Thomas Choice Baggett Sr. and Mary (Polly) Lamb

Source: Mark K. Baggett, 131 Moran Rd., Florence, Ms. 39073.
We Appreciate Permission To Post His Research On This Site.

-Thomas C. Sr. was the son of John Baggett and Lucy Williams. Thomas Sr. m. (1st) Renee’ (Reney) Blacksby in N.C. abt. 1799. (2nd) Mary (Polly) Lamb between.- 1830-34 in Fla.
Thomas Sr. is on the 1830 and 1840 Fla. census, then appears on the 1850 Harrison Co. Ms. (now Stone Co.) with Polly. Their ages in 1850 were shown as: 70 & 40. Old Baggett Store:

- Children of Thomas Choice Sr and (1st) Reney Blacksby are:

1- Edmond Sr. m. - Catherine Lamb in Fla., 1/1/1824 2 -Thomas Choice Jr. m. - Susan (1850 & 60 Wayne & 1870 Clarke Co. Ms. census & a pension affidavit dated June 30, 1893 has useful info.) 3 -Andrew B. m. -(1st) Rebecca Jane Williamson, (2nd) Mary (Polly) Evans – 3/2/1845 4- Michael m. - Sarah Ann Campbell in Fla., 10/17/1839 5 -Joshua B. m. -Julia Ann Evans in Harrison Co., Ms. 9/3/1846 6 -Milton B. m. - Elizabeth Ann Evans in Harrison Co. Ms., 3/2/1845 7-Harriett m. -F. G. Alexander in Harrison Co., Ms., 10/16/1854 8 –Sarah m. - I. W. Cockran in Harrison Co., Ms., 12/28/1852 9 -Daniel

Note: - The marriage of Thomas Sr. and Reney has been researched by many of their descendants, Maj. John A. Baggett, Ms. Margaret Kuttner, C. Wise and M. Bancroft, descendants of this marriage, also contributed info. about this union. Thomas C. Jr. was researched primarily to show that he was not the Thomas married to Rosalie Evans in Harrison Co. Ms. on June 10, 1858. He was a ½ brother to Thomas “J” Baggett, son of Thomas C. Sr. and Mary “Polly”. I have had this union refered to as “The Lost Line”, which I am from.

-Children of *Thomas Choice Sr. and (2nd) *Mary (Polly) Lamb

1- *Thomas J. Baggett b.- March 19, 1835 Fla., d.- Nov. 26, 1909 Harrison Co. (now Stone) Ms.
Note: (These dates were taken from his eulogy & headstone.) m.-Rosalie Evans in Harrison Co. Ms. on June 10, 1858, This union and his parents(Thomas & Polly Ann Baggett) are stated in his eulogy, also Rosalie (Rose Allie) states her marriage date as: June 10, 1858, and husband as: T.J. Baggett, on 2 civil war pensions, filed 1916 & 1924. (2nd La. Cav. Co. G.) The Harrison Co. Ms. marriage Lic. for Thomas and Rosalie dated: June 10,1858, has caused some confusion because it is signed “Thomas Baggett” only. Some researchers have mistaken this Thomas for Thomas Choice Jr., a ½ brother toThomas“J.” Note: the (2) two marriages of Thomas C. Baggett Sr. Thomas j.  Baggett was Mark Baggett's great- great- grandparents. H is is the one that sent this material.
2- Caroline b.- abt. 1840, Fla. (age shown on 1850 census: 10)
3- Amanda b.- 1842, Fla. d.-1913, Wilmer, Ala (age shown on 1850 census: 8) m.- Calvin Taylor in Harrison Co. Ms. on Dec. 26, 1858

- Children of Thomas J. Baggett and Rosalie (Rose Allie) Evans,
dau. of John B. Evans and Rosaline (Saucier)

Note: Rosalie was b.- 1843-44, 1850 census shows age: 7, A 1916 pension states her age as:72. She filed for T.J. civil war pension in 1916,1924 and 1925. The 1920 census shows her living in the household of a son, Thomas Lafayette Sr. A grand-daughter stated that she remembered her date of death about the same time as two of her sons, Albert & Charlie F. Sr. (1926).

All of the children of T.J. and Rosalie were born in Wiggins Ms., Harrison Co. (now Stone Co.)
1- John Thomas Sr. b.- 4/28/1866, d.- 3/1/1898, m.-Apcillia (Appie) Carley- 2/4/1892 in
Marion Co. Ms.
2- Mary b.- 1868, d.-1941, m.- (Ebb) Elbert C. Moore
3- Salmen E. b.- 10/3/1870, d.- 7/4/1949, m.- Hattie Carley 2/7/1897 in Marion Co. Ms.
4- James b.- abt. 1872 (1880 census shows age: 8) m.- Mollie (Molly) Morris
5- *Charlie F. Sr. b.- 5/27/1874, d.- 1/21/1926, Wiggins, m.- *Sallie Hayman 5/15/1906 in
Harrison Co. Ms. Charlie F. Baggett  was Mark Baggett's great-grandparents.
6- Albert (Allie) b.- 10/14/1976, d.-9/19/1926,Wiggins.(death cert. shows 50 yrs. old) m.-
Mary Pace
7- Thomas L. Sr. b.- 7/23/1879, d.- 11/15/1954, Wiggins, m.- Corine Breland 8/10/1918 in
Forrest Co. Ms.
8- Corine (Tennie) b.- 6/19/1882, d.- 2/28/75, Bogalusa, La. M.- 9/4/1903 Frank M. Ramsey Seminary, Ms.

-Children of John Thomas Baggett Sr. and Apcillia Carley

1 – Esther - died as a small child. This info. was in the bible of Mallie Mae and told to
me by Mallie’s son, Mr. George Harris.
2- Mallie Mae (Mollie) b.- 4/5/1895, d.- ? m.- George Eugene Harris Sr. 11/10/1912 in
Washington Parish, La.
3-John Thomas Jr. b.- ? d.- 2/12/1953 m.- Virginia Fernel
Note: The following info. about Mary Baggett (Moore) & Salmen Baggett was also obtained from Mrs. Eula Cook Baggett, wife of Robert Baggett & Mrs. Bobbie Duff, dau. of William Thomas Baggett

- Children of Mary Baggett and Ebb Moore

1- Johnny b.- 7/7/1889, d.- 1/7/1946, m.- Mary Wilks
2- Ettie (Eddie) b.- 6/12/1893, d.- 6/12/1955 m.- Colby M. Broadwater
3- Lottie b.- 10/8/1899 d.- (unknown) m.- James D. Ramey
4- Clyde - no info. (Was alive in the early 1980’s, may be deceased.)
5- James C. b.- 5/26/1905, d.- 10/29/1966
- Children of Salmen Baggett and Hattie Carley
1- William Thomas b.- 2/18/1898, d.- 11/17/1974, m.- Bessie Broom on 1/7/1919
2- Mattie b.- 1/30/1900, d.- 8/30/2000 m.- Julius Bowman on 6/7/1919
3- Robert b.- 6/4/1902, d.- 4/7/1983, m.- Eula Cook on 12/21/1924
4- Eula b.- 12/28/1907 d.-(unknown) m.- Percy Riley on 12/13/1926

- Children of James Baggett and Molly Morris

These names were given to me by Ms. Willie Lou Lowerly. she by Ms. Willie Lou Lowerly. She remembered names well, but not dates. Names may not be in order.

1- Betty Mae Baggett
2- Artie Mease Baggett
3- Kattie Baggett
4- Rosa Baggett
5- Troy Baggett
6- Willie Lou Baggett, b.-8/12/1908
7- Jimmy (James) Baggett, M.
8- Inez Baggett
9- Eddie Dee Baggett
10- Thomas J. Baggett
11- Eva Baggett
12- Jack Baggett

- Children of *Charlie Fisher Baggett Sr. and *Sallie Hayman
Note: these children were all born in Wiggins, Ms.

1- Charlie F. Jr. b.- 1/30/1907 d.-(unknown) m.- Carrie Bass on 5/29/1926 in Stone Co. Ms.
2- Thomas Ernest b.- 3/20/1912 d.-(unknown)
3- *Joe Louis Sr. b.- 10/1/1913 d.- 7/19/1983 m.- (1st )*Thelma Mamie Hicks- 6/6/1931 in Poplarville, Ms., (2nd ) Trema Rutter 1/1938, Baltimore area. Joe Louis Baggett was Mark Baggett's grandparents.
4- Claudia Mae b.- 10/8/1916, d.- 12/15/1984, m.- Ernest Bush

-Children of Albert Baggett and Mary Pace
Note: Children’s names and ages taken from the 1920 census, Harrison Co. Ms.

1- Emmit Baggett
2-Bertro ( Bentro) Baggett
3-Lillian Baggett
4- Albert L. Baggett
5- Barnie M.(Bernie) Baggett
6- Lucille Baggett

- Children of Thomas Lafayette Baggett and Corine Breland.

1- Freddie Otto b.- 7/29/1917, d.- 3/10/1981 , m.- Barbara Fay Jones
4- Willie Lue b.- 1/31/1925, d- 1931
(Three others born after 1900, may be still living.)

- Children of Corine (Tennie) Baggett and Frank Ramsey
Note: more info. to be added to this family at a later date.

1- Roy William b.- 6/20/1906, d.- 1/8/1999 m.- Jesse Daniels
2- Homer Frank b.- 5/15/1908, d.- 6/10/1983
3- Vivian mae b.- 4/8/1911, d.- 6/9/1979 m.- Archie Thomas
4- Eva belle, b.- 4/14/1914, d.- 1/26/1990
5- Robert earl b.- 3/5/1919, d.- 6/6/1999
(One more child born after 1900, may be still living.)


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