In the beginning, . . . . . . . Just when was the beginning? We all ask ourselves this question. Has the universe always been here? No! According to our perception of life, everything that we see and know had to have a beginning and also has to have an end. Our minds cannot perceive otherwise. The Word of God tells us there was a beginning and will be an end. The universe is too large and much too complicated for our minds to comprehend. We know there are two worlds out there, the larger one and the smaller one.

The larger world, . . . . . . . Does the universe exist perpetually? Is there not an end to the universe? We don’t know if this is true, but our minds can't perceive it. Empty space, a substance where the universe and all things dwell; how did it come into existence? By chance? Does the sun revolve around the earth? Or does the earth revolve around the sun? We can only see the larger world for a short distance, even with our strongest observatories. Scientists have sent spacecrafts far out into space to observe the universe, even beyond our galaxy, and have discovered that there are even more galaxies out there than they had ever imagined. They say the universe we can see is only a small particle of what is beyond it. They say the earth revolves around the sun. They say the sun and the planets around it are a part of what they call our galaxy. Beyond our galaxy are billions more galaxies with their own suns and planets that revolve around them and all these have their own moons and collection of matter that revolve around them.

The smaller world, . . . . . . . Where does it end? Or does it end? Our minds say there has to be an ending. The world we can see with the strongest microscopes only show us what we already know; there are more worlds beyond the ones we can see. Does the smaller world get so minute that it just disappears and does not exist anymore? We don’t know if this is true. Yet, our minds cannot perceive how it can go on infinitely. We know that there are two worlds, both the larger one and the smaller one, in the universe that we can never see. Could these two worlds be as man discovered about the earth? He discovered that the earth was not flat as he had always supposed. It was round! But no, the universe couldn’t be that way, could it?

The people of the Old World imagined that the world was flat many centuries ago before they discovered the American continent. They wondered: “Does the earth end at some place? Does it just abruptly end? If you were to fall off it, where would you land? What is under the earth? How far is it to the bottom of the earth? Will man ever be able to answer these questions?” Yet, these questions were answered after many had traveled the oceans from sea to sea and found that if they kept going in the same direction, they would eventually arrive at the place where they began. But man will never be able to answer all these questions about the universe. His life is too short. His ability to reason is too infinitesimal compared to the universe. The Creator has reserved the answer to all these questions to Himself alone.

Just as man has asked the questions above, he has also asked the question: “How did life begin? How did life itself come into existence? It had to begin with dead matter, didn’t it? How else could it have begun?” Evolutionists believe the Big Bang is how the universe came into existence. But just how did the Big Bang come into existence? What caused it in its beginning? What causes the gravitation of the earth and the planets? How did gravity begin? Why does gravity pull everything toward it? Gravity is what causes all matter to revolve around the larger matter. Why does this happen? How did it happen that all suns have planets that revolve around them? And their moons and other particles revolve around each other? Man hasn’t yet begun to understand the many mysteries of life. The universe is so ingenious and so complex that man will never understand even a minute fragment of it, compared to what really exists. Two articles will be presented on just how the earth and the universe came into existence. One is the theory of man. The other is the truth of God’s Word.


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