughter Mary). He married prior to 1666, Mary Jackson, daughter of Richard Jackson, of isle of Wight County, VA.; had children:
  3:1 Mary Hardy, married Mr. Jarett, of Isle of Wight County. VA., and children:
   4:1 Richard Jarett; 4:2: George Jarett.
  3:2 Richard, born 1755, married Mary; had children:
   4:1 Richard Hardy; 4:2: Sarah Hardy.
**3:3 Thomas Hardy; see later.
  3:4 Margaret Hardy; untraced.
  3:5 Sarah Hardy; untraced.

**3:3 Thomas Hardy, born 1670 in Virginia, of isle of Wight County, VA.; died after 7 January 1711; inherited the famous Hardy Mill and had large estates in Isle of Wight County and Surry County, VA.; took a prominent and active interest in religious and public affairs; made his will on 7 January 1711; in which he names his wife: Mary, his daughter: Sarah, and his sons: George, Thomas, and Richard Hardy; he willed his seal to George Hardy. He married Mary Peter, daughter of Moses Peter, of Virginia; had children:
   4:1 George Hardy, son of 3:3 Thomas Hardy, born 1698 in Virginia, of Isle of Wight County, VA.; who inherited the famous Mill, and the seal; this seal is still in possession of his descendants.
    5:2 Richard Hardy, son of 4:1 George Hardy, born 174?, of Isle of Wight County, VA.; was a prominent citizen and served as a Burgess and member of Commission of Safety, 1772-1774; he was the father of Hon. Samuel Hardy, who died 17 October 1785 in New York, NY., and who was educated at William and Mary College; admitted to the Bar in October 1778; of the House of Delegates, 1781; and Continental Congress, 1783-1785; in Congress his magnificent powers placed him at once tin the front rank of statesmen; there was general grief in Virginia over his untimely death. Hardy County, now in West Virginia, was named in his honor. His remains rest in New York with those of Innes, Tazwell, Macon, Reade, and other gallant and patriotic Virginians.
   4:1 Mary Hardy, born ca. 1797-99, married Nicholas Baggett, of Bertie County, NC., previously from Isle of Wight County, VA. and now Hertford County, NC (conjectural); had twelve children:
    5:1 Benjamin Baggett; Abraham Baggett; Elizabeth Wood; Joseph Baggett; Barnaby Baggett; John Baggett; Thomas Baggett; Hardy Baggett; Mary West; Martha Baggett; Sarah Baggett; and Nicholas Baggett, Jr. Evidence shows Mary to be born ca. 1697, the oldest child of Thomas Hardy. (Information recorded in LDS records show that she married Nicholas Baggett and was born in 1705, which varies from our records of about five to eight years.  Plausible evidence shows 1697-99 to be more correct, but is to be regarded as conjectural.)
   4:2 Richard Hardy, born 1702; was Justice in 1739.
   4:3 Sarah Hardy, born 1703; untraced.
   4:4 Thomas Hardy, of Lunenburg County, VA., born 4 May 1705, in Isle of Wight County, VA., died 1790-91, in Kentucky (where he was visiting his son Charles). He was a strong adherent of the Established Church, and took an active interest in affairs of State. He married 4 March 1750 Elizabeth Austin, born 13 January 1730, daughter of Hon. William Austin, of Virginia.  Their children:
   *5:1 Joseph Hardy, born 22 February 1751; see later.
    5:2 Thomas Hardy, born 18 January 1753; untraced.
    5:3 George Hardy, born 30 August 1754; untraced.
    5:4 Charles Hardy, born 6 June 1756; removed to Kentucky, and reared a large family; untraced.
    5:5 Robin Hardy, born 22 February 1760, of Bedford County, VA.; reared a large family; untraced.
    5:6 John Hardy, born 13 January 1763, married Margaret Scott; untraced.
    5:7 Elizabeth Hardy, born 9 april 1765; untraced.
    5:8 Mary Hardy, born 25 December 1770, married James Scott; untraced.
    5:9 Richard Hardy, born 15 October 1772; untraced.
   *5:1 Joseph Hardy, of Bedford County, VA., born 22 February 1751, in Lunenburg County, VA.; died 22 May 1831, in Bedford County, VA.; was one of the large land owners of that county; a staunch Churchman; served with distinction in the Revolutionary War, in Capt. John Peyton Harrison's Company, and Virginia Regiment, commanded by Col. Alexander Spottswood; married in 1780 Margaret Mackenzie, born 176?; died before 1830; she was of the distinguished Mackenzie family of Scotland.


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