Son of Nicholas Baggett II, Great-Grandson of John Baggott
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This section will have to be studied very carefully to determine the line of decent. The lineage in America has been proved back to Nicholas Baggett II. The descent down from Nicholas II is marked with a number left of the colon. The number left of the colon shows the generation from Nicholas Baggett II, who is number 1, down to the present  time. The number right of the colon designates the position of that child in that particular family, beginning with the eldest as number 1. If you find your ancestor anywhere in the genealogy section, trace it upwards to the nearest lowest number. If you recognize your ancestor, and he is beside 4:3 it means that he is the fourth generation from Nicholas Baggett II (who is 1:3), and the third child in that particular family. Remember, if he is 4:3, as the example, go back to the first 3 left of the colon above it. That will be his or her parents.

2:5 Barnaby Baggett (son of Nicholas Baggett II), born ca. 1718, lived near Cattawisky Creek in Northampton County, NC in the 1750s, in Edgecombe County in the 1770s, and in 1780 received a Land Grant in Nash County, NC, died some time before 1782, married in ca. 1760 Elizabeth Grandberry. (See more in History, Chapter V.) Their children: More on the Barnaby Baggett family here:

Third Generation from Nicholas Baggett II
 3:1 Nicholas Baggett, born ca. 1762, married (unknown),  died before 1830 in Georgia (?), Son of Barnaby Baggett. Their children (conjectural): Why so little is known about Nicholas Baggett: 

Fourth Generation from Nicholas Baggett II
  4:1 Jesse Baggett, born 19 September 1790 in North Carolina, served in the Georgia Militia, moved from Jefferson County, GA to Conecuh County, AL ca. 1817, died there in May of 1867. He had the first white (Caucasian) child born in the Conecuh County, AL. Prior to moving to Conecuh County, AL he was drafted in Washington County, GA, serving in the war of 1812, and went with unit to St. Johns in Florida in 1812 & 1813. Jesse lived on 200 acres on Williamsons Swamp in Jefferson County, Georgia in 1916, spelling his name BAGOT. His father, Nicholas Baggott, had lived in the same area from 1799 to 1807. From 1814 to 1917, Jacob and William Godwin appears, apparently a relation to Zilla Godwin, wife of Jesse.

Jesse Baggett married Zilla Godwin June 24, 1812 in Jefferson County Ga..  She was born July 12, 1788 in S.C., and died August 10, 1847 in Castleberry, AL, buried in Old Baggett Cemetery at Castleberry (Conecuh County) Alabama.  Their Children (some conjectural): More on Jesse Baggett here:

Fifth Generation from Nicholas Baggett II
   5:1 Mary Baggett was born May 15, 1814 in Georgia.  She married 1st Chief Deputy Dolihite ca. 1831.  Chief Dolihite was killed in the line of duty. Child of Mary Baggett and Chief Dolihite is:
    1:1 Wade H. Dolihite, born September 10, 1832.
   5:1 Mary married 2nd George Hammac, had seven children, died 11 May 1890.

   5:2 Richard Thomas Baggett, born 30 March 1817, died 26 October 1881, married Octavia Mandina Tippins, born 13 April 1828, died 7 February 1867. He married Octavia Tippins, daughter of James Tippins and Elizabeth Edwards.  She was born April 13, 1828 in GA, and died February 7, 1867 in Conecuh County, AL, buried in Old Baggett Cemetery, Castleberry (Conecuh County) AL.  Children of Richard Baggett and Octavia Tippins are:
    6:1 James Agustus Tippins Baggett, born December 1846; died 1918; married Matilda Branch.
    6:2 Jesse Pinckney Baggett, born July 11, 1848; died October 12, 1921; married Martha Williams.
    6:3 George Watkins Baggett, born June 12, 1850; died February 17, 1867.
    6:4  Philip Henry Mulkey Baggett.
    6:5 Octavia Olivia Baggett, born November 28, 1856, Castleberry, AL, buried Old Baggett Cemetery, Castleberry; died October 1879; married F. K. Hancock; born 1879; died 1905 in Castleberry, AL in Old Baggett Cemetery, Castleberry (Conecuh County) Alabama.
    6:6 Alice Addra Baggett, born August 28, 1854; married Philip Daniels.
    6:7 Elisha Edward Baggett, born January 18, 1862.
    6:8 Matilda Jane Baggett, born September 08, 1864; married Daniel H. Kennedy.
    6:9 Philip Henry M. Baggett, born June 8, 1852; died March 1918.

   5:3 Jesse Granberry [Grandberry] Baggett was born in April of 1819 in Conecuh County Alabama, and died in 1859.  He married Mary Ann Weaver, born October 21, 1826, and died December 30, 1912, daughter of John Weaver and Maria Price.
Children of Jesse Baggett and Mary Weaver are:
   6:1 William Ashley Baggett, born 1858 in Conecuh County Alabama; died between 1895 and 1897.
   6:2 John Z. T. Baggett, born November 8, 1850; died January 15, 1873.
   6:3 Nancy Baggett, born 1852; died 1882.

  5:4 George Washington Baggett, born 1820, died 1835.

  5:5 Zilla Bagget, born 1821, died 1839.

  5:6 Matilda Ann Baggett was born August 26, 1823 in Castleberry, AL, , died 1871, buried in Old Baggett Cemetery, Castleberry, (Conecuh County) Alabama.  She married John Straughn Holland.  He was born February 4, 1819, and died October 26, 1859, buried in Old Baggett Cemetery, Castleberry (Conecuh County) AL. Children of Matilda Ann Baggett and John Holland are:
   6:1 John Straughn Holland, died 1865 in Civil War Skirmish in Claiborne, AL, Claiborne, AL.
   6:2 Jane Holland, married George Washington Hammac.
   6:3 William Jackson Holland, married Ann Jane Brewton.
   6:4 Jessie Ray Holland, born January 31, 1848; died June 7, 1899, buried in Old Baggett Cemetery, Castleberry, AL.
   6:5 Dempsey Price Holland, married Josephine Baker. Dempsey and Josephine Holland moved to Texas.
   6:6 Mary ("Sissy") Ann Holland, never married.
   6:7 Nancy Ellen Holland, born October 28, 1853; died October 31, 1930.
   6:8 Richard Thomas Holland, born October 18, 1857; died September 22, 1920, burried in Holland Cemetery, Castleberry Alabama; married Ada Beatrice Castleberry; born October 30, 1860; died January 28, 1958, buried Holland Cemetery, Castleberry, (Conecuh County) Alabama. Richard was Medical Doctor, represented Conecuh Coungy in State Legislature plus on the Board of Education. He also helped to secure Conecuh county High School. They had nine children.
   6:9 Charlotte Matilda Holland, born November 4, 1857; died October 12, 1930, buried in Old Baggett Cemetery, Castleberry (Conecuh County) Alabama; married Joseph Avent.
   6:10 Solomon Watkins Holland, born January 31, 1859; died June 8, 1927, buried in Old Baggett Cemetery, Castleberry, Alabama; married Martha Lee Skinner; born February 23, 1865; died September 21, 1900, buried in Old Baggett Cemetery, Castleberry (Conecuh County) Alabama. On each side of the tombstone under him & her was written: "In Loving Memory".

  5:7 Nancy Baggett, birth date unknown.

  5:8 Solomon Watkins Baggett, born November 1832, died 1847.

Sixth Generation from Nicholas Baggett II
  6:1 William Ashley Baggett (son of 5:3 - Jesse Granberry [Grandberry] Baggett) was born 1858 in Conecuh County Al., and died Bet. 1895 - 1897.  He married Nancy E. Lucas, daughter of Jackson Lucas and Lucille Browing.  She was born July 4, 1860 in Conecuh County AL, and died September 4, 1934.  Children of William Baggett and Nancy Lucas are:
   7:1 William Herbert Baggett, born June 18, 1883, Castleberry, Conecuh County, AL, USA; died December 20, 1955, Brewton, Escambia County, AL, buried at USA Ft. Crawfort Cemetery.
   7:2 Sophia Ann Elizabeth Baggett, born August 2, 1880.
   7:3 Mary Matilda Baggett, born April 26, 1882.
   7:4 Samuel Cleveland Baggett, born September 9, 1884, Conecuh Co. AL; died January 12, 1968, buried in Holland Cemetery, Conecuh County, Alabama.
   7:5 Nettie I. Baggett, born January 17, 1886 in Conecuh County AL.
   7:6 Henry Thomas Baggett, born January 18, 1889 in Conecuh County Al..
   7:7 Jesse Leroy Baggett, born September 2, 1892.
   7:8 Ranson Harvey Baggett, b. January 30, 1894.

  6:2 Nancy Baggett was born 1852, and died 1882.  She married Emanuel M. Brewton.  He was born June 3, 1849, and died September 28, 1927.  Children of Nancy Baggett and Emanuel Brewton are:
  7:1 John Brewton, born December 3, 1876; married Florie Taptola; born 1877.
  7:2 Alma Brewton, born November 24, 1879; died July 19, 1931. Alma Brewton never married.

  6:3.  Philip Henry M. Baggett was born June 8, 1852, and died March 1918.  He married 1st Lillian Watson.  She was born December 22, 1861.  He married 2nd Sarah Annie Watson.  She was born April 9, 1866, and died April 19, 1926.  Children of Philip Baggett and Sarah Watson are:
   7:1 Henry Grady Baggett, born June 11, 1890.
   7:2 Enoch Elijah Bagett, born July 7, 1897; died April 27, 1972, buried in Buffington Cemetery, Conecuh County Al.; married MAYONIA JACKSON.

  6:4 Jesse Ray Holland was born January 31, 1848, and died June 7, 1899, buried in Old Baggett Cemetery, Castleberry (Conecuh County) Alabama.  He married Mary Elizabeth Martin.  She was born November 6, 1847, and died May 30, 1905, buried in Old Baggett Cemetery, Castleberry (Conecuh County) Alabama.  Child of Jessie Holland and Mary Martin is:
   7:1 Johnnie Holland, born March 23, 1887; died July 15, 1888, buried in Old Baggett Cemetery, Castleberry, Alabama. "At Rest is written at the bottom of the tombstone.

  6:5 Nancy Ellen Holland was born October 28, 1853, and died October 31, 1930.  She married John Daniel Weaver.  He was born July 5, 1851, and died June 29, 1943.  Children of Nancy Holland and John Weaver are:
i. LUMAN BASCOM9 WEAVER, b. July 03, 1876; d. November 27, 1877.
   7:1 Elizabeth ("Bettie") Matilda Weaver, married Frederick Hancock.
   7:2 John Boland Weaver, married Sarah Frances ("Sally") Cutts.
   7:3 Martin Luther Weaver, married Mary Elizabeth Freeman.
   7:4 William Atticus Weaver, born September 12, 1882; died October 20, 1903. William never married.
   7:5 Amy Corine Weaver, born January 31, 1885; died February 24, 1926. Amy never married.
   7:6 Ellen Winifred Weaver, born December 23, 1886; married Robert Edward Lee Key.
   7:7 Allen Thurman Weaver, born May 19, 1888; married 1st Lois Olive Addkisson; married 2nd Elizabeth ("Bessie") Hanks .
   7:8 Jessie Aline Weaver, born February 28, 1890; died March 6, 1975, buried in Buffington Cemetery, Conecuh Co. AL; married Paul Solomon Ellis; born February 24, 1887; died December 4, 1978, buried in Buffington Cemetery, Castleberry, (Conecuh County) Alabama.
   7:9 Mary Pauline Weaver, born October 14, 1892; married William Franklin Chandler.

  6:6 Wade H. Dolihite was born September 10, 1832.  He married Mary Jane Jernigan ca. 1858 in Pollard, Escambia County AL.  Children of WADE DOLIHITE and MARY JERNIGAN are:
   7:1 Solomon Dolihite, born 1864.
   7:2 Mary Jane Dolihite, born 1859.
   7:3 John F. Dolihite, born 1867.

Seventh Generation from Nicholas Baggett II
   7:1 William Herbert Baggett (son of 6:1 - William Ashley Baggett) was born June 18, 1883 in Castleberry, Conecuh County, AL, USA, and died December 20, 1955 in Brewton, Escambia County, AL, USA, buried in Ft. Crawfort Cemetery.  He married Maggie Mae Johns August 7, 1910, daughter of James Johns and Sara Stephens.  She was born January 25, 1893 in Brewton, Escambia County, AL, USA, and died June 14, 1966 in Brewton, Escambia County, AL, USA, buried in Ft. Crawfort Cemetery.  William Baggett and Maggie Johns had five children born after 1900.

   7:2 Sophia Ann Elizabeth Baggett was born August 2, 1880.  She married William Henry Hardin.  He was born May 1861.  Children of SOPHIA BAGGETT and WILLIAM HARDIN are:
    8:1 William Henry Franklin Hardin, born March 13, 1900; died December 3, 1902. (There were five other children born after 1900.)

   7:3 Mary Matilda Baggett was born April 26, 1882.  She married Solomon B. Davis, son of James H. Davis.  Children of Mary Baggett and Solomon Davis are:
    8:1 Solomon Davis.
    8:2 Francis Davis.
    8:3 L. B. Davis.
    8:4 Willie Mae Davis.
    8:5 Myrtle Lee Davis.
    8:6 Jack Davis.

  7:4 Samuel Cleveland Baggett was born September 9, 1884 in Conecuh Co. AL, and died January 12, 1968 in Conecuh County AL., buried in Holland Cemetery.  He married Sara Ellen Dolihite December 24, 1907, daughter of Solomon Dolihite and Ella Little.  She was born January 11, 1890 in Conecuh Co. AL, and died September 9, 1967 in Conecuh County AL, buried in Holland Cemetery, Conecuh County, Alabama.  Children of Samuel Bagett and Sara Dolihite are:
   8:1 Ella Jeanette Baggett, born June 20, 1915; died February 3, 1936, buried in Holland Cemetery, Castleberry (Conecuh County) AL; married Wilber Hodge.
   8:2 Jesse Amos Baggett, born November 2, 1917, Conecuh County AL; died March 14, 1985; married Gladys Josephine Lynch in 1931.
   8:3 Howard Gaston Baggett, born October 29, 1918, Castleberry, Conecuh County, AL, USA; died (unknown); married Mona Mae Edwards on April 9, 1949, served as Private in the United States Marine Corps. in World War II.
   8:4 Ned Fenley Baggett, born February 20, 1922; died October 4, 1934, buried in Holland Cemetery, Castleberry (Conecuh County) AL. (There were five other children born after 1900.)
  8:5  Nettie I. Baggett was born January 17, 1886 in Conecuh County AL.  She married Council Monk February 2, 1908.  Children of Nettie Bagget and Council Monk are:
   9:1 Jinnie Monk, born (unknown).
   9:2 Levi Monk, born, born (unknown.
   9:3 Audrey Monk, born (unknown.
  8:6 Henry Thomas Baggett was born January 18, 1889 in Conecuh County AL.  He married Sally Frazier.  She was born September 10, 1891.  Henry Baggett and Sally Frazier had eight children born after 1900.
  8:7 Jesse Leroy Baggett was born September 2, 1892; married 1st Inez Jeffers; married 2nd Lennie Chewning. Jesse Leroy was once Sheriff of Cross City, Florida. After his retirement, he was killed in an auto accident.  Children of Jesse Baggett and Inez Jeffers are:
   9:1 Velma Baggett.
   9:2 Jessie Mae Baggett, born (unknown.
   9:3 Louis Baggeett, born (unknown.
   9:3 Susie Baggett, born (unknown.
Children of Jesse Baggett and Lennie Chewning are:
   9:4 Majorie Baggett, born (unknown.
   9:5 Helen Baggett, born (unknown.
   9:6 Freeman Baggett, born (unknown.
   9:7 Roland Baggett, born (unknown.
   9:8 Jan Baggett, born (unknown.
   9:9 June Baggett, born (unknown.
  8:8 Ranson Harvey Baggett was born January 30, 1894.  He married Ellie Harrell.  Ranson Baggett and Ellie Harrell have ten children born after 1900.
  8:9 Solomon Dolihite was born 1864.  He married Ella Alabama Little, daughter of George Little.  She was born 1874.  Child of Solomon Dolihite and Ella Little is:
   9:1 Sara Ellen Dolihite, born January 11, 1890 in Conecuh County, AL; died September 9, 1967 in Conecuh County, AL, buried in Holland Cemetery, Castleberry (Conecuh County) AL.
  8:10 Ruth Baggett (birth date and other information on Ruth Baggett are not available except her marriage below.

Eighth Generation from Nicholas Baggett II
  8:10 Ruth Baggett met and married Dial Dan Gray April 8, 1944 in Piceyune or Carrie Mississippi.  Children of Ruth Baggett and Dial Gray are:
   9:1 Sanda Sue Gray, lived at the time in San Angelo (Coke County), TX, USA; married Steven Craig Smith of Hobe Sound (Martin County), FL, USA. They lived at that time in West Palm Beach (Palm Beach County), FL,USA.
(Sandra has a brother and sister born after 1900.)

Fourth Generation from Nicholas Baggett II
4:2 Nicholas Granberry [Grandberry] Baggett, born 1 February 1796, died 6 August 1820, buried in Old Baggett Cemetery at Castleberry (Conecuh County) Alabama. Nicholas Granberry was the brother of Jesse Baggett who married Zilla Godwin. Nicholas Granberry Baggett may have married and had children. We do not yet have a record of him if he did marry.

 Third Generation from Nicholas Baggett II
3:2 Granberry Baggett (son of Barnaby Baggett), born 10 September 1765, died 17 June 1843, married 18 December 1788 Betsy Elizabeth Jones, born 15 April 1767, died 17 May 1842. He has dates of all his household in his family Bible. 


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