Descendants of Nicholas Baggett II

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First Generation

I Burl BAGGETT, b. bet 1793-1797 in No. Car. M. Elizabeth MacLemore abt. 1809 b. 1785  in Tenn. d.1825 in Lauterdale Co., Ala.

Their Children:
i Catherine BAGGETT, b. 1814
ii Archibald BAGGETT, b. 5/13/ 1815 Lauderdale, County, Alabama, d. Nov 1879 Rogersville, Ala. m.Nancy Dobbins
iii Needham BAGGETT,b abt 1816
iv Abraham BAGGETT, b 1817

(I am a descendent of Burl Baggett 1797 NC - 1840 Lauderdale Co. AL.
Son Abraham Baggett 1817- Lauderdale Co.AL. 
Abraham's son Reuben Bradford Baggett  1861- bet. 1889/1891 AL.
Reuben's son Reuben Daniel Baggett 1892-1971 Vina Franklin Co. AL.
Reuben's son Villard Baggett 1916-1986 Franklin Co,AL  (my father).
Bobbie Stover.)

v Keziah BAGGETT, b 1818
vi John Harvey BAGGETT, b 1820
vii Drury Blake BAGGETT, b 01 Mar 1823 in Laudordale Co., Ala. d 9/18/ 1907 in Pikeville, Bledsoe County, Tennessee, m. 1st Delila McLemore abt.1854, he m. 2nd Matilda Ann Songer Abt. 1866

Second Generation

VII Drury Blake Baggett
Children of 1st m to Delila McLEMORE

i William Eligah McLEMORE, b. 9/30/1855 in Marion Co., Ala. d. 7/22/1921 m. Eliza Jane ARENDALE.
ii Mary Ellen McLEMORE, b. abt 1860.
iii John McLEMORE, b. abt 1862.

Children of 2nd m. to Matilda Ann SONGER.
i George  SONGER, b, 1867 in Bledsoe County, Tennessee.
ii Louisa Tennessee SONGER, b. 4/09/1869 in Bledsoe County, Tennessee, m. 1st William HOLLAND, 2nd Jim LAMB, 3rd William PARKS.
iii Fayne SONGER, b. 1870 in Huntsville, Kentucky or Bledsoe County, Tenn,essee, d. 1871.
iv James Madison SONGER, b. 01/17/1872 in Mud River, Muhlonberg, Kentucky, d. 2/28/1961 at Buhl, Idaho m. 6/23/1893 to Minerva Magdaline HOUSTON at Pikeville, Bledsoe County, Tennessee.
v Cordelia SONGER, b. 9/18/1873 at Huntsville, Kentucky, d. at Soddy-Daisy,Tennessee, m. William HOLLAND
vi David Lafayette SONGER, b. 6/28/1875.
vii Martha Ann SONGER, b 5/17/1877.
viii Lula Catherine SONGER, b 3/23/1879.
ix Charles Jackson SONGER b.3/23/1880 at Brockdell, Bledsoe Co. Tenn. d. 3/12/1957, m.1st Leona , 2nd  Martha.
x Daisy SONGER, b. 5/15/1885.

Third Generation

IV James Madison BAGGETT, m. Minerva Magdaline HOUSTON.

Their Children:
i Mary Ellen BAGGETT, b. 8/15/1894 in Pikeville, Bledsoe County, Tennessee, d. 8/1/1980 in Auburn, Washington, m.11/27/1912 at Salt Lake City, Utah to John Lee OLIVER.
ii Druey McKinley BAGGETT, b. 9/09/1896 in Summer City, Rhea County, Tennessee, d. 5/14/1988 at Pocatello, Idaho, m. Gena Margaret FEASSA 5/01/1926 at Fontana, Calafornia.
iii Pearl Jane BAGGETT, b. 4/19/1898 at Huntsville, Butler County, Kentucky, d. 9/1979 at Corvallis,Oregon, m Edward Lawrence TERRIERE 9/04/1919 at Stone, Idaho.
iv Rosetta b. 3/10/1901 at Kirksmanville, Butler County, Kentucky, d. 5/13/1997 at Burley, Idaho, m.1st Hugh France CLARK, m. 2nd  Ronald Niel HIGLEY.
v Ruth Rachel BAGGETT, b. 10/28/1903 at Spa, Logan County, Kentucky, d.8/1976 at Alta Loma, Calafornia, m. William Heber CLAYTON.
vi James Nephi BAGGETT, b.7/24/1906 at Kirksmanville, Kentucky d. 1/22/1981 at Melba, Idaho.
vii David Lafayette BAGGETT, b 4/20/1909 at Garland, Box Elder County, Utah, d 2/4/2000 in Calafornia, m. June Traver on 6/29/1949.
viii Oleen Eldoris BAGGETT, b. 12/18/1911 at Stone, Oneida County, Idaho, d. 1/18/2003 at Buhl, Idaho, m. Dorothy ANDERSON.
ix Noel BAGGETT, b.1/27/1914 at Stone, Idaho, d, 1/27/1914 at Stone, Idaho.
x Buelah Magdaline BAGGETT, b. 2/28/1915 at Stone, Idaho, d. 11/02/1993, d. 11/02/1993 at Boise, Idaho, m.William Boyd ROLFE 6/07/1941at Buhl, Idaho.
xi Ivan L. BAGGETT, b.7/22/1915 at Stone, Idaho, d. 2004 in South America, m. Clara Farras

 Fourth Generation

 I Mary Ellen BAGGETT m.John Lee OLIVER on 11/27/1912 at Salt Lake City, Utah.

Their Children:
i Girl OLIVER, b. 8/2/1913 at Stone, Idaho
ii Delbert Samuel OLIVER, b. 4/9/1915 at Stone, Idaho, d. 11/6/1952 at Burley, Idaho, m. Rema KIDD 5/15/1939 at Burley, Idaho 

Their Children:
i Gary Lee OLIVER, b.1/1/1940 at Burley, Idaho d. 2/10/2003 at Twin Falls,Idaho.
ii Boy OLIVER, b.2/1/1941 at Burley, Idaho.
iii Girl OLIVER, b.5/8/1947 at Twin Falls, Idaho.
iv Girl OLIVER, b.5/8/1947 at Twin Falls, Idaho.

iii Iola OLIVER, b.11/21/1916 at Stone,Idaho, d. 11/28/1916 at Stone, Idaho.
iv Viola OLIVER, b.11/21/1916 at Stone, Idaho, d. 12/5/1916 at Stone, Idaho.
v Girl OLIVER, b.4/21/1919 at Stone,Idaho.
vi Boy OLIVER, b.2/14/1921 at Stone, Idaho.
vii Darwin Odell OLIVER, b. 11/24/1925 at Stone, Idaho m. Arlene Elma LOWERY, b. 8/31/1923 at Hansen, Idaho, on 10/25/1948 at Burley, Idaho.

Darwin Oliver and Arlele Lowery have two children and three grandchildren.


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